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First Experience in a Car
Basement running
My little Cam Session
Slechts Groot Part One
Best Father’s Day Gift Ever
Backdoor Porn Sex Bank Manager Singapore
A night at the movies
Neighbor bath time
The Viewing

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Sweet dare


First Experience in a Car
My first experience was in a car. My lover plays with me in the car while he drives. This happens anytime we are alone in the car together. When I met him I couldn't have sex with the lights on I was so shy. He has gently brought my wild side out. So one day we are driving on the interstate and I have a small blanket over my lap, his fingers working their magic.

He has encouraged m..
Poster: Julie | Full Story»

Basement running
One time I was watching TV in my basement completely naked under a bathrobe. I really wanted to do some kind of naked dare. So I untied my robe and ran around. My basement was really big and it had a lot of boxes and tables and stuff. So I ran around those for a while but wanted to do more. So I tied my barely tied my robe and put my arms out of the sleeves and kept them under the robe. Then I ran..
Poster: Unknown | Full Story»

You will have met the lovely big-breasted Jane in 'The Birthday Present'.
After the love-in described in that story, my relations with the office ladies moved up a notch! I would call into the office after school, when there were few people around, and ask whoever was there if they could help me find a pupil's file in the file room, next to the office.
They were always very helpful,..
Poster: Tim | Full Story»

My little Cam Session
Whenever it’s possible I show myself on cam when I masturbate. One evening I was online and the face of a blonde young girl showed up. She was totally naked and her skin was beautifully white.

We waved at each other and she visibly enjoyed watching me stroking my hard cock and touching my balls. She smiled cheerfully when she looked at the screen and I got excited seeing her pret..
Poster: EdHyde | Full Story»

Slechts Groot Part One
This is a story that I published years ago.

The Story...

Slechts Groot (part one)
This story has the following content:

M+/F, Intr, Slut Wife, Size, Exh, Brothel, Orgy, SM, and is Pre-Viral.

In late spring, the canals, the many little bridges that ribbed each canal into the distance, and all the walkways leading to and from were ..
Poster: xxxeccentric | Full Story»

Best Father’s Day Gift Ever
True story

If you have read our earlier posts, you will know that nearly 6 years ago my dad, Liam, had done a nude painting of Babs, which she gave to me for my birthday. You will also know that Babs and my dad have had sex before also on more than one occasion. My dad and I look very much alike so it wasn’t difficult to see why Babs fancied him so.

Last year, Bab..
Poster: Sean & Babs | Full Story»

Backdoor Porn Sex Bank Manager Singapore
Anonymous: This is a true story, told to me by a close friend, Max, who was approached by Serene , a Singapore-based Bank Relationship Manager. What happened next shocked the hell out of my friend. Here is the true porn story:

It was a huge wedding in a major city in Indonesia. A college friend of ours was getting married, and it was a big celebration, with many Relationship Manager..
Poster: Friendz Heres | Full Story»

A night at the movies
Joe and I did this about 3 years ago. Just after we began living togather. I think we came up with this idea after watching a TV movie where a woman wears nothing to dinner but a fur coat. In the movie she and her man go parking. They get out of the car and having sex. They left ther clothing in the car, and the car was stolen. In the movie they get picked up by the police.

I own t..
Poster: Susan | Full Story»

Neighbor bath time
I was home alone in my bathroom taking a nice hot bath. My neighbor knocked on my door so I got out and answered to the with no towel on. He said did I come at a bad time and I was like no not at all. I said wanna take a bath with me and he said yeah. So we went and took a bath as he got horny and I got horny we both just fucked each other till we both cummed.
Poster: Cheryl Sherbert | Full Story»

The Viewing
Ann beckoned me into the hall, then hung a small hand-written card on the front door,- 'Back in 1 hour'.

She led me through to the lounge- 10 meters long and 7 wide,decorated in what I thought of as 'Dictator Chic'.- marble flooring with underfloor heating,
floor to ceiling windows, which Ann covered with grey silk curtains, operated by a small hand-control.

