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Wow! Thank you so much you guys! I almost had tears in my eyes after seeing so many nice emails pour in. I also was wet elsewhere. On the first day my first dare was posted I sat and read email after email and became wetter and wetter with each one. Reading what you guys would do to me, your pics and nice things to say had me so worked up. I'm not kidding when I say my panties were soaked right through to the chair and I don't think I've ever felt so aroused.

So for my second dare I thought I'd take a few pictures of what you asked for. Many of you wanted to see more of my ass and also my pussy closer up so I took these hoping you would all be satisfied. I was so horny taking them, especially the one where I open my ass up knowing you would all see me like that. Please send me more emails and a big thank you to you all and also to the webmaster for an awesome website. I will post more!

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