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Sex Games ...

KIM - We haven't completed the first game and already a second game is being drawn up. John is rushing me again so I'll hurry. I drew Lisa's name and my request was a 3some with me, her and Jay, with intercourse. Laura drew me and wanted a 3some with me and John. Dale drew Jill and had Jill and Katie. Linda had Jay and John, etc, etc.John was the one who drew Linda's name and requested me give her oral. She was embarrassed but a good sport and did it. Even more embarrassed that she came. If I don't get off here John says he'll leave and I'm hungry. When we get back all ten of us have to shower and continue our playtime. I ramble too much to get anything told. Sorry.

It will take several days to go through everything. This AM I don't have alot of time, also Laura has slept with us each night so I have to watch her. We all agreed while watching part of the US Open tennis last night(see, we don't have sex 24/7)that Laura looks so much like A.Ivanovic who lost to S.Williams. Real beautiful and so good in bed!!! She'll be 27 this week so we'll have to plan something.

I'll tell me and Linda and maybe have time to move on. Oh, the second game, which actually wasn't a game, was each couple perfoming their hottest sex while everyone watched. That got hot!. Everyone agreed we were a trio not a couple so we went in that way.

John drew Linda's name and went over her "no" things. She said that was right when he said no oral to girls. So, John said his fantasy for her was to receive oral from me. She tried to say she meant both ways to no, but no one agreed to that. I told everyone to stop giving her a hard time and told her she didn't have to. Everyone booed her so she said she would do it, but in the other room not in front of everyone. So we compromised in her being willing to do it and us letting it happen in the other room, door open. She was crimsom red as I led her by the hand to the bed. Someone had to witness to make sure we didn't fake it, so Jay went. I pulled her shorts and panties off and laid her on the bed. She covered her face with her hands. Everyone crowded at the door.

Going down on a woman is something I truly love to do. I love to touch, kiss and lick and suck every part of her. I get as much pleasure doing this as the one receiving. I knew she didn't want this and she was so tense in her thighs. I spread her legs and coaxed her the best I could into relaxing some. I opened her lips, kissed her softly there and told her she looked very pretty there, and kissed her pussy again. I told her if she'd just relax I felt I could make it very enjoyable for her. She said she wasn't suppose to enjoy it and I asked why and she said cause we were both girls. I told her I was happily married to a man and loved the pleasure in this that only a girl can give. As we talked, I was gently kissing the inside of her and slipped my tongue inside. I told her she was beginning to get wet and I was glad. She said she was embarrassed. As I kissed her clit, I asked if she wanted to stop we can, but she said everyone would give her a hard time if she did and besides, I had already made contact with her so go ahead.

I pulled one of her lips inside my mouth, gently sucking on it back and forth and tongueing it as I did. I slid a finger inside her and she gasped. I went to her other lip and sucked it and added another finger. Her hands came away from her face and to her sides. Her eyes were tightly closed, her mouth slightly open as I moved to suck her clit. I heard her say, "Oh, Gawd". I knew I could make her orgasm in a matter of minutes now, but I wanted it to last for her and me. Jay laid down next to her. She asked, through heavy breathing, to please don't tell anyone. Jay promised and told her to just enjoy it while it was happening. He asked if it felt good and she said it felt very good and he said for her to close her eyes and enjoy. I played a few more minutes then moved in to give her all the pleasure I knew how to give. She let out another, "Oh Gawwwwwddd" and grabbed the back of my head as she thrusted her crotch into my face. She came and came, then lowered her hips back down as I moved to the inside to taste and enjoy. As I cleaned her up, she toyed with my hair, not trying to get up or close her legs. I finished by gently kissing her closed lips and raised up. She moved her hand down my cheek and told me that was the best oral sex she's ever had. She added that didn't mean she wants it again or wants to be bi. I put her hand against my mouth, kissed it and told her it didn't have to mean anything other than she liked it. I added if she ever did want it again she could ask and told her when Lisa and I both do it together, it's twice as good.

She laughed and told everyone around the door the show was over and they applauded her for doing it. So, did she ask for it again? Not in so many words.....

I have a ton of things to tell, but little time. We need to feed Dale and get him on the road. We have a cookout at George and Ann's at noon. If I can come back, I will but with everyone here I don't like posting.

Lynn and Jay know about it but not the others.Just be patient.

