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Exhibitionist Wife Kim - 3

Gardening with Panties ...

JOHN - "So we spent the afternoon gardening and Kim was out in panties. One thing I noticed right off was after squatting down one time, the panties were lower in the back. I had said eariler that they just barely came up to the valley at the top of her butt, but now they were low enough you could see the start of her crack, and it looked hot. No, I didn't tell her. I finally told her I was going inside and look thru binoculars to see if Larry was looking and she said ok.

I could see the top of his head over the rail on his porch, and yes, he was looking. I went back out and told Kim he was looking a lot and she just smiled. She said she hasn't heard his saw in awhile and as I glanced over, he was coming down his drive. I told Kim I think he was coming over here and she asked what to do. I said just act normal, and as he reached our drive, Kim moved to the other side of the car, visable from the waist up only. Larry asked if I had a skill saw, that his quit.

I did, and told him I'd get it, so I went in the storage room in the garage and looked out. Larry had walked around the car to Kim's side, and she squatted down to wash the tire, trying to hide I guess, but she didn't realize that gave Larry a very sexy view down the back of her panties. I, of course was taking my time. Finally, she stood up pullng her panties out of her butt casually, which also pulls them down lower. When I went back out with the saw they were talking and Kim seemed comfortable.

We were all going later that afternoon to the nusery, she said, and then Larry said for her to come over to his yard and he'll show her a few plants good for her. Kim stumbled around saying she would later, but Larry insisted and I of course said sure and I'd put this stuff up. She went. I went inside got the binoculars and watched. Sometimes Larry would squat down and reach up to hand Kim something, putting him eye level to her pussy and maybe 18" away.

Sometimes Kim would squat or bend over and what a hot view. They were out there 15 minutes, I guess and then he obviously wanted to show her the boxes he was making, as she started up the steps with him right behind her. He has about 8 steps, a landing, and then 8 more. In a minute they were on their way back down. 2 guys pulled up to ask Larry something, and he started pointing at the other lots. Kim waved bye to Larry and started home, having to walk right in front of their car. They waved and she waved and she came home. I met her as she came in the door, so hoping she wasn't upset. She came in giggling and saying she couldn't believe she did that.

I kissed her and slid my hand inside her panties and she was soaked, and saying she couldn't help it, almost like she was apologizing. She felt guilty cause she got so hot. I told her this was exactly what we want. She said "Eat me now". I pulled her panties off and sat her on the table while I sat in the chair and away I went. She exploded right away and just said "more". Again she came and sat up, telling me to take off my shorts. I did, and she slid right down on it, saying she hoped I was excited too, and so glad I was.

The honest truth, I didn't last 1 minute. She looked in my eyes and told me this was so special and how she loved being hot with me like this. She said Larry just kept looking at the front of her panties when he squatted and looked up at her. I said he was looking at her pussy, and then she said ok, my pussy. She was still sitting on my cock, and we kissed hot as we talked. She said the guys in the car were looking too. I told her how much her butt crack showed and how much Larry was looking down her panties, and still kissing hot said she hoped he liked what he saw.

I thought she was gonna be mad? She said he was gonna come over and help us seal the deck in a little bit so he'll get to look alot more. She said we needed to get a shower before he comes. Will tell more about yesterday tomorrow as I have to wake Kim up and plant stuff."

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