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Signing Off ...

LISA - I awoke this morning to movement in the bed, I guess, and opening my eyes saw Kim and John making love as they do each morning. It's very rare that I sleep all night in their bed, but with our being gone three days, we wanted each other. They invited me to join this am but this was their time and I wanted to watch as they made love and I masturbated and cleaned them both up afterwards. Kim wasn't in the mood to post about anything though so much went on this weekend with us, Linda and Jay, as well as so much still left from last weekend. Kim is a super sensitive person and looks at what everyone does here is share excitement together. She loves to share with everyone here even at times when it embarrasses her. Her take is that if we're gone and can't post, all of you should take over and keep the excitement going whether it's posting your own excitement as some of you did, or if you have no excitement to share, just letting her know you can't wait for her to get back and share hers, and ours. But not many of you post.

One anon said the post was getting dull, and it was because no one commented much. Kim lay in bed this morning and said it's like people come here to look at a picture, read something hot that Kim and I or our friends have done, and if nothing's here, they just move on to the next. They don't say they can't wait to hear this or that or even, "miss you, hurry back". She said it gives her a feeling of just being a cheap thrill for people and when she's not here to provide that thrill, they have no use for her. On top of that there were tons of negative posts of people calling this post "made-up" and insulting Kim. You just have to know Kim to know how she thinks. Kim not only shares her life here, she shares it away from here in volunteer work, and so many community services. That's just what makes her happy. So, she's easily discouraged when what she does maybe isn't enough. She can't do anymore.

KIM - It is with alot of emotion that I sit here and try to say goodbye to all the wonderful people I have met here. I won't begin to try and list all your names in fear that I may possibly forget someone and hurt their feelings and I would never want that.

Though I said I feel like a cheap thrill when I'm gone and no one is here as if the only reason for being here is to read something hot, it hurt deep down to actually hear someone refer to me as a cheap thrill and I'm sure Lisa was included. The advice was to grow up and accept myself for the cheap thrill I am, but I'll never grow up enough to accept that. What I can do for you, anon, is eliminate you ever getting another cheap thrill from us by not posting which is what I'm doing.

To all our friends, we will miss you. This is not how I planned to end here but I have to follow my heart and my heart will not allow me to post knowing some people are thinking of us in that way. Lisa was so innocent of all this and yet she was hurt the most. Her pain is not worth our being here.

Be assured that we will continue on with our lives the way we are now. It is our wish that everyone, even that anon, will continue to not only seek, but find the excitement they need just as we have.

Thank you all for these past months and our knowing you and for sharing with us, too.

Kim, Lisa and John "

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