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I (C) work nights and my wife (V) works days and we don’t get a lot of time together. I stumbled upon TODP a while back and thought I would dare V to text me a picture of her boobs one night. I did not think she would, but I was pleasantly surprised when I received a text from her containing a picture of her in just a bra. Then I received a second text of her with no bra, but she was covering her boobs with her arm. I was very surprised when I received a third text of nothing but her boobies. Since then I occasionally request a picture or two and usually get something. Sometimes it’s only a tease of her in a bra or with her shirt pulled down to show her cleavage. Other times she shows the boobies.

Recently V and I were talking, and she said she could not understand why I love to see her body. I love every part of her body, but she does not share my opinion. She does not believe me when I tell her she is beautiful, a hottie, or sexy. Well I have come to the viewers of TODP for some help to convince V that she is indeed sexy. After V told me she did think she was sexy, I told her I had an idea, but I honestly thought she would never go for it. I told her if she did not believe me, then she should get more opinions. She asked “what are you gonna do put a picture of me up somewhere?” I asked if she wanted me to do that or at least would let me. She asked where I was going to put the picture. That’s when I remembered stumbling upon TODP. I showed her the site and much to my surprise she agreed. She has never been much for showing off.

So here goes… her first post… any where.

Who knows maybe TODP will see more of her if the feedback is positive.

Please send any feedback to:

chadveronica @

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