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Best Porn Ever


It has been far too long since we submitted a post. We are known as the "Hot Swingers". Here is a great story from Labor Day last year, we hope everyone enjoys it. Feel free to send comments and/or pictures to our email below. I also attached a video of me squirting. If you look close you can see cum dripping out of my ass. :)

Best Porn Ever

Labor Day Weekend in Los Angeles. ahhhh, what an experience. My husband ended up setting up an MFM for me, one that he couldn't participate in because he was going to stay with the kids on the beach while I left to "have lunch with my friend." Later i wrote it down for him. It's long. More personal than i'm used to sharing .... but what the hell, it was a fucking GREAT day. :) ((and as i reread it, i realize that i go in and out of present tense and past tense, it was pretty INtense reliving it as i wrote it down, I'm leaving it as is....))

I was standing on a corner in Venice Beach wearing short shorts and a bikini top, awaiting a car with a guy I had never met, seen nor talked to before. I had just kissed my husband goodbye on the beach, and left my kids with him, telling them I was seeing my college friend for lunch. My husband kissed me goodbye strongly, passionately, and with a suppressed grin as he lightly slapped my ass and told me to have fun.

I see a sexy single guy driving down the street with a car looking as the text had described and I wave. He turns the corner and pulls to the side, I cross the street, open the door, smile and say hello and get in the car. He looks me up and down, smiles, and laughs and says, I swear Ive seen this porn before . A guy drives up, sees a cute girl dressed sexy on the corner, pulls her in the car and drives her away to fuck her til she begs for mercy. Hahahaa. Still feeling as nauseously anxious as I had since confirming all of this early that morning, I began talking. Later J. said he wasnt sure he understood anything I said, I was talking so quickly and my hands were nervously motioning as I answered J.s question about how we got into the lifestyle.

J. then asks what rules I had, what I liked and didnt like. I said I dont really have rules, and there isnt necessarily anything I say no to in advance, but if I find myself in a position I dont want to be in, I will let him know. He stares at me again, looks me up and down and says really?! My friend said you like DP. Yep!, I smile. He continues, You like anal? Oh yeah, though I havent had it much lately. OH, dont worry about that, I will definitely take care of you. The talk about sex had relaxed me, gotten me wet, feeling sexy. J.s body was hot hard, sexy, I could see the muscles through his light t-shirt, his biceps beautifully sculpted. Not overly so, juuuuuust right. He obviously takes very good care of his body. When I finished at the gym this morning, I thought the rest of the day was just going to be relaxed. I had NO idea how sexy and erotic it would turn out to be!, he says. I smile. He asks if I squirt, I tell him yeah, sometimes, though it isnt necessarily something I seek. He says he loves having a womans juices all over him, and loves getting women to squirt. He says he cant wait to DP me, and to just let him know as soon as Im ready; that he wont do it until I am ready and asking for it. Ahh, nervousness and anxiety is dissipating, Im ready to be fucked.!!

About an hour later, we pull up to K.s home and knock on the front door. He answers and J. says look what I found! and K. welcomes us in. I leave my sandals by the stairs, and ask to use the bathroom. K. says there is one back toward the kitchen, and another upstairs. I head up the stairs. When I come out of the bathroom I see the two guys in K.s room, and as I walk in I notice the computer screen on my LL profile with the close-up picture of me in a DP (actually airtight, but that was cut out of this pic) on the screen. I smile. K. is naked already, with a robe openly hanging over his shoulders and arms. Hot body, flat stomach, hard cock and well hung. Yep, it was going to be a fun afternoon!!

I crawl across the bed and start sucking K.s cock. Yummmmmm. J. starts to take off my top, but it is a tricky one, so I stand and pull it over my head. J. takes off his clothes and says, lets just lose all of this! and I take off my shorts and bikini bottoms and hop back onto the bed, my mouth quickly finding its way right back onto K.s hard, waiting cock. J. comes up next to my face and I begin rubbing his cock, readying it for an afternoon of play! K. gets up, and I giggle. I cant wait to have his big dick inside of me, fucking me hard. I let him know that I am "bareback friendly" & enjoy being ridden without a condom. He slides into my wet pussy and I gasp slightly as he fills me up, deeper and deeper. He begins pumping his cock into me, pulling my hips up and back into him, starting to slap his legs into my ass and thighs harder and harder as he fucks me deeper and deeper. I let out a squeal and tell him to go just a bit slower for a minute. He immediately slows it down slightly, though Im almost immediately ready for him to go back to fucking me just as hard as he was, and even harder. I wiggle my ass back and start working my pussy up and down on his cock while I continue to suck J.s cock gently in my mouth. J. tells me he likes it nice and slow, to let his cock rest on my tongue, flicking my tongue around it, letting it grow down my throat. He firmly pushes my head onto his cock as I feel it pulse and grow and harden, right down my throat. No hands he continues to tell me, as I continue to try to grab the base. I gag a minute and he lets me back off a bit. But I can tell he is going to keep gently pushing my head down to deep throat him. I tell him Im still in the practicing portion of my deep throat skill acquisition. He says not to worry, hes a good teacher. :) Damn, my heart is pounding, my pussy is dripping wet.

K. asks if J. wants to switch and fuck me for a bit, and they change positions. K. quickly lies down on the bed and slides underneath me until my mouth easily rests on his hard cock. J. says just let us know when you are ready for a DP, or anal. Unless you are ready now? Well, I wouldnt have yet begged for it, but I hate to say no, and I absolutely love having a boy gently beg me; when I can hear in his voice how ready he is to slide his hard cock into my ass. I tell him sure, Id love to have you fuck my ass. I think I heard him cheer. :) But being polite, and knowing he was asked here by K., he defers to K. and says do you want to start her off? K. laughs and says no man, youve mentioned DP and anal about 52 times since we got here, I know what you are looking for, go for it. Shes all yours. I love the conversation that flows between the two guys, who are obviously friends and who have played together before. They share well and easily and the flow is flawless.

