Topless in the Car Dare


My fiance Liz and I love your website, and it makes us so horny talking about how sexy it would be to do some of these dares and post them online. The idea of showing off her sexy body to the whole world really turns us on, so she has been trying to build up the confidence to post a dare on here. Well, here it is! Our first dare ever!

We took a road trip to the water park recently, and we were talking about trying some dares. So when we stopped at a gas station, she needed to go inside to use the rest room and I dared her to go with no bra on under her shirt. It was really hot, because she was really turned on and her nipples were so hard, they looked like they would bust out of the shirt. When she was walking back towards the car at the gas pump, I could see them poking out from a mile away and saw that a few guys who were pumping their gas noticed as well. Unfortunately it’s not very visible in the photo below because the seatbelt got in the way, but don’t worry, that’s not all!

While we were at the water park, I dared Liz to go topless all the way back from the water park until we got back to our town. At first she was really embarrassed about the idea and said no, but also admitted that she was just nervous and that she really wanted to do it and even post it online here! This gave me an instant boner and I had to contain my anticipation the rest of the day at the park.

Later at the park, Liz had an unexpected exposure. While we were riding down one of the slides together in a two-seater tube, her top came all the way up over her head and hit me in the face, flashing all the people that were watching down in the pool. She fixed it real fast, but undoubtedly some people saw it because we got some interesting looks from some of the crowd. You’ll also notice that she got a pretty nice bikini tan while at the park ;)

Well after we left the water park and ate supper, I told Liz it was time to strip! She sighed and took her top off, revealing her perky boobs and hard nipples. At first she was very uncomfortable and she held a towel over them when we would pass cars, but finally with some encouragement, she built up enough confidence to drive right past cars while leaving her boobs free to be seen. We even have a picture below of us passing a trucker, with her fully exposed. What a turn on! She even pretended to be asleep as we rode for miles and miles passing cars and truckers. We got several honks, and lots of gawkers on the way back home. It was a real turn on, but Liz was still a little embarrassed about exposing herself. She’s never done anything like that before, so she doesn’t really know what to think about it! However, she still wants to post it on here. So folks, help us out a little so she won’t be as embarrassed, and hopefully we will post some more dares in the future! We’re really looking forward to hearing from you, so shoot us an e-mail!

Alex and Liz – alexandliz123 @

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