Frisky Wife

Frisky Wife


My GF and I have been visiting this site for a couple of months now. We think it is great! All of the dares and the pictures are terrific to say the least. Reading the stories has really changed her view on things. She loves to show off her beautiful body, and I love when she shows it off. It is a huge turn on seeing how confident she is about her body now. She was very shy when we first meet and now she has driven around town topless and totally nude. She does this during the daytime and at night. It is a real thrill to know that anyone can see her beautiful body at anytime. One evening she got really brave and I drove her around town when she was completely nude. I went to the local gas station and filled up the tank with her just sitting there in her birthday suit. It was such a turn on just seeing her there in the front passenger seat. She was so wet! As we were driving out of the station, I saw this guy walking and I stopped to ask him for directions to the freeway. I pulled up next to him, making sure that he was on the passenger side of the car. I rolled down the window and his mouth just dropped. My GF just sat there with her legs slightly open and she looked at him as he tried to give us directions. I think he was really embarrassed because he only looked at her a couple of times. He rambled on for a bit and my GF said thank you and we drove off. We heard him yell out as we left, "Can I go with her!" She told me that she could not believe that I had done that. I touched her down there and she was so wet.

After that, I dared her to go through a drive through with me and she said sure! I really did not think she would do this, but I proceeded to drive to the nearest Jack in the Box and we ordered. I was waiting for her to put some clothes on or at least cover up a little, but she just sat there showing off her awesome body. I reached the window and the guy asked me for the money. He was so wrapped up in doing his job well, that I don't think he noticed the sexy naked woman sitting next to me. He came back to the window to give us our food and my GF reached across me and said, "thank you." The man yelled out, " oh my God!" and had a smile that went from ear to ear. We heard him trying to alert his co-workers over to the window, but I just drove off. She was so excited after that one. All this action got her so horny that we went home and had amazing sex!

Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of this night, but I have included some pictures so you can see what she looks like. She asked that we start off with pictures that don't show her face or too much of the goodies because she is very shy. believe it or not! I have included a picture of her cleaning our kitchen and looking at the computer. She would love to hear some requests or positive comments or even some ideas for future dares as she loves to show herself off. This is her first post ever and I had to beg for this one, so please encourage her to do some more.

dec248829 @

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Frisky Wife

Frisky Wife


Awkward Moment ...

*** The winning girlfriend, became quiet and unhappy (later on in full vid) watching her BF and the loser have fun ... he even made her cum.

What's happening?? ...

"I Won - I get to sit out with the other winner and watch the loser receive her consequence."

"I Lost - I must now take both of the winner's boyfriends in front of them. One in the pussy and the other in the mouth :("


Loser Must Masturbate for the Other 2 ...

Their First Time Playing Strip High Card ...

Loser has to Submit to 'Anything' the other wants ...


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