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I know it has been awhile but I've gone through lots of changes in the last year or so. My boyfriend and I broke up and I changed my major at school (to Organic Chemistry of all things!), started chatting with random people every Sunday night, (usually naked!) and have a female roomate now too.

I miss you guys and have been dying to get back into posting and decided to JUST make time for it.

Nobody else knows I do this other than my ex and it is my guilty pleasure and I'll be keeping it that way. Another guilty pleasure, which is recent, is watching my roomate and her boyfriend do it. They don't know of course. Our bedrooms are joined by the hollywood style bathroom and I am able to peep through a crack in the door and watch them. The first time I saw them was by accident; I heard strange noises "cumming" from my roomate's room early one morning like at 1 AM.

Apparently, he had climbed in through her window so as not wake me up which was nice of them. When I heard I just had to see and I peeped throught the crack and my roomate was sitting on top of him. Both were naked and at first I really didn't know what I should have done. I knew that I should have been polite and let them be but I was so drawn to them and it felt like it's something you don't really get much of a chance to experience.

So I looked in quietly with the lights off in the bathroom and watched ad listened. Shee kept telling him to "fuck her deeper". That got me wet and I was rubbing myself without even realizing it. I also never knew she would talk like that but it's not something you really share. The angle I could see them at was a side view. My roomate had her hands on her boobs and they were bouncing up and down.

Her boyfriend would reach up and grab them and pull on her nipples. All of sudden, she kept saying that she was "fixing to cum" whatever that meant. She started rocking back and forth on top of him and he was humping up as she rocked. She shook violently and I thought it was so sexy seeing that. She was burying her head in her face and tried not to make noise.

After she finished cumming, she fell down on top of him and I saw his cock slip out of her. It had cum all over it and she grabbed it and stroked it a little. They rested for awhile and then started again. This time he took her from behind. I was loving this and decided to go back into my room and take off my pj's until I was completely nude and watch again like that.

It was so daring and such a turn on. As I watched I rubbed my pussy and pinched my nipples. He started to thrust hard and I liked hearing him moan. She did too and I could tell she was trying to be quiet by moaning into the pillow but I could still hear her well. After she came again I went back to my room. A minute later I heard her in the bathroom. I heard the water running and then the toilet flush.

I went to bed naked and managed to get 3 fingers into my soaking pussy and came within seconds.

The next morning, I found a towel on the floor that looked like she had wipped her pussy with. I got turned on again. I don't think she intended for me to wake before she did. Well this has happened 2 more times and it was hard not to look at her like I knew, I suck at lying.

So that is my confession so to speak and something I hope to keep doing on top of everything else I am into. I choose 3 pictures with 2 of them being of my ass (#1 request). In both cases I am sticking it out and did it knowing you all would want to touch it, or spank it or play with it. That thought really gets me hot and please tell me what you felt after seeing them. I want to be touched so bad. The other picture is of how I am every Sunday at my laptop getting ready for chat. I always end up naked and so from now on just start that way lol.

I also have a new email since my old one wasn't working properly or something, so sorry if I couldn't get back to any newer emails anyone sent.

One more thing; of all the sites TODP is still my personal fav! It is the best run and has the most amazing vibes. I check it out almost daily and get turned on by every dare. Love it!

Thanks and message me anytime. Brenna - EMAIL ME!!


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