Excited to Exchange Sexy Messages

47 & Frisky

Excited to Exchange Sexy Messages

EMAIL 47 & FRISKY !!   47 & FRISKY


I'm 47 & Frisky! I'm an ordinary, middle-aged, wife and mother of two grown children. My husband and I enjoy a wonderful sex life, and we also enjoy taking sexy pics! Several days ago, the hubby asked if we could take a few photos to send to the wonderful people at Truth or Dare Pics. I thought about it, and finally agreed.

So, he grabbed the camera, and I found something sexy to wear (and then take off). I got so excited while he was taking these pics to share with so many strangers. But, I know he got really, really excited, too! We took a few pics in our living room, then a few more in the bedroom. We attached a few of our favorites!

Once we finished with the camera (and, since I was already naked anyway), we had a wonderful time enjoying one another's naked bodies! He rubbed his strong hands all over my naked body...up and down my long legs He lowered his mouth between my legs and made me cum several times while he ate my wet pussy and suckled my swollen clit. By the time he entered me, his cock was hard, thick, and throbbing! I thought he would cum soon as excited as he was. But, like the amazing lover he is, he helped me reach another couple orgasms before he finally filled me with his hot, creamy cum! It was an amazing evening, and one I hope we experience again very, very soon!

We would really love to hear from everyone who enjoys the pics we've shared. We want to hear from guys...gals...couples! We both have a few "bi-tendencies" so anyone is welcome to write! We also love to see pics of others (again, guys, gals, and couples are welcome). We're big fans of tribute pics, as take a few naughty pics of yourself with any of my pics in view! Who knows...we may reciprocate and send a few tribute pics back?

We are both really excited and looking forward to the sexy messages (and pics) we'll be receiving!

Looking forward to hearing from you all,

47 & Frisky - EMAIL ME!!

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