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Wife's Surprise Birthday Party - True Story


My wife's birthday was coming up and like many husbands I had no idea what to get her. To make matters worse her birthday is February 14. (For those of you who don't know, that Valentine's Day.) A double special occasion. Last year I didn't do so well. I waited until the last minute and we couldn't get into any restaurants. We ended up eating fast food. This year had to be great.

My wife is a very attractive woman. She's in her early 20's and could easily be a model. I think my friends only want to go out with us so they can see what outfit she's wearing. She's kinda kinky in the bedroom but does a pretty good job of hiding in when other people are around.

For her birthday I dropped my wife off for an afternoon of pampering at a local beauty spa. You know the deal: facial, massage, manicure, hair, the whole nine yards. All women love this kind of thing, especially my wife. While she was getting her massage I had an attendant sneak in and get her clothes and replace them with an outfit I brought. I took her clothes and went home to get ready for the party.

About a week before I called our closest friends. Alan and Rachel were first on my list. Alan has been my friend since 1st grade. He recently married Rachel. I knew they were kinda kinky from the stories we would share over the phone. Next was David and Julie. David was my room mate in college and Julie is his wife of 4 years. David and Julie are also a little on the kinky side but not wild by any stretch of the imagination. I invited them to an X-rated birthday party. All I told them was they had to buy a sex toy for my wife and to plan to have a fun evening. I told my wife nothing about the party. She thought we would be spending a quiet evening at home.

I went back at 5:00 to pick her up. She was actually smiling. I wasn't sure how she'd respond to the outfit I left for her. She was wearing a skin tight, blue, mesh mini dress. You could clearly see everything she had...and it was all good. Under the dress was a matching blue g-string. She wore white thigh high stockings and blue high heels. Man, she looked fine. She was in a great mood and not at all upset about the switch I pulled on her. I told her I would take her home so she could change and then we would go spend some the birthday money she had gotten from family and friends.

We arrived at the house in about 10 minutes. She was getting aroused from being out in public in such little clothing but she still wanted to change. We opened the door and she walked in first and turned on the light. As soon as the light came on everyone jumped out and yelled "Happy Birthday!"

To say the least she was shocked. And when she realized what she was wearing, and everyone could see her "everything" she was embarrassed. She tried to excuse herself so she could go upstairs and put on some more clothes. But I wouldn't let her. I decided to get the party started in the proper manner. And what better way to start a birthday party than with a birthday spanking. "Relax" I whispered to her as I took her by the hand and led her across the room to a chair. I sat down. I looked up at her and smiled. "Time for your spanking" I said. She blushed at the idea of being spanked in front of these people. Especially in such a skimpy outfit. Before she could say anything I pulled her over my lap and slid up the dress to expose her perfect ass. Everyone gathered around to get a good view. Her protests were replaced by a scream as my hand struck her for the first time. I know that she loves to be spanked so I'm sure she was having a good time. She screamed and wiggled with every smack. I did my best to give her a variation of smacks so she wouldn't know if the next one was going to be hard or soft or on her right cheek, left cheek, or in the middle with a little bit of her lower lips. When I had finally delivered the 25th smack my hand was hurting, her cute little ass was red and she was quite wet. I didn't ask or anything but I could tell that everyone in the room was aroused by what they had seen. From there we went into normal party mode. The only difference was that my wife was barely dressed.

After everyone had something to drink we started our first party game. A rather simple game really. I had a hat with slips of paper in it numbered 1 to 4. Everyone but my wife and I reached in and pulled out a piece of paper. David got 3. Julie got 1. Alan got 4. And Rachel got 2. The number they got was the order they got to go in to spank my wife. Every half hour my wife got another birthday spanking by someone else at the party. She looked kinda sick but also kinda turned on when she found out she was going to be the "party game." We had some more to drink and listened to some music and before we knew it it was time for her spanking. Julie drew #1 so it was her turn. Julie walked over to the same chair I had sat in and motioned for my wife to come lay across her lap. "Come on Birthday Girl. It's time for you're spanking." Julie said with a sexy smile.

