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Hot Swingers

Hot Swingers


We have loved this site for years & have finally decided to post. Our first lifestyle experience happened a few years back. We were on vacation at a nude resort and met a few couples that were swingers. We had always talked about having sex with other people, especially during sex; and we loved watching porn together, especially gang bang porn.

For the first few days hanging out with our new friends, we would go home and have sex and my husband would tease me & make me talk about fucking the other guys -- which WAS hot to think about - they were cute, friendly and well endowed. Spending all day hanging out naked with them, drinking & flirting made me hyper excited! My husband encouraged it as well.

On the 3rd day there was a body painting theme party. One of them painted me. Standing naked in front of another cute, well hung boy while he painted my pussy made me very wet & excited! After the party there was an outdoor shower that I used to clean up. The paint did not come off easy and I was horny so I called my husband to come help. He was drinking a beer with one of the other guys, Dave. He told Dave to go back there & help me out. I was very surprised & very nervous when Dave appeared & explained that my hubby had sent him to help. But, still horny and now feeling coy, I decided to see were it would lead & handed him a bar of soap. Then I stood with the water showering over my body and slowly turned around showing some paint still on my hip bones, down my ass and, most persistently, on my smoothly shaven pussy. It still gets me hot & bothered thinking about his hand rubbing the soap up my thighs and over my ass. When he got to my pussy he took two fingers, put them between my legs and gently rubbed back and forth on my pussy.... oh my god... having another man touch me like that...! I turned and pushed my ass against his body & very hard cock. His penis slid between my legs. We dried each other off & he led me into the bedroom. I dropped to my knees & started sucking his hard cock. My husband came in & started rubbing my incredibly wet pussy. Dave laid on the bed, I continued sucking his cock & my husband started fucking me from behind. We had a great rhythm & every time he thrusted into me it pushed me down on Dave's cock. It was amazing, SO hot. My hubby was talking dirty, asking me if it felt good & if I liked Dave's cock. He asked me if I wanted Dave to fuck me. I responded " yeshh!" while Dave's cock was still in my mouth :) They switched & Dave stuck his very thick cock inside me. My pussy clenched around this new cock and I came very hard. I became too distracted to even such my husband's cock. Dave came inside me, then my husband fucked me & came inside me too. I still get off just thinking about that feeling! Here are some pics from some of our adventures since. Feel free to send comments, pics, & dare requests to:

daycampers @

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Hot Swingers

Hot Swingers

Hot Swingers

Hot Swingers



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