Fanny Nude

Fanny Nude

Hi all,

Been enjoying the site almost every day. Thought it was about time to make another contribution, hope it's not too long. Here's a picture of my wife Fanny doing what she does best -- running around naked whilst on holiday in Greece!!

This picture was taken a few months ago in a little cove by a sleepy Greek village. We were the first to arrive at this little beach, so we stripped off. Fanny decided to go nude snorkeling straight away; I think she felt it was a good way to get caught naked by whoever arrived next -- naughty girl!! She'd then have to parade nude out of the water and up to our towels, which were a good 30 feet from the water.

Another couple showed up some time later, but not til after we were both back on our towels. So much for Fanny's plan, she had a nice snorkel anyway. A few minutes after the other couple arrived, we slipped on our bottoms, as it was not a nude beach, though topless was fine. This was, after all, the Med.

We then realized I forgot the wine for lunch, so had to go back to the cottage. Decided to change from swimming trunks to shorts and t-shirt right there on the beach.

I did enjoy the woman from the other couple staring at me unabashedly as I casually changed out of my swim suit, taking time to carefully hang my trunks from a rock ledge. When I got back I did the same thing in reverse, and enjoyed being stared at once again. Fanny had a good laugh at how openly the woman had stared.

Not long after that, a group of greek locals showed up and turned the beach back to normal.

The next day we went to a totally deserted and secluded beach (picture attached). It was very remote, we had to hike the last couple of miles down a dirt track and over a couple of barbed wire fences to get there, then climb down a 30 cliff to actually reach the beach. It didn't look like anyone had been to this beach in a couple of years. We stripped off and set up our towels at the waters edge. All that hiking made us hungry and thirsty, so we had our lunch, including an ice cold bottle of Chablis. It was grand enjoying such total freedom and privacy!!

Until about an hour after lunch, when we heard the sound of an outboard motor approaching. We looked at each other and wondered who would be coming past such a remote beach, and if they would ruin our private fun. A few minutes later we saw a zodiac boat come round the point, loaded with 4 men in wet suits. Local divers we guessed.

They were carefully making their way along the coast line, examining the bottom of the sea as they went. They spotted us at a distance, and came a bit closer to the shoreline, motoring slowly towards us. Shit! I thought, here we were, just the two of us, having stranded ourselves on this remote beach, with no escape at all, no mobile phone signal and completely bare assed naked!!

They followed along the shore line about 50 feet out, getting nearer and nearer. We pretended they were not there, hoping they didn't invade our privacy and come ashore. When they were even with us, they started doing very slow circles in the boat, intently searching the sea floor about 40 feet from shore. I could see they were sneaking peeks at Fanny in between staring intently at the seabed, and circling the boat gave each one in turn a good look. As for Fanny, she lay there nude, cool as a cucumber, calmly reading her book as if nothing was happening.

She knew they were looking, but hey, she likes that!!

I, however, was in a bit of a mental panic, wondering what they were going to do next, especially as I could see they had knives and a spear gun on board! I had a frightening vision of them coming ashore, holding me, and taking Fanny as they pleased. And we had no escape. And oddly, part of me was getting aroused by the idea!!

After what seemed like a very long time circling, they revved up the motor and carried slowly on down the coast, exploring the sea floor as they went. We breathed a sigh of relief, and opened a couple of ice cold beers from our packs. Fanny confessed she had been a bit nervous, but thought ignoring them and looking cool was the best approach. And she did like exhibiting herself like that.

We went back to enjoying the sun and the privacy, drinking our beers and reading for a bit. I turned around so I was facing the water, propping myself up on my elbows, reading my book and sipping my beer. All was bliss.

And then the silence broke again. We could hear that same motor in the distance. They were coming back!! The boat appeared from around the point, still hugging the coast line like before. Shit!

I came to the conclusion they had gone down the beach a ways and made a plan for a gang bang, deciding, who was going to fuck Fanny first, how to deal with me, making sure they all had a chance to have their way with her whilst I was kept at bay. Then I decided they were just on their way home...but if they were just on their way home, wouldn't they have just gone speeding past, further out to sea? I decided I was just being paranoid.

They continued along the shoreline, a little bit closer to the waters edge this time. Again they were looking carefully at the sea bed, but going slower now. And then they were nearly even with us once again. This time they were getting a better look at Fanny stretched out naked on her towel, as I wasn't laying in the way of their view like before.

Soon they were even with us, still about 35 feet out, and I thought they might start to circle again, but no, it was worse. The pilot aimed the boat straight at us, gave the engine a tiny burst, then cut it completely. Oh shit, they were drifting silently straight at us, 20 feet, 15 feet, now only 10 feet away, when the boat stopped.

I was sure this was it, at any second they were all going to tumble out of that boat, two of them were going to jump on me, and then they were going to take turns fucking my wife!! I didn't look up at them, but could see out of the corner of my eye they were no longer staring at the sea bed. They were all silently staring at every inch of my wife's naked body.

Fanny was again cool as ice, reading her book, not even acknowledging the presence of these 4 rough looking men in wet suits so close they could almost reach out and touch her naked body.

And we were all like that, frozen in time for what seemed an eternity, my heart pounding nearly out of my chest. I was quietly steeling myself for what was about to come next.

And then, suddenly, the pilot started the motor and they carried on down the shoreline, staring intnently at the sea bed, as if nothing at all had happened. I breathed a huge sigh of relief as they moved on. And perhaps nothing at all had happened. But it sure didn't feel like it!

After we were sure they were gone, Fanny came over and rolled me onto my back. I had an instant hard on. She climbed on top of me, sliding my cock into her very wet pussy. I guess she had noticed them after all!! We carried on fucking for just a little while, when we had the most glorious simultaneous orgasms, right there in the beautiful sunshine with the waves gently lapping next to us.

We lay together as the sun slowly crept behind the cliff's edge, gradually casting a cool shadow over us. So we packed up and started the long hike back to the car. On the hike back, I made a mental note: in future, when exploring remote beaches, RENT A BOAT!!

Any thoughts or commnets, please email to eclecticjohn @

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Fanny Nude



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