My Wife's Surprise Birthday Party Part 2

My wife walked across the room rather slowly. This was a bit of a joke to her. She and Julie have been friends for a long time so this wasn't as awkward as it could have been. She bent over and laid across Julie's lap. Julie reached down and slid up the bottom of my wife's skin tight mesh dress. If you've never seen your wife bent over the knee of your best friend's wife with her ass sticking up in the air just waiting to be spanked, you just haven't lived. I think my wife expected Julie to be gentle. Man was she wrong. Julie came down on her so hard it sounded like a gun shot. The next 23 swats were all the same. I thought my wife was going to scream her head off. Tears were streaming down her cheeks when Julie stopped. We all stood silent. There was one more left. Julie raised her hand up as far as she could reach. My wife closed her eyes and got ready for the smack. Julie just slowly let her hand fall and gently land on my wife's bare ass. Julie held it there and began to rub it around. She caressed every curve. That was number 25. This really turned my wife on. Sure she couldn't sit down and she looked like a flag from behind with her red ass, milky white skin, and blue mesh mini dress but she was definitely turned on. We all gathered around her and she pulled up her dress so we could see the damage Julie had done. Julie was very happy with her handy work. And more than a little turned on herself. David was beyond turned on. He had just watched his wife spank the bare ass of my wife. He said it was the most erotic thing he'd ever seen.

We talked for a few minutes and then it was time for Rachel to take a swing at it, so to speak. My wife and Rachel weren't exactly friends. In fact they had only seen each other twice before. Alan and Rachel lived across the country so we rarely got to see them. I talked to Alan on the phone some but mainly we communicated via e-mail. Rachel has an outgoing personality and she was really getting into the game. Rachel ran over to the chair and sat down. She began rubbing her lap and said "Come on honey. It's my turn." After the beating she took from her friend Julie my wife was afraid of what Rachel might do to her but she had no choice but to comply. She laid down across Rachel's lap and braced for the worst. Rachel's first slap was more of a touch. A long caressing touch. The second was pretty much the same. My wife was obviously getting turned on by this stranger touching her so softly. Rachel's fifth slap was just that. A very hard slap thundered down on my wife shocking all of us. Rachel alternated every five slaps. Five very soft and five hard. When Rachel finally finished my wife was about to explode from sexual tension.

I thought this would be a good time for my wife to start opening her birthday presents. Her first gift was from Alan and Rachel. It was a nipple chain. My wife's eyes got huge when she opened the wrapper and saw it. Naturally when you get someone a gift you want them to like it and you like to see them use it. I told her to take off her dress. I expected a fight but I guess she was so horny she didn't care. Her dress was off in no time. Again we all gathered around her to inspect her body. She was still wearing high heels, white thigh highs and a very tiny g-string. My wife was loving all the attention. She removed the nipple chain from the package and started to put it on. I stopped her and said, "No. I think Alan and Rachel should get the honor of putting it on you since they bought it for you." My wife didn't have a chance to say anything. As soon as I finished speaking Alan had one of her size b tits in his hand and was playing with the nipple to get it hard. Rachel followed his example and started sucking on my wife's right tit. She bit the nipple and pulled on it with her teeth. I think my wife almost had an orgasm right then. Once her nipples were hard Rachel and Alan attached the chain. Talk about eye candy. I was about to explode myself.

Well, it was David's turn next. He sat down in the chair and told my wife to "come and get it." This was the first time she got spanked almost naked. David was wearing a wool sweater and jeans. She said they felt so rough against her bare skin. She felt completely helpless across his lap. He started by touching the g-string which was barely covering her mound. He held his finger there for a second and then started spanking her. With each swat her tits would swing and so would the chain. You could tell the sensations were getting to her. At about 14 or 15 he rubbed her mound and she had a well deserved orgasm. Before she even finished he was back spanking her again. She moaned and squirmed and wiggled all over his lap. If he hadn't been holding her around the waist with his other hand she would have fallen onto the floor. My wife stood up and stumbled around for a minute. She had to prop herself up against the wall for balance. David and Julie disappeared for a few minutes. I can only guess that one or both of them found some relief.

David and Julie came back and we were all ready for my wife to open her gift from Alan and Rachel. She pulled the paper off and opened the box to reveal a vibrator. Her eyes widened and sparkled. She knew what was next.

