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The Hottest True Erotic Story.

Kim is a 22 year old young wife to loving hubby John (also in his 20's) and together they awakened Kim's budding sexuality through exhibitionism by taking baby steps, and by slowly getting more and more daring in their everyday life. They originally posted their story in one of my old groups (which was an extension of truthordarepics.com) and many of us followed their developing story in real time with great anticipation and excitement each day. Kim posted a few pictures but mostly reported on her day's sexy events! What you'll find with John & Kim is that they are very mature for thier ages, down-to-earth and very likeable as people. You are guaranteed to enjoy their story and day-to-day reports immensely. - Webmaster

JOHN - "I actually posted yesterday about trying to get my wife to show a little for excitement as our sex life is not so hot. Maybe I wasn't suppose to post in that section as I got no response. I'm new so don't know. Anyway I'm 28, wife is 22, married 3 years and both work together out of our home. Wife is 34B (she says but I "know" they are at least a C - she is always saying she has small breasts??), flat tummy, and the type of ass that Levi jeans were made for.

She graduated from college last year as it took her 6 years with having to work, too. While in school, sex was rare, but with work and school I knew it was hard and that it would get better. We've talked about it and she knows we need to do something, but when I bring up exhibitionism, she freezes up. Anyway, what I came up with was her wearing panties as a bathing suit along with her top while in the yard working. We live in a cul de sac with only one other house across from us and all other construction is on up the street. The family across from us consist of a husband, wife, and 2 teenagers, although we haven't seen anyone but the guy, Larry for awhile. Larry works out of town all week and is home and in the yard all weekend.

So, tomorrow we will try our panty bathing suit thing and see if it helps. What other ways other than pizza guys, trying on shoes, etc are good ways? Wife is very unsure about this but has already ruled out the pizza and shoe thing. It would have to be something not showing alot to start with. She doesn't know about this site yet so I have to post when she is not here. She does all the typing in our business, so I know I'm terrible at this."

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