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Thanks for the posting, I got a phone call from my gf this morning after i had sent her the link, she is away on business right now. And she wants to put another posting up, she is really turned on.

These pictures are in a series and I will include one story for each group of photos. First I will tell you when these pictures were taken and let you know that they were not taken by me and that is not my cock. So she was really horny and we were up at our cabin a couple of weeks ago. It is in a small mountain town and there are plenty of guys in the town and not so many girls, so needless to say she loves the attention. So it started out after a day of great skiing and we decided that we should go into the hot tub, always a good end of the day activity, so we brought a couple of beers and some champagne with us and off we went.

We were in the hot tub fooling around a bit when a couple of guys came into the tub with us. by this point my cock was hard as a rock as we were fucking when they came in, and her bikini was barely on. Well, we were interupted by the guys that came in, turns out they were from the local college that is a couple of towns over and were nice enough, they were trying to sober up before they drove back to the school. We are a young couple just a few years out of school, so we certainly did not scare them away. So we were chatting as i usually do and i was getting drunk. So as things went on I looked over and my GF lets call her K, had her top off talking to one of the guys, we will call him C.

So at this point I was a bit caught off guard, and I said what the hell are you doing, she just looked over to me and said, what he is hot and said that he wanted to see my tits!! Are you mad? I just said no, and cracked another beer, well needless to say she kept chatting with him and getting closer to him as time went on, after the beers were gone, K offered for them to come over to our cabin for a quick meal before they headed back to their school for a night of partying. I was not the one who offered, but by that time did not seem to care much. So we headed back I started to get things started for dinner and K said that she was going to head off and wash off the chlorine. So it was me and the other two guys in the kitchen, we were drinking and getting things set up for dinner, when I heard K call from the bedroom for C to bring her a towel, at this point I knew exactly what was going on, so I just went with it, she had told me that she really wanted to let me see her fuck another guy, and that she would let him take pictures of the whole event, so I just went with it.

As C walked away, the other guy was shocked that I was ok with that, I just said well it is kind of hot. So as a while went buy dinner was ready and we were still waiting for K and C to emerge from the room. Finally I went in there and I saw what they were doing, C was fucking her hard from behind and the antique bed that we had sounded like it was going to break. They stopped when the door opened, C started to say he was sorry, he is not sure what happened, I just started laughing, he said don't worry I blew it on her face!!! At that point she said to me to get in front of her that she wanted me to suck her cock that she had tasted enough of C's. Well we went on for a while more before the boys took off for their school that night, I bet they had a lot of stories to tell that night!!! I wonder if anyone beleived them. So as we were fucking after they left I started to get more information out of her about how that just happened and she said well when they came in the hot tub i untied my bikini bottoms and let them float up to to the top and C found them, she said it was kind of like spin the bottle.

I just laughed and realized that I had a super sexy woman on my hands here. She went on to tell me how she was trying to get C to fuck her right there in the hot tub but he would not. So she instead settled for a couple of fingers in her pussy, and a good hard fucking later. She also told how she remembered how she loved when she was in college and guys could cum on her and then keep fucking her, but hates having to tell them what to do. Let us know what you think.

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