K. pulls on my ass, spreading it, readying it for J. to complete the DP by sliding his cock into my waiting ass. As J. drips the lube on my ass, I can feel it coldly dripping down my crack, into my ass, and down onto my pussy and K.s cock. Damn, I really, really like DP. Im ready to beg. :) J. gently works my ass, fingering me, slapping my ass, pulling it apart and slowly slides his cock in. I let out a deep moan and get an immediate rush. I slightly collapse onto K.s chest in a moment of release and excitement, and it puts my ass in perfect position for J. to keep going deeper into me. K. is still completely hard in my pussy, waiting for everything to fill up. I feel my pussy tighten onto his cock, and my ass relaxes onto J.s cock, and I begin rocking my hips down onto K. and up into J. The feeling is indescribable every time I do it. I start to clamp up in orgasm as K. starts pumping into my pussy faster. Oh god this is good. We continue fucking like this for a while. Perfect motion. Then K. pulls out and lets J. fuck my ass all by himself. I reach under and rub my sensitive clit, it is greedy and wants me to keep orgasming. I oblige. We take a short break and grab some water. I lay on the bed and we are all talking. J. is fingering me and making me squirt. Wow, a lot of juices flow as I come onto his hand. J. asks if Im done or still up for more. I giggle as I say that I am definitely not done. He says something about my ass being worn out and probably in need of rest. He asks if I want him to fuck my pussy. In a state of pure relaxation, I tell him I feel great. You can fuck me wherever you want. Both guys practically jump up & move me in a position to get fucked more. J. gets underneath me this time, and K. rubs my ass, drips lube on me and prepares me for his extremely large, long, thick cock. I feel it press against my ass, I whimper slightly as he starts to enter me, he pulls out and then presses right back in, steadily going deeper and deeper, not waiting for anything, just ready to see how much I can take. And I can take it. When hes almost fully in, I ask him to ease up a bit. He adds lube, eases out slightly, and then slowly gives it to me deeper again. I moan and writhe and am overcome with ecstasy. Two cocks filling every space of me. Completely filled. Lucky, lucky girl. I reach around and pull his ass into me, forcing his cock even deeper. He takes the cue and starts pumping, harder and harder. J. pulls out and lets him have full access to my hips. Hes gripping my hips and Im pushing my ass hard into him. I want every inch of him inside of me. My pussy starts coming, my ass starts clenching and pulsing and taking me into the heights of orgasm. J. says dont break her! I still want more! as K. keeps fucking me with abandon. I come again. K. pulls out and gets underneath me stealthily as J. enters my ass again. Together they DP me once again, and the rhythm is beautiful. I pull my pussy down and onto K.s cock and then rock back hard onto J.s cock. I come again and J. goes even deeper into my ass. He pushes my back so that my stomach is flat against K. and he gets even deeper again. He tells me Im going to start squirting. I hardly hear him, I hardly know where I am, who Im with or what is happening, it feels surreal, the pleasure is beyond what I have experienced before. Im squirting. Clear, warm juices flow onto K.s belly, all over J.s cock, onto the towel that J. laid underneath us before we started. I start to come back from la-la land and K. is laughing at the juices that are puddling on his hard abs. He grabs a towel and wipes up, but he stays deep in my pussy and J. releases maybe an inch, still deep in my ass. He says hes not letting me up. He says this is the point where he is going to finish me up. If he lets me up for a break, he says Ill re-energize to a point where theyll have to call in additional troops, so to speak. But if he keeps me here, hell take me out. I giggle. But it feels so good. To be breathing regularly again, but still filled completely. To be resting, between two dark, beautiful, hard bodies. To look to the side, into a full wall mirror and see this incredible scene. J. senses that Ive recovered and starts slowly pumping his cock into my ass and out again, almost all the way out, and then back in, slowly, deeply, constantly pushing back in to hit that deep sweet spot. I quickly come again. He says I have just a few moments of rest, he is going to finish me up. He gets back to pumping, K. starts moving in rhythm, we are rocking back and forth, Im fully filled, and my body knows how to move to glide each cock inside of me, over my g-spot, pushing against my clit, pushing against my ass, deeply taking every inch of both guys into me. I collapse in another orgasm and stop moving. J. laughs. K. laughs. I softly giggle. They slowly pull out. I stand to get a drink and freshen up, and my legs collapse underneath me as I fall onto the bed. We all laugh. The guys tell me thats how it is done, and I wholeheartedly agree, but can barely speak to say yes indeed. I find my way into the bathroom and get a drink of water. I gulp it down.

I come back into the bedroom and lay on the bed. J. starts fucking my pussy. Both guys are ready to come. Im sucking K. and then he pulls out of my mouth and comes on my face. I try to catch it on my tongue and it goes on my cheek and into my hair. J. pulls me back and pulls his cock out of my pussy & also cums on my face. I rub it all over my tits and belly and face and lips. We rest a moment and J. starts fucking my pussy one last time. He pulls out and strokes his cock, resting it against my cheek as he cums a second time.

As we drive back to Venice Beach, I can hardly speak. Weak and drained, reveling in ecstasy. J. drops me back off a the corner. Used and abused in a beautiful way. Covered in cum. I smile. And give J. a kiss goodbye. Did the valet at the restaurant notice? Did he see me when I so nervously stood at the corner just a few short hours ago? And is he noticing my relaxed, almost-high smile these few hours later? Damn, this was a fucking GREAT day.


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