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Dare Two: Naked In My Car - Hot off my first dare I accepted a second dare. This time it would take place in my car. Again a camera would be involved. I knew before this all began I was heading down a road with these dares, and not just literally. LOL A week had past since my first dare and I was getting really horny. The first dare got me so hot I went home and nearly jumped my husband as he came in the door. I was hooked. Like a junky in need of a fix, I agreed to the next dare. The next dare was that we would go for a ride on the way to lunch and I would strip in my car. I almost died when he told me this. In the office was one thing, but on the street, well that is quite a different story. And this time he would be a lot closer to my naked body. I didnít want things to get out of hand.

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He finally talked me into it. And soon we were in my car taking a nice drive. Again I was not really prepared. You would think by now I would be. I guess I am a slow learner. So as I took off my blouse and skirt he laughed at my bra and panties. They didnít match. Not only did the colors not match, but I had my support bra on with my lace panties. He tried to hold in a giggle, but failed.

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As I got naked I was really embarrassed. I couldnít help but wonder if anyone was noticing. My only hope was to stay as low in the seat as I could. I mean, It is not like the flash for the camera inside the car wouldnít draw enough attention. LOL Leaving my shirt half on to provide a little cover should I get caught, I managed to get even wilder then I did in the office. I started to show him my pussy, spread wide. I even played with my nipples a bit too, just to tease my dear office friend who was clearly effected by the view. I could tell by the end of the dare he had quite the tent pole in his pants. That night when I got home, I demanded my husband fuck me. He was not sure why I was so hot for it, but he didnít seem to mind. As I was driven to orgasm I wondered how much of it was my husbandís skill as a lover and how much was the adventure I was reliving over and over again in my mine.

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