Frisky Wife - 3

Frisky Wife


First off, we would like to thank you all for all of your wonderful comments and suggestions. Isabella and I really enjoy reading all of the responses. We apologize for the time between our posts but as you can all imagine, the holidays were very busy.

Isabella and I went out to dinner the other night and I guess she was feeling a little horny. So you know I took advantage of this. I dared her to flash me while we were sitting inside of the restaurant. Being the new exhibitionist that she is, she gladly pulled one of her boobs out of her top and just sat there for a bit. I was able to take a picture with my phone to capture the dare. She then said, wait, I can do better than that. And then she pulled out both of her titties and just sat there in the booth smiling away. There was another couple behind us and a few people at the tables on the other side of the room. So who knows who saw her beautiful tits on display. And of course I took a picture of this. The picture only shows the heads of the people behind us, but the picture does not capture the tables across the room. This dare is mild compared to our other posts so I will include a fantasy that Isabella has revealed to me. Also. we have gotten several requests for a picture of her delicious va-jj, so we will include a picture of this to make our fans happy.

Isabella and I have really opened up sexually with each other. We really enjoy being with each other and are very comfortable exploring our bodies. She has confessed to me that one day (soon) she would love to have sex in front of an audience. She thinks that it would be so erotic to just put on a show for either firends or strangers, and let them just sit back and enjoy the show. She has also confessed that she wants to feel the sensation of a womans touch all over her body. This one really got me worked up! Only, she does not know how to find a woman to play with. Any suggestions or volunteers? We have a hot weekend planned and I will be sure to share the story with you and hopefully share some photos of our adventure. We usually include a longer story of our events, but this post was more to include photos for our fans and to let you guys know that we have not forgotten about you! Enjoy the photos and please keep the comments and suggestions coming!

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Frisky Wife

Frisky Wife

Frisky Wife



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