"Breeding Me Sex!"

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Breeding Me Sex



If any of you have been following our posts you know that I am Hubbies submissive and take alot of pleasure from pleasing him in any way he wants. Something about being told what to do and submitting to it just turns me on plus I get alot more sex and pleasure from allowing hubby to control our activities.

About 10 months ago I told hubby I wanted to have his children to which he happily agreed to. Telling me he was going to breed me every other night. I have never been told by anyone they where going to breed me. Something about that just stuck in my head and still makes me wet just hearing it, hubby even fucks differently when he is breeding me.

The first pic is the day after I told hubby I wanted a baby, hubby said I needed to be eager so I wanted to so him I was ready for whatever he wanted me to do and put on my little see through service maid outfit.

The second is me licking my hubby's sack, not only do I enjoy this, feeling his big balls and watching his dick get harder and thicker as my tounge slides up to the base of his shaft. I am also instructed I am to do this each time I am to be bred to get the most sperm pumped into me and I enjoy being on my knees in front of my man expecially feeling his large cock resting on my face as you can see hubby is thick and as long as my face.

The next pic is me cumming very hard on hubby, as you can see we are both in the picture because behind the camera there is 2 stranger's watching us. Doing this makes me feel like a complete slut, but I have also never cum so many times or so hard. I was so lost in the moment I was practically screaming breed me and riding hubby like a crazy women when I looked up and saw them both staring at me as I orgasmed again and again.

The next few are pretty obvious, me before and me used. Hubby is thick and streches me out you can see my lips turn out from being wraped around him as he plunges in and out of me. Same as the next set but shows me completely nude I am embarrassed to say as I write this before its posted on the internet.

Last set is again me before hubby breed me and after, this pic shows me gaping. I was so lost in pleasure I dont remember him taking this but I do remeber the sex! Hubby spent the day having me parade around town in a cupless bra and garter belt set under my clothes he took me out for a date.

After he had me walk our block dressed only in my bra and garter. I was dripping wet when we made it back to out house and just wanted to get back inside and have sex with hubby. Instead he had me sit on our front porch legs spread and lick him slowly until I made him drip pre cum. It felt like forever sitting there spread wide for anyone to see my bare breasts and dripping wet pussy.

Hubby then took me inside and had me ride him for almost an hour. I came more times then I could count before he took me and rode me extremely hard pulling my hair and slamming his massive hard on into me. You can see the result of all of this on my well used pussy. And lastly the end result me pregnant with our son.

Hope you enjoyed all of this.

For my perfect Hubby only man who can satisfy me.


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