My Wife's Surprise Birthday Party Part 3

My wife looked excited at the prospect of playing with her toy. I think she was in some serious need of a release. However, she didn't look half as excited as David did. I walked over and took the vibrator out of her hands and gave it to David. I said something along the lines of "have fun" or something like that. I turned back to my wife and held out my hand. "I don't think you're going to need that g-string anymore." I said. She started peeling the blue g-string off her body. It didn't exactly slide off. It kinda rolled. It was so tight and small she had trouble getting it off. Did I mention that my wife is completely shaved? A fact that soon became apparent to everyone in the room as she pulled and tugged the g-string down her long legs. She stepped out of the g-string and handed it to me. It looked like a golf ball of fabric laying in the palm of my hand. A wet golf ball. I tossed it over to Alan and stepped back to make room for David and Julie. Julie told my wife to get down on the floor and lay on her back. My wife, still wearing her high heels, thigh highs and nipple chain, did as she was told. David sat down in the floor behind her and pulled her on to him so that she was in a reclining position and he had full access to her tits. Julie got down on the floor between my wife's legs and turned the vibrator on. The rest of us crowded around the "event" taking place on the floor of my living room. My wife was so turned the vibrator would have just slipped right in but that's not what Julie had in mind. She held her left thigh in one had and rubbed the vibrator's tip around my wife's opening. All around and over her opening but not inside. David was getting tired of the teasing and so was my wife, for that matter we all were. We wanted to see some real action. Julie decided it was time and she plunged the vibrator into my wife's opening. Immediately my wife had an orgasm. Julie began working the vibrator in and out of her. My wife was bucking furiously. It was all David could do to hold her down. Alan decided that someone should be playing with her tits so he and Rachel each started playing with the nipple chain they had given her. It was quite the sight. Four of my best friends using toys on my near naked wife. I just stood back and watched. I think my wife must have had a hundred orgasms. They shifted positions so everyone got a fair chance of driving the vibrator and playing with her tits. This only went on for about 10 minutes but it seemed a lot longer. It was time for her next spanking. It was finally Alan's turn and I could tell he was ready. He led my wife over to the chair by pulling on her nipple chain like a leash. Rachel followed along behind keeping one hand on the vibrator so it wouldn't slide out. My wife bent over Alan's lap wearing only high heels, thigh highs, the nipple chain and now the vibrator. That was a sight! He left it in her. He was going to spank her with the vibrator still in her and running! I thought this would drive her crazy. His first 10 spanks were fairly hard and loud. Almost as loud as the screams of pain and pleasure she was making. His next 14 swats couldn't really be called swats, they were more like foundlings. He explored every inch of her thighs, clit, and ass (inside and out). My wife was in heaven. She was quickly brought back to earth by the last loud, hard smack. My wife stood up and sat/fell down on the couch. I think this was the first time she sat down in hours.

Everyone was horny. And not just a little either. I decided that it was time for me to get off. If I didn't find some relief soon I was going to tear a hole in my jeans or my balls were going to explode or both! I took her by the hand and said "It's time for us to go upstairs." Everyone was standing around us so I told my wife to tell them each "goodnight" and thank them for their gift and for coming to her party. She walked over to Alan and put her arms around his neck. She looked him in the eye and said "Thank you for coming to my party and thank you for getting me a nipple chain." Then she kissed him. A very deep long passionate kiss with lots of tongue play. Alan took this opportunity to play with her tits one last time. He ended the kiss by pinching he nipples and she let out a little scream. My wife moved on to David and said, "Thank you for coming to my party and thank you for getting me a vibrator." And she gave him an equally passionate kiss. David put his hands on her ass and squeezed and caressed one last time. My wife broke the kiss and moved on to Rachel. To our surprise she repeated exactly what she had done with the guys. As they began to kiss Rachel grabbed my wife's tits hard and squeezed then she moved her hands down my wife's body and grabbed her ass. Me and the guys just stood shocked and enjoyed the show. My wife broke the kiss and moved on to Julie. Again she repeated the line and started to kiss Julie. Julie immediately took control. Julie thrust two fingers straight up into my wife. Julie was fingering wildly and cramming her tongue down my wife's throat. I know my wife had at least one orgasm maybe two. Julie broke the kiss and slid her fingers out of my wife. I led my wife upstairs to the bedroom. I don't know how long everyone stayed or what they did after we went upstairs. Based on the noises I heard I can guess what went on. Pretty much the same thing that went on upstairs. I can't wait for her birthday next year and neither can our friends!

by BJ



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