Hook and Sink

Hook and Sink


My wife and I like to do some fun and crazy things sometimes, but we don't always have a camera with us. Like to do most things spur of the moment. I wanted to share one of those times here.

We were driving on the freeway on our way back home from my wife's parents house when we decided to do some flashing. She had pulled me out and was sucking and touching on and off so there was a definet mood in the air. So she stripped all her clothes off and tossed them in the backseat, reclined the seat back to a laying position and then I was to pull up along a semi-truck and turn on the light and stay along the side of the truck for at least 1 min, unless she wanted to stay longer. The idea was for me to show her off while she pretended to lay sleeping. We found a truck and I pulled up and reached over and turned on her light and hung out for a minute. As I started pulling away, the truck increased it's speed and stayed with us for about another minute. We decided it was time to move on so I took off at a speed that the truck could not match and as we pulled away he honked his horn a couple times and flashed his lights.

The reason I decided on this tale was because this was the first time that we decided to porposely make sure someone could see her completely naked and so it was a bit of adrenaline nervousness to the event, but none the less it was a great time had by all. When we arrived back at our apartment (which was university owned housing), she dared us to streak from the car to the apartment door. I got nervous and ran into the building, she however walked rather calmly completely nake to the door. The time of day being about midnight, but still many places were around that had their lights on.

As stated we don't usually have cameras when we do this stuff, but I will submit a picture I took of her while we were visiting a park one summer. We were around behind some trees and she got fully naked and found a flower and decided it would be cool to have a picture with that sticking out of her.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the story and picture.

Hook and Sink - hookandsink @ gmail.com

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