Veronica - 6

Camping Trip Dare Results


Thank you for all the view, dares, suggestions, pics, and general emails on our last post. We were surprised to make the "Front Page" of the website with our last post and would like to thank all of the visitors.

C - Our camping trip was a blast. We got several pics of V out in nature in the nude.

Day one at the lake was pretty quiet, not a lot of other campers. We were driving around the lake checking out the park and stopped to snap a pick of a beautiful view (pic # 1) I was able to get V naked on some rocks not even 100 yards from a park road (pics #2&3), anyone that would have driven by would seen everything. V also walked from the showers to our campsite (about 300 yards in nothing but her towel, with other campers around (sorry no pics).

Day two was also quiet. I agrivated an old wrist injury (not what you may be thinking) by cutting firewood, so we just hung at the campsite all day(pic #4 ).

Day three I was feeling better so we went for a hike in the morning and got many good pics. Our first pic stop was just off the main trail. After V had put her shirt down and as we were rejoining the trail (shortly after pics #5&6 ) there was a couple walking past. That was kind of close. We had a few more pic stops on the hike in the canyon areas (pics #7-9 ). I was also able to bring her to orgasm in an open grassy area of the trail by rubbing her clit, sorry no pics of that event. We returned to our tent were I snapped a few more pics (pic #10 ) and had sex We headed home a shortly after. It was a great trip with lots of great pics!

We had fun with our bonus pic idea from a couple post back. So, we have decided to bring that back. You must request the bonus pics... that's right I said pics. There will be two bonus pics this time. Also, V has discovered that she likes getting pics of our fans fully erect penises. So, there will be an additional bonus pick in return for those.

V - I will say that for most of the pics I was out of my comfort zone. But on the other hand it was very exciting to have pics taken when someone could have been just around the corner. I was excited enough to have an orgasm on the trail out in the open. We had a wonderful time. Thank you for all the emails. I am getting more confidence with myself because of the responses you have sent. Thank you again.

C&V - As always continue to send dares, requests, and pics (both male and female) to Our dare to our fans is to tell V what you would do to her or with her if you walked past our tent and saw her laying inside naked.













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