Poster: Tim | Full Story»

Barroom Exxtacy
I'm 53 and love to have multiple orgasms with my hubby. I recently started dressing sexy and doing things I would not necessarily do in public. Such as going commando in the day time. O love the feeling of being naked but having clothes on. I was totally game for his suggestion to go out to a local bar in a sexy dress commando.
When we arrived at the bar I was dripping wet with anticipatio..
Poster: Cajun Man | Full Story»

Working as a ring girl
Last January my hubby Joe got me a job as a round girl or ring girl for a local boxing event. A local business has a sports complex. They rent it out for all type of sports. Joe and I have been to baskball games there. I know there been hockey games, WWE. Joe seen a add for round girls. Women wearing very small swim sutes walking around the ring with a big sign with the number for the next round. ..
Poster: Susan | Full Story»

True tales even though she was a Sunday School Teacher
In the late 1970s I persuaded my sexy wife who was a Sunday School Teacher & very shy to tease a good friend of mine. We'd talked dirty to each other for years & our favourite subject was me wanting to see her having sex. She liked the idea but once she'd climaxed she'd say it was just 'talk'. The only way she would give him a tease would be to have a couple of drinks first while me and him were..
Poster: Arthur Bales | Full Story»

Hot Tub.
A few months after the events described in 'The Birthday Present', Jane invited me to a barbeque and hot tub party at her home. She implied that we might have a chance to get quite close during the evening!
Luckily the weather was mild and so just after dark we found ourselves in the hot tub, under the stars. There were four of us in the tub, Jane, me, Jane's husband, and his 'friend' (" I..
Poster: tim | Full Story»

we went to a barbecue at a neighbor's house last summer. They have a swimming pool. A bunch of people were talking about going into the swimming pool and I thought it would be fun to join them as well. I realized it was only guys who were wearing shorts that were going into the pool. I told the neighbor I was going to head home to get my swimsuit to join the others in the pool. She suggested ..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

You will have met the lovely big-breasted Jane in 'The Birthday Present'.
After the love-in described in that story, my relations with the office ladies moved up a notch! I would call into the office after school, when there were few people around, and ask whoever was there if they could help me find a pupil's file in the file room, next to the office.
They were always very helpful,..
Poster: tim | Full Story»

Weekend away
My name is Sarah and I was not working but a part time student at the time. This is the story of my first and, so far, only lesbian relationship.

I was spending a few days in Scotland with my friend Paul, his girlfriend Marie and a friend of Marie's called Rhodda who was from New York

The plan was to drive as far north as we could, camp and then tour a bit to show Rho..
Poster: Jessica | Full Story»

Rick and Molly Background in postings from 09/05/15. 19/12/14 go see
Molly here,

Sheryl called me a few days after our night of dinner and dancing with our husbands. She started the conversation with "Kevin noticed your dress".(09/05/15) I said, "well, how did that go?" "Kevin was as shocked as I was", Sheryl said. He didn't think you were that kind of girl. "And what kind of girl would I be?", I asked. "Kevin didn't mean anything bad", Sheryl ..
Poster: Rick and Molly | Full Story»

College life...take me back!!!
In college sometimes it's cool to fuck your roommate's boyfriend. But these girls apparently really pissed off their best friend. My gf wasn't expecting to see both of her good friends sucking on my cock in her dorm room. Whoops. I mean she was only my gf for a couple weeks and we lived a bunch of other crazy college freshman. After storming out, her friends didn't seem to care much, and the the ..
Poster: Kirk | Full Story»

The Best Orgasm of My Entire Life (MMF)
My wife and I have been polyamorus for a couple years by the time this story begins, perhaps I’ll tell some of the earlier stories if this one is enjoyed, other wise I just want to put what I believe is the best orgasm I am ever likely to have down on paper for others to enjoy.

So right off the bat let me begin by saying that I am pansexual and my wife is bisexual and we are in a ..
Poster: Croatan | Full Story»

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