Hook and Sink - 2

Hook and Sink


We apologize to the people who had been following us as we didn't finish up our last story. If it is okay we wanted to post this first and then next submission we will finish up the story.

Anyway this last February we had to head down south for a friends wedding. We drove all the way down and back. My wife being the playful one wore various kinds of small, short outfits on and off throughout the trip. One night as we were driving she saw we were approaching a Lions Den store. She decided that that was where she wanted us to take our Adult FreindFinder picture. So we pulled off and drove donw the dark rode and pulled to the side. She told me I had to close my eyes while she changed so that it would be a surprise. Quickly she changed and told me to proceed to the store and not to look over to her. If I did, she said she would not suck me while we drove that night. So I didn't look. We pulled into the parking lot and noticed several semi-trucks parked there. This being something she does not do real often made her nervous and asked me to drive across the road. Across the road we found a spot that she could get out and would not be directly in line of sight of any parked trucks. Told me to close my eyes again while she got out. Then I got out with the camera (slightly hard with the eyes shut). When I opened my eyes I saw my wife standing outside by the side of the road with absolutly nothing on except for her black calf high boots. It took me a minute before I remembered I was suppose to be taking pictures. While we were taking the last picture a semi-truck pulled out onto the road and came our way. When she discovered the truck was coming our way (I didn't tell her the truck was actually moving, she discovered it when the headlights flashed her way) she realised it was too late to run and hide in the car. Snapped the last picture, then the truck drove up past us slowly. He honked his horn a couple times when he got to us. She then did something that surprised me, she turned around, keeping he legs apart enough to see all, waved at him and turned to go back to the car. On the way she dropped her sign so she took advantage of that. Noticing he hadn't quite left yet, she bent over at the waist to pick up the sign with her legs spread apart, taking her time. As she continued to walk to the car he stopped his truck and yelled out thanking us for the brief, live show. Looking over at her she was as bright of red as I have ever seen her. When we got back on the highway I discovered that she was shakeing with nervousness. I then apologized for all that and told her she didn't need to do it, but she simply responded, "I was nervous, but it was really fun."

Included is the best picture from that night and just because I have included a second picture. A birthday gift I got her that she absolutly loved, and so did I, every bit I ate. The candy was good to. :)

Attached are our pictures:

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Hook and Sink



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