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So I have been trying to get my girlfriend to post some pictures up here for a long time now. Recently I have gotten her to tell me about some of her past sexual experiences and it really turns me on!! She really seems to like talking about it and it gets her really wet. The other night we were fooling around and it got really hot, as you can see her pussy was full of cream and it was really hot. So I asked her if we could post the pictures and she said only if she got to choose them. So hope you like them and let us know what you think of her beautiful pussy, it was so wet after she fucked herself with her favorite toy.

I would also like to include a little story that happened about a year ago. My gf and I were going out for a nice dinner and some drinks while we were on vacation. We were pretty horny after drinking all day and fooling around most of the day on the beach. So as we were getting ready I asked that she not wear any panties and the short cocktail dress that she had brought with her. After some convincing she agreed. Now this dress is very lowcut and very short, you can basically see her ass as she is standing up. So we head out and get a few drinks before dinner and then get shown our table, it is right in the middle of the dining room and up a step, also the table was one of those high tables so there was not really anything blocking my gf's pussy.

As we were eating she noticed a couple sitting just below the step was looking right under our table. She told me to go to the bathroom and walk by them. so I did. Now as I walked back I could see what they were looking at along with the other tables on that side of the restaurant if they cared to look.

As we were leaving the restaurant we had to walk through the bar, we noticed the couple that was staring, they were having a drink, so she decided that it would be fun to go and talk to them. Of course the man was very interested in talking to us, the woman not so much, but we got a drink with them and my gf was pretty drunk by this time and was talking so dirty to the guy it was awesome, I had a huge hard on and I think the other woman noticed, but she was not at all into it. Anyway, besides a couple of open leg shots and one touch of the pussy the other guy left with total blue balls. We left and got in a cab, which she started to finger herself right there, I felt between her legs and it was so wet it was dripping. As we got back to the hotel, she was so horny and wet we fucked in the elevator, hallway, and right in the entrance to our room.

I asked if she had done anything like that before, and she said no, but told me about one of the threesomes that she had with a previous boyfriend and his friend. It really turned me on and that is how this whole thing with involving others came into our sex life. The guy she was dating was 6'5" and had the cock to go along with it so she says, she is only 5'2" so imagine that picture, anyway she told me about getting fucked from behind while having the dick in her mouth, it was so hot, she even described in perfect detail how they both shot cum on her face. Needless to say it has been a very fun year since that night!! I still can't tell what turned me on more the story or the restaurant bar?? Tell me what you think!


Justthetip50 @ yahoo.com

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