Enjoying an Eggplant

Juicebox & M

Eggplant in Her Pussy



I came across this site while trying to think of new sexual adventures to try with the wife. We had a lot of fun in our 20s but inevitably, time went on and we became preoccupied with careers, family, etc. She still likes to be naughty when right opportunity presents itself though, especially if drinks are involved.

She has said if she were a stripper, her stage name would be Juicebox, because of how soaking wet she gets when turned on. She loves having her pussy totally filled up and stretched by big objects.

Some of these pictures shows her enjoying an eggplant. After helping her get it in, she slowly moved it in and out until she got used to the size. Then the pace picked up until she was furiously shoving it in and out of her dripping pussy, ending in a giant orgasm. Still shaking, she pulled it out and I quickly slide my cock into her well loosened hole.

The two other pics are from a vacation where she was bored and got drunk at a small hotel bar. Then, feeling naughty, she decided to run away from me and make me chase her across the street. She fell down, spread her legs and pulled her dress up, laying on a strip of lawn between the road and a walkway running along the shore where boats were docked.

It was at night and some shrubs only partially blocked the view from the road. I couldn't resist though, after snapping some shots on my phone, I knelt down, unzipped and slipped into her. As we were going at it, an old security guard came down the walkway and stopped 10 feet from us. He appeared so suddenly, there was no time to run, so we just froze on the ground hoping it was dimly lit enough that he wouldn't see us. He shined his flashlight around on the boats but luckily not on us and then left. The guy was standing maybe 10ft away and I seriously have no idea how he didn't see us or maybe he did but decided to leave us to it. Anyway, I resumed fucking her to completion, leaving a hot load deep inside. The first shot is of her passed out, after all our naughty fun, in the hotel bed.

This is her first time having a naughty picture posted online and she was very hesitant about it (even though she has no problem with sex in public). If she likes the feedback, who knows, maybe she'll be up to post more.

So, feel free to email us:

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