Masturbating Wife - Allison's First Dare

Masturbating Wife

Hi ,

Here is my submission. Please no e-mail. Thanks.

My First Dare...

My husband and I have been gradually adding fire to our sex life by sharing our sexual fantasies with each other. We have found truth or dare, especially this site, to be a great source of ideas and sexual fantasies. My husband found this site and shared it with me and we have had many good nights as a result. This past weekend we got very drunk on our vacation and while intoxicated I promised to do this dare. I knew I shouldn't have drank all that wine. I actually think it was the martini on an empty stomach.

So for my first dare - I have to shave my pussy and allow my husband to take several pictures of me naked. I then have to allow him to do two things with the pictures. The first is that we will submit two of the pictures onto this website for you to see. I made him promise to not include my face. I am also supposed to encourage you to post your comments about my pictures on the feedback page: POST PAGE

The second part is much harder actually. I have to let him choose two of the pictures and share them with one of his friends who finds me hot and has told my husband so. The worst part is this friend of his also knows me and I have now agreed to let my husband show him my naked body! After agreeing to this dare we had some really hot sex, including one session that I think I was to drunk to remember. I need to stay away from the martinis I think.

I hope you enjoy my first dare. - Allison

Allison's First Dare


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