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August 31 2023


For the last decade I've been involved with one of the most beautiful and complicated women anyone could ever imagine. I met TJ at a pool party where she was wearing a white bikini , white cowboy boots, and a white hat. She told me that her boyfriend had dared her to wear that specific bikini to the party. It was tiny! I know that there are pictures of her in that outfit, but I can't find them. You'll all have to settle for the various, newer photos of her other adventures and endless sexy dares!

I just ran into her last night at a local hotspot. She was with her husband and another couple, so I only briefly said "hello". They were just arriving when my new girlfriend and I were leaving. I texted TJ from the parking lot and asked if she was still continuing to fulfill the restaurant dare that we had started several years earlier (butt plug, no panties). She only responded with a smirky emoji.

I'll be happy to write about the details of various dares and adventures with TJ if you're interested. There are a few other women that I've dated that have responded "positively" to being dared, and I'll be happy to write about those too.

But I'll start with the dare that happened on the weekend that these first pictures were snapped.

I had been invited to attend an event at a nice resort and TJ agreed to go along. This was a few years after that first time meeting at the pool party and we had been dating for quite a while. The pattern of daring her to do various things had been well-established at that point.

One of the first dares happened before we even left for the airport ; I dared her not to take ANY underwear. No panties. No bras. Just bikinis, dresses, sandals and heels. She packed light!

When we arrived at the resort she pulled off her sundress and proved that she hadn't been wearing anything underneath. Not even on the plane, through TSA, or on the long limo ride to the resort.

I dared her to walk out onto the balcony naked.

Our room was on the third floor overlooking the pool, and there were dozens of people minding their own business as she peered over the railing, then posed for a couple pics. Keep in mind that she is barely 5'2" tall and she wears a size zero dress.

That night for the opening reception she wore a sexy, silky, long black dress showing off her tiny little body, her perfect boobs, and with her nipple ring clearly poking through the fabric. She always turns heads, but this was almost over-the-top attention.

Less than half of the attendees had brought guests, so there were quite a few lonesome husbands that were all-too-eager to linger and chat with TJ and I as we made our way around the party. Guys were having trouble maintaining conversations because she was such a distraction. A long time business associate that was actually able to carry on a professional conversation quietly asked us if we had heard about the private "naturist" beach that is on the resort property, and we acknowledged that we had in fact heard rumors of a "secret beach", but were not sure if the rumors were true. He went on to give some details, then casually suggested that we should 'check it out' tomorrow during the afternoon break.

Obviously I was going to dare TJ to go to the nude beach, and obviously she was going to accept my dare!

The next morning she voiced a couple "questions" that had entered her mind, but she didn't back down from the challenge. She asked questions about what she should do if some of my business associates were also on the beach, and whether this was a "topless" beach or fully nude, and whether I would also be getting naked if it was the custom.

We agreed that we would play-it-by-ear and just see what unfolds.

Once we had made the journey, and finally walked through the opening in the heavy brush, we saw about a dozen people fully nude. Nine men and only 3 women. The hotel actually provided chairs and towels at the remote site, so it was quite comfortable. We both got naked and played out on the chairs while being 100% aware of the fact that every man on the beach was looking at TJ.

I dared her to walk to the ocean. She did. I dared her to go to the towel stand for more towels. She did.

More eyes were following her than was probably appropriate for "naturist" protocol. She loved the attention.

There was an area near the back, sort of tucked in to the tree-line where a massage table was set up. At one point an older gentleman arrived and set up the supplies to give massages right there on the beach, then we saw him walking to different couples and talking. He was wearing khaki shorts and a white shirt with the hotel logo.

When he made his way to us, we learned that he is the official "docent" of the beach, and that he also is available to give massages. He explained a few of the customs of "naturism" also, and one point politely asked if we would mind if he was nude. Sure, no problem.

He began removing his pants and shirt right away. We didn't realize he had meant immediately, but we didn't say a thing.

His cock was long, soft, wrinkly and tanned just like to rest of his body. As he walked away I dared TJ to go up and get a massage . She did. Naked. He was naked the entire time as well.

When she came back to the chairs, she asked me to join her in the water. As we stood in the waist deep water, she described the conversation she'd had with the old guy and said that he apologized for breaking protocol and telling her how beautiful and sexy she was because he was getting semi-arroused while touching her. She continued telling the story of how he only briefly touched her breasts, avoided her nipples and pussy, but when she was on her front, he did briefly let his fingers press on her asshole a couple times.

She described that she encouraged him to touch her in any places that he wished, but that instead of accepting that invitation he asked her if she'd be interested in a more private repeat session the next morning!

(To be continued if anyone's interested)


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