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JOHN - Sunday afternoon and I've got maybe 30 minutes to share a little while Kim has gone to back to the nursery. The way things have been happening is unreal. Got Kim up yesterday, we showered, and she slipped into her new black panties, cheerleader shorts, t-shirt and visor with her ponytail out the back. We got in my truck and as we were backing out, Larry (neighbor) came running out to us, saying he needed to get his car in the shop for tires, etc and his wife wasn't home and wondered if we could follow him and bring him back, which of course we said sure.

Dropped his car off and he slid in next to Kim. Told him we were going to IHOP and asked him a long. I said in another post I hadn't seen his family in awhile so I couldn't help but ask. He said they were having problems and she had gone to her mother's.

I apologized for asking and he said no problem, and went on to say how he is on the road all week and then on weekends wants his time in the yard and his beer. He almost always has a beer in his hand. Kim suggested he could spend one day in the yard and compromise, but Larry said his wife doesn't compromise. The way this guy says all this is hilarious with a real southern drawl. We talked alot at breakfast alot about his yard an how we were gonna start on ours and he offered his help.

He asked what we were doing the rest of the day, and I said get on our bathing suits wash cars, and get some sun, as we were going on vacation in June. Larry made the comment that Kim already looked tan and she told him she goes to the tanning bed at the gym some. He just kinda asked, in his tone if that wasn't them beds you lie naked in. Again, we busted out laughing at the way he says things. Kim told him that some people do and some don't. He kinda chuckled and said he wasn't gonna ask what Kim did.

Again we laughed and Kim said "Thank you, Larry." We got home and we went in and Larry went home. I'll take it from here possibly later today, but probably tomorrow. By the way, we are very close, cuddle alot, I do buy flowers, rub Kim's back at night, etc. That part really isn't bad. And, again as for pics, I asked quite awhile back and she said if I want to see her naked, pose sexy, ask. That I don't need a camera for that. This other will have to work to ever make that happen. And, yes yesterday was filled with excitement and we had sex 3 times!

Fill you in later."

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