Stripping Off the Bra


Stripping Off the Bra



I'm Elizabeth, a 24 year old student who's finally spicing up her life after having the same boyfriend since I was 18. We weren't adventurous and we finally called it quits about 6 months ago. He was somewhat controlling which I thought is what I should like in a guy when I was younger, but it's a total turn off now.

So once I was free I went wild. I started flirting, A LOT! Didn't do anything more but had a great time. Then, for some reason, I got it into my head that I wanted to try a threesome with another couple. It was wild but I was in that kind of mood. So I went looking online and made a profile and stuff and started meeting all sorts of people (online, not in person).

It took a whole 3 weeks before a couple contacted me who seemed interesting. They were in their early 40's, in great shape and were, most importantly, mature. I wanted the couple I met to be a bit older because I was used to guys being frat-like and I wanted people who were stable. At first I backed out and then told them I was in and then backed out lol :D. They were patient with me and made me feel relaxed and so one Friday night we all finally met for coffee.

I liked them so much and they were so easy going that I agreed to go back to their place which is where the fun began.

I had rules and so did they. I didn't want any kissing and she didn't want her husband to go all the way with me but most everything else was fine. They took the lead and the woman said she always wanted to watch her husband give another woman a sexy massage which sounded great to me!

I took my clothes off and lay nude on their bed. The man took out some oil and spread it all over me, taking his time and not touching me anywhere sexual, yet. After about 10 minutes the woman started taking off her clothes too while she watched which turned me on. At this point he was massaging my ass and when I turned over he massaged my breasts. I looked over at the woman and she had her hand between her legs and was obviously touching herself, enjoying seeing him touch me which made me relax and get more turned on.

I wanted to cum at this point and wanted to ask him to just go for it, but I decided to let him go at his own pace. It wasn't long anyway before he looked over at his wife and she nodded and then he put one finger inside me and I loved it. I wanted to grab him and kiss him but felt I'd go back on my rule and I didn't want them to think I was breaking our rules. I moved my hips onto his finger and moaned and wanted him to go faster and make me cum. The woman was rubbing herself hard and cumming and I wanted to too. I was horny and grabbed his body and rubbed him everywhere as he fingered me and found my way to his dick and stroked it. That sent me over the edge and I was cumming finally.

After that I wanted him in me but held back from saying anything since that was her rule. He moved towards her and they switched places. I guess they talked about it beforehand. She got on top of me and lay on my body. It felt so nice having boobs press against mine and her wet pussy on mine too. We grinded a bit and then she asked me if I would eat her out to which I replied of course. She lay down and I went between her legs and just went for it. I wasn't bad for my first time and she came quickly and I was turned on and ready to cum again.

She returned the favor and I also came quickly while the husband was watching and stroking himself. The woman then asked if we could kiss and I said yes (I really wanted to) and we made out while grabbing each other everywhere. She made me cum again by rubbing my clit while kissing me.

Then the husband came over and began kissing me too which made me melt. Without asking I went down on him and gave him my best blow job. He seemed to be liking it ... a lot.

Then he moved to her and they started fucking right beside me. I just touched myself watching while they did, and they also touched my body while fucking each other which was soooo sexy! The woman came again and he was about to when I asked if I could do it and they both said yes with a smile.

I took his dick in my hands and placed my boobs beside it and asked him to cum on my boobs and face. He blew right away lol.

Afterwards we talked some more and ordered food. They were really cool. I loved it and couldn't believe how much fun I had and how much I missed out on all those years.

A week later I met a couple on the dating site who are also on todp here. They had been members for awhile and told me about their page and to think about doing my own dare. I fell in love with the site on first visit!

OMG, this site is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So many people here, again I feel I missed out. I started checking out the dares daily and was hooked. Now I come here at least 3 times per day and think it's the best site online for adult oriented stuff. Pure quality and warmth.

So, for my own dare, I decided to tell my experience and then for pics start slow, and strip off, starting with my bra and panties and ended up with most of my boobs showing and much of my mound by the last picture. It was really exciting and I can't wait to see it posted on the site.

I am hoping to get some fun people emailing me and letting me know what they think. I'm still in my wild phase and am living it up as much as I can.

I'm also looking to have more 'fun' like I had with that couple if you all get my drift. Give me suggestions. Anything goes. I just want it to be fun.

Bye for now!

P.S. Again, todp, best site ever :D

Elizabeth - EMAIL ME!!



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