Hook and Sink - 1

Hook and Sink


Finally getting around to our second submission. Last October (5 months after giving birth) my wife and I went to the mountains on a retreat with a group. Nothing wild or anything happened then, but on the way home we decided to have fun. We pulled over at this one viewpoint and I told her to take her shirt and bra off and that she could only wear a coat that couldn't be more than halfway zipped up. She was game so she did it. There was only one other couple there when we got there, but when they left we were alone. The area we were was about 50% secluded in that there were two trees between us and the highway. I told her that i would take some pictures if she left the coat by me and walk over and posed by the wall completely topless. She agreed on one condition and that was if she could make me hard and pull me out and stay out until she covered back up. I said sure. So she went and posed and I snapped the pictures. Just as I snapped the last picture a speedy car zipped into the parking lot and parked. My wife decided to walk (not hurry) over to where I was to put her coat back on, but she didn't zip up. She told me that because she didn't zip her coat that I couldn't zip up my fly. It turns out that it was a younger (late teens/early twenties) couple that stopped and as far as I know they didn't see anything, but i could be wrong. Since there were two entrances to the viewing area we walked out the opposite one they came in and got into our car and took off for the next stop that we could do something crazy at. It turns out the next place we found was a grocery store and an adult store. I will continue the next part of the story when I can get a good picture of her in the dress she wore into those places...

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