Because of the exhibition fun we had on the way to the lake, Friday, I told Laura what I did on the boat in front of and with Ken. She was dying to see the video. We ended up naked after the video and relieving our needs. I told Laura he loves to look, keep your panties and masturbate. She said knowing someone you can show to and in public was so hot and inviting to her. So, we planned our trip for Saturday, hoping Ken would even be there.

He was there. I introduced Laura as my friend and said I had explained our situation to her and she's willing to help us earn furniture. He guided us to the back room where we went when I showed. He asked Laura how much was she willing to show and she told him whatever she was suppose to show to help with the furniture. Ken told Laura the more she showed the more it helped.

All three of had on miniskirts with Laura's being the shortest and of thin cotton print material. Ken asked Lisa to stand at the door and watch for anybody. He was beginning to sweat like he does when he gets excited. He asked Laura what kind of panties did she have on and Laura said white thong panties. He asked me and I said light blue bikinis. He asked how much I had told her Laura and I ALMOST slipped up and said she saw the video. I told Ken I told her about the boat. He asked if I told her everything that happened and I said I had. He asked if I told her I masturbated him and I said yes. I could tell where he was going with this. He wanted to talk about what happened on the boat in front of Laura.

So, I decided to give him what he wanted to hear. I told Ken I told Laura that I stripped naked in front of him. That I spread mysef open and let him look at me. I told him Laura knows I got so excited that I touched myself and let him watch. That I wanted him to masturbate, too and put a condom on to catch his load. In saying this, I reached under my skirt to rub and Laura reached for her breasts. Ken asked me to remove my skirt so he could watch me rub so I took it off, standing there in my panties rubbing between my legs. He asked if I told her I wrapped my hand around him and I said yes. Laura was under her skirt now and Ken said he'd love for her to remove her skirt, too. She did and stood there in her white, sheer thongs, her neatly trimmed bush showing through. Ken told Laura he knew about mine and Lisa's sex together and asked her did she like girls, to which she answered yes, very much so. He asked Laura had she had sex with me and she told him she had. He was getting hot, sweating, broken words through faster breathing. He asked Laura if I told her I let him suck my nipples and Laura said yes. He asked Laura could he see her nipples and she lifted her top and bra.

Ken was wearing light colored pants, he was hard and I noticed a small wet spot on his pants. I told him and said he might better take it out before it gets too wet. He asked Laura would that be ok and she said sure. He unzipped his pants and pulled it through his boxers, took his handkerchief and wiped it off.

Ken asked me to kneel in front of Laura and slide her panties down so I did, leaving her naked from the waist down. He asked me to feel and see if she was wet as he was now openly stroking himself. She opened her legs as I slid two fingers inside and was she ever wet! I pulled them out and held them up to show Ken how wet Laura was. As he looked, I licked her wetness off my fingers. This was way more than what he saw me and Lisa do and he was loving it.

He asked me to lay Laura back on the bed, and slide my fingers inside again and show him. I asked Laura was it ok and she said yes, so weakly from her turn on.I laid Laura on the bed, her legs hanging over. I pushed her legs up and back and told her to hold them. This had Laura completely spread open, legs up and spread. Ken moved over for a close view just a foot away. Laura's pussy was soaked. Laura has a small bush, neatly trimmed and some hair between her legs. The hair between her legs was all wet from her escaping juices. I wanted her so bad. My own panties were soaked through and uncomfortable. I had orgasmed in my panties as I've done before when getting so excited and I knew I would do it again when I put my fingers inside her. Ken asked me to spread her pussy real wide and show it to him so I did and gave him a deep view inside, showing all her juices coming out. I did it on myself again. I slid my fingers as far inside Laura as I could go and her juices made popping souds. Ken covered himself with his handferchief and came as I fingered Laura fast. When Ken finished, I put her legs down. He asked for our panties but there was no way he was getting mine the way they were. He probably would love them like that, but when I do that it embarrasses me. Giving him my wet panties is one thing but this was different.

I told Ken he only got one pair this time. I told him I was ready to write him a check for 300.00 for the sofa bed and he gave no argument. He wants to deliver it Friday when John is not there, and I said I'd let him know.

As soon as we got in the suv, I had to get my panties off. Lisa knew why and started laughing at me. Laura just looked at my panties and jumped in the floorboard between my legs while Lisa drove. She said seeing my pussy in that condition drives her wild and she acted wild with her lips and tongue, and I needed it bad. After cleaning me up and then giving me another orgasm, we traded places and I satisfied her. I re-wet the cream in her hair between her legs and then cleaned it up. Sunday, Lisa and I shaved Laura between her legs. I don't mind the hair, but it tickles my nose and face. Lisa pulled over, Laura took the driving duties and got Lisa's panties off and between her legs.

