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Arranging for More Exhibitionism ...

JOHN - "After Kim got her bubblebath last nite, we decided to go out and get something to eat. Kim was wearing her new mini skirt, loose tank top, and sexy bra and panties. I've never seen her wear anything but matching sets. Since she never has worn a miniskirt while we've been together, I was really impressed how good she looks in one. She is just a real head turner. We decided to have Mexican. They weren't busy as it was late. I didn't expect Kim to give off a hot view and she didn't, unless she did without meaning to. I realized it was gonna be difficult having excitement outside our house. While eating, the guy from Walmart we talked to earlier walked over to our table and said what a small world it was. He calls himself Sam, so I will too. I asked if he was with someone or would like to join us. He said he had met his sister and husband there, but they were about to leave and he would come back."

Sam is probably 21, 22, muscular like a gymnast, but Kim said he has soft hands. Sort of joking, I asked Kim would she like to take him home since Larry was out of town, and she said she knew I was gonna say something. I said since she talked about wearing the miniskirt for her next pedicure, would she like to show a little now. She said she didn't know if anything would show, but she'd like for him to see. I suggested she could raise up and pull her skirt up as far as possible to her crotch, then sit sideways in the booth. She did, and I got up and walked off and then back, and you could see some panties, not much, but when he came back he would see. Sam came back and asked Kim could he slide in, and she slid over. He asked had we thought any more about his services, and Kim said she would call him for her next pedicure. He said remember he does manicures and the best massage you'll ever have. Kim said she had never had a massage in her life. He told her she had to be kidding, that it was the most relaxing feeling she would ever know. Kim asked what do you wear, and he said he has clients that wear nothing, that are dressed, bathing suits, underwear, just whatever. She said all she has ever seen is that you are under a towel, and he said that too. Kim asked what was the best thing to wear to get the best results, and Sam said nothing is best, but with the least your comfortable. Kim laughed and said she didn't think she'd be too comfortable with nothing on. He said everyone says that at first. He asked was she the modest type, and Kim said about being naked in front of someone she is sure she would be, even though she realizes you can't wear much. He said she'd have look at him like she does a doctor, he sees it all the time. He asked Kim what would she be comfortable in, and she laughed and said at least underwear and a towel or something. He told her that would be great, and would even give her the first 30 minutes free, and would even come over tonite. Kim said it was too late, but maybe Sunday. She said she had a friend coming over but wasn't sure when, but maybe she could call. After awhile Sam left and Kim asked me if I thought he was shooting her a line. I told Kim I had never had a massage and have no idea. I told her the bottom line was that instead of giving a peek up her skirt, she could be seen in her panties and bra, assuming that's what you do, if you think you might like that. Kim said it sounds exciting along what we like.

DAYS LATER - Larry ended up not being here this week. I told you about Kim's excitement, I think Thursday, while at the pedicurist with Jen - Kim's best friend. Larry has gone to see his kids but will be home tomorrow, Sunday. I asked Kim if she would like to get together for what we had last Sunday and she does. We talked about her getting another pedicure in her mini skirt she bought and she says it could be exciting. She said she would wear her new sheer top, with a sexy bra, and a jacket, but let the jacket open up while she does it. We went an hour ago to walmart for her to show me what they do. She wasn't wearing anything sexy. The guy who did her feet before came out and invited her in, but she said she didn't need one again, yet. He moved closer to us and said he has his own business doing house calls, and does pedicures, manicures, and massages, and handed us his card. He said he was less money than walmart. I looked at Kim and asked was that ok and she said sure, for house calls and cheaper too. After we got in the car she said she knew what I was thinking, and I said probably the same thing you are, and she leaned over, kissed me and said "You never know.".

We left and went home and the more we talked about it the hotter she got. I told her she had a chance Sunday to get hot twice invoLving 2 different guys. This moring as we lay in bed we talked about things, and Kim seemed nervous. I kept on until I got it out of her. She did not want Larry to eat her like she said. She said what turns her on with Larry is the fact she knows he is hot for her cause she's a lot younger, not any attraction she has for him. That he loves to spread her open and look, touch and so it excites her, too, and she knows it excites me, too. I asked her if she would prefer no contact, and she said the contact does excite her, and it feels good, especally on her nipples, but no kind of sex, just sexual excitement. She changes her mind everyday. We got up and went downstairs. I went to the basement, while Kim was gonna fix breakfast. About 30 minutes later Kim came down, upset. Not the crying type, the mad type. My first thought was I didn't delete the computer stuff and she knows I post our stories. I asked her what was wrong and she said Larry. She said Larry came in and she was surprised, and gave him a hug and he reached down and squeezed her ass, telling her he missed that. She said she pulled away, and just said, "Larry". Kim had on a gown and panties. Kim said he was drunk, smelled of liquor. He said he hoped she'd be naked, and she said she could be real quick, but she thinks he's drunk. Larry said ok he'd behave if she pulled off her gown, and Kim told him to lets go downstairs where I was, and she would. He said she had to pull it off first. She said she would, and did. She said Larry asked could he take her panties off, and she told him he could downstairs. She said he was being vulgar, and even told her he wanted to fuck her all day. She said she put her gown on and told Larry to leave. She said he kept on about fucking her, and she told him if he didn't leave she would call me, and he left. I told Kim she should have called me when she realized he was drunk. She said it was 10:30 in the morning and he was sloppy drunk. She said she didn't want Larry to come over again. After we ate, Kim said she was gonna call Jen and go play tennis. I asked what about Sam, were we gonna call him, and she said she didn't know, that she was so mad she just wasn't in the mood. She is on her way home now as I type this, so if anything does happen, I'll pass it on. Today is the first day since last Saturday we haven't had sex, as we had planned on Larry joining us."

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