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Roadside Nude Pictures Dare


Angel never ceases to amaze me. We just returned home from a 2500 mile road trip during which Angel was either wearing a mini skirt with no panties or some easily accessible shorts with no panties the entire time. She was hotter 'en hell the whole trip! We had tons of fun both on and off the road. I just love how willing and ready she is...she is the perfect woman.

Just stopping for gas was a turn on...watching her walk in and out of the convenience store with others obviously checking her out was fun. We'd work up an "itch" each day to be scratched whenever we saw fit. We had sex on the road, in a cheap motel room, at a couple of different friend's houses, in the desert, in the mountains at a roadside picnic area, in a very nice high rise downtown hotel with the blinds wide open and the lights on and with a truck beside us along the highway.

I think we took a couple hundred naughty pics but only some are ToDP worthy. Flashing truckers along the way was a turn-on. Amazingly most were oblivious as to the horny hot chick with her skirt hiked up and her pussy exposed riding in the car next to them. I would pull up along side them and give them a peek and a chance to catch a gear if they were interested but most just let us pass by...most of them that is.

Angel came many times while riding in the passenger seat and I got "road head" many times too. After Angel decided to let her tits free too then they really started to notice! One trucker enjoyed the show for awhile before he lagged behind so we sped off but the next guy got the really good show. He seemed oblivious like the others at first but as soon as he caught on he was VERY interested. Angel was naked in the seat next to me with her legs spread while I played with her pussy and he drove along side and watched.

Cars would come up fast and I would get ahead to let them pass and we would play this little game of passing each other and continuing the show. Angel was super wet and had an intense orgasm while he watched. I gave him quite the exposed spread pussy views that every man wants to see. We waved goodbye and drove on ahead but he kept pace and soon we hit a construction zone so Angel got up on all fours and started blowing me while we were going down the road so when he pulled along side again he got a great view of her ass and pussy from behind too.

There were several cars that passed us as this was going on and I'm sure it was obvious what was happening. He watched as I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all and licked me clean. The show was over at that point so he gave us a friendly thank you honk from his horn and we waved goodbye again and drove off down the road. Oddly enough this was just before we got off the highway to get on the two lane roads home and when we pulled off and stopped to get gas there our trucker friend was pulling in to gas across the street from us. He was respectful though and didn't push the issue. It was a fun and intense sexual game to play and we'll do again the next time we take a big road trip for sure.

I didn't get any pics as I was way too busy and this was risky enough as it was but there are plenty of others to share and a couple of other stories from this trip too...til then enjoy...These pics are from a little road side session along the Colorado river outside of Moab, UT. You can see the cars in the background and I can't imagine how they could have missed the naked chick just off the road, could you?!

Angel and Taylor

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