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Due to a very busy personal life, we have been unable to post, take any pictures, or respond to all the emails recently.

About this weekend ....

L and I decided to check out a swingers club this weekend, which was a first for us !! We arrived in town and checked into a nice downtown hotel. L put on a very sexy dress and when I grabbed her nice ass as usual, I noticed she didnít put on panties. I was already hard at the sight of her and even more so knowing she was without panties.

So we arrive and take a small tour of the establishment and was surprised at the ďadult areaĒ since weíve never had this type of exposure. We hang to ourselves most of the night to observe and get a feel for the place. We eventually make it to the area where the real fun happens and looked in on several couples enjoying and pleasuring their partner(s). L gives me that look, so we find a semi-dark area and start passionately kissing. I worked my way down, licking on her freshly shaven and extremely wet pussy. L was so turned on but wanted to be more visible, so we walked around to find another location. In the process, we watched a few more couples and became ready to proceed with our fantasies. We found another room that was more visible, where she sat me down and unbuttoned my pants. She pulled out my rock hard cock and began taking all of it in her mouth. Then she climbed on top and rode me as another couple walked into the room. We also had an additional couple watching from the door. At this point, it was near closing time and we headed back to the hotel for some awesome love making. The next day on the road trip back home, while talking about the previous night, L got very horny and proceeded to ride with her shirt pulled up flashing her beautiful breasts to the oncoming traffic. I had to slip my hand down her pants to play with her and also watched her play with herself as well. As we continued playing, she took her pants completely off !!! At that point we had to stop the vehicle on a side country road. I leaned over to the passenger seat and ran my tongue all in her wet pussy until she came so hard from all the foreplay build up. We then continued heading towards home and she began playing with me. She leaned over and put me in her mouth. With all the build up it didnít take long of her sucking on me until I exploded in her mouth. By this time, we were close to home and exhausted from a long weekend. No pictures from the swingers club - sorry.

We would love to hear your experiences in slowly getting into the swinger scene. Also, any good places to go in the north MS/ West TN area.

Until next time,

We are also looking to possibly find her another male or female to meet up with and fulfill a fantasy. North MS / West TN


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