Laura's B-Day is this week(27) so we need to do something for her and I want the delivery to be hot once the other guys leave. Having someone like Ken that we can be naked in front of, be watched by and all is a huge turn on for us. Ken doesn't turn us on but what we are doing does.

Back to saturday ...

John said he slipped when he fell off the deck, but he didn't slip when we had our tops on. That was when we got back from the furniture store. Jill had asked if we ever go topless and we said sure, naked even so everyone decided to shed their tops. When John looked over at 7 sets of boobs he walked off the side of the dock. John, "Mr. Cool" blew it. I met Jill and knew she was bi, and met Linda, who was looking at all the boobs but wasn't bi. She said Jay told her it got pretty wild there with alot of girl on girl and she said it wasn't for her but didn't bother her at all seeing girls together.

There was alot of booze going around Saturday with everyone loosening up. One by one the bottoms started coming off, Laura was first. When she got to feeling pretty good, we talked Linda into taking hers off. The guys stripped and Linda and Jill and Laura couldn't believe the size of Dale who, of course, was straight up. Katie commented it was she who took his virginity and Lynn, who slept with Dale Friday night, said it felt just as big as it looked. Jill said she had to touch that and called Dale to her. She reached up and wrapped her hand around it and, laughing, said she couldn't even get her hand around it. Being cool, Jill raised up and put her mouth around Dale, bringing out the ooooos and ahhhs from everyone. Sucking Dale right in front of everyone was what brought up the idea of sexual fantasies we later had. As Jill sucked, Katie reached between her legs to finger Jill and showing her wet fingers to everyone. I told her to lick the fingers but knew she wouldn't. Lynn leaned over and opened her mouth for Katie's fingers and licked them clean. Lynn moved to help Jill please Dale and Jill slipped her fingers inside Lynn. I told Katie to put her finger inside Lynn along with Jill's and it will be hot. She did and it was. Within a second or two both Lynn and Dale came. Jill, like Katie, doesn't swallow and gagged when Dale shot off. She moved her mouth right quick and Lynn took over, sucking him dry. Everyone was laughing at Jill and she said she just can't take that in her mouth.

I glanced over a few times at Linda during this and she was just amazed at these three girls fingering each other and sucking Dale off. She caught my glance once and smiled and shook her head. Jay walked over to Linda, half hard and said it was his turn. Linda turned red telling him not in front of everyone. I told her to come on and I'd help, as I took Jay into my mouth. She was ok then since I started and joined me. I pulled it from my mouth and she took it. While she moved up and down his shaft, I licked with my tongue, purposely letting my tongue come in contact with her mouth and lips to see her reaction. I was probably licking her lips more than Jay but she didn't seem to mind. Knowing I was the first girl to ever lick her in this way gave me a tingle between my legs. It doesn't take much for me. I was dying to reach between her legs but refrained from doing so and possibly embarrassing her. I would put my lips around Jay so that when Linda's mouth came down it would put her lips against mine. This was getting me hot and I didn't know if she even thought anything about my lips touching hers, my tongue licking against her lips. Lida pulled off Jay and was licking the head when I went there, too. My tongue toched hers and then she moved down as if to get away from that contact with me. I was diappointed, but then her tongue came back and touched against my lips and then my tongue. I started giving little kisses on the head and watching for her lips to come close to mine and when they did, I'd kiss part of Jay and part of Linda. Was she teasing me, was she enjoying this, or was she just thinking with us both going down on Jay that contact had to happen. I got my little rush and moved my hand to my clit. I came as soon as I touched myself. As I was having my orgasm, I just had my mouth partly open against the head of Jay's tool, concentrating on my pleasure. Suddenly, I felt her tongue brush against my upper lip and then her tongue followed from the corner of my mouth all the way to the other corner, all while I orgasmed, and then I felt my upper lip between her lips. It was just a fraction of a second but the gentle smack that followed let me know it was intentional. Jay exploded into Linda's mouth as I watched.

Of course, she didn't share it with me in a kiss, but she had given me a tremendous turn on by letting me know our lip and tongue contact was something she was fully aware of.

This probably wasn't exciting for ya'll the way it was for me as it's hard for you to understand maybe what a rush something like this can give. I wanted her. I wanted her real bad and I think John knew it and why he chose for me to give her oral when he drew her name later that night. "

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