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Dare 3: Naked In the Woods - The dares were getting more and more complicated. Being naked in my office, or being naked in my car both proved to do the trick for me in the bedroom with my husband. However, my friend wanted to really push me. His next dare for me was to get naked outdoors. I told him it would have to be some place where there was little chance for some one to see me. He said he had just the place.

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On a hunting trail just outside of town I was asked to strip totally naked. This was public property, but not that well traveled. Still, I would be quite naked with out the safety of my office door, or even car door. We drove to the spot and got out of the car. We walked for a while and then not wanting to be late getting back to work I started to undress. I teased my friend by flashing him at first. Slowly more and more of my clothes came off. By the end of the hike I was totally bare ass naked. That is right! Bare ass naked in the woods. Like a forest nymph I pranced around the path naked as the day I was born. Hoping against hope that no one would see me there naked. I could hear the questions rolling at me on that one. So far the only person to see me naked on any of these little adventure was my friend from the office. As the sound of other voices came tumbling thought the forest I quickly wondered if my streak or not getting caught streaking was going to come to an abrupt end.

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I scrambled for my clothes. Trying to get my underwear, then jeans on was the greatest challenge. I nearly fell into a huge ant hill as I hopped around with my pants around my knees, causing me to stumble off balance. Lucky finally went my way as the group of voices moved away from my now half naked form. My friend only laughed and snapped picture after picture Dressed once again, I headed back to the office, and later home. There I nearly raped my husband. I begged for him to fuck me, and even though he was really tired I went ahead and did it. I was wondering how my friend was doing after his part in the dares. I could only imagine.

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Me Roadside In My Car

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