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JOHN - "Told her when she was ready let us know and she would stand up while my assistant and I bathed her. After her third glass of wine, Kim was giggling and said maybe it was time to bathe. Kim stood up and Larry and I bathed her from head to toe, and rinsed her off. She stepped out and we dried her together. I then led her into the bedroom where we had more scented candles, sheets for her, and oil heating in a fondue pot (didn't know what to use).

First, we covered her with a lotion, all up and down her back, ass, and legs, rolled her over and began on the front, Larry down one side and me the other. She never flinched as Larry rubbed and massaged one breast and nipple. We moved our way down to her crotch and asked her to spread and she did. I said "My, madam, you are quite damp in this area."

Larry said "It must be the humidity, Madam". Kim just smiled and said that must be it. We finished and then began with the oil. I told her I would do the back, and supervise my assistant as he did the front, and Kim said that sounded fine to her. After finishing her back she rolled over. Larry began here. As he got to her breasts, he massaged and pulled on her small nipples. Kim said she needed extra oil there, so Larry continued to rub squeeze and massage her nipples. He moved down her stomach, covering every inch, and when he reached the area between her legs he said he needed her to spread really wide and she did. He then instructed her to bring her legs up to where her feet were flat on the floorand then to bring her legs into her chest and again spread really wide. Kim's pussy was soaked and so hot looking in that position. He asked, "Madam, should I dry you off there", and Kim said yes, please.

Larry dried her off, making sure not to contact her clit and of course stay outside, and then rubbed the warm oil all between Kim pussy. Kim said "Maybe a little extra there". Larry, rubbing her pussy with more oil, asked "Right here,Madam"? Kim said, "Yes, rub right there please".

I thought I was gonna cum right in my pants this was so hot. Kim had said she thought being touched would be hot as long as there was no penetration or clit touching, and she was hot with her legs up, spread and her pussy being rubbed all over.

Soon, Larry was finished with his part, and I said, "Madam, would you care for oral stimulation", and she said yes. I moved between Kim's legs and this was the juiciest she'd ever been, and it took her just a minute to cum, and I began again. While I was eating her Larry began rubbing her tits. He asked could he use his mouth, and she said she wanted him to. I was eating Kim and Larry was sucking her nipples. He asked was she ok, and she said yes and asked him if he liked sucking her nipples. He said he loved it and she said it felt so good and he was so good at it and he could do it other times, too, if he wants. Kim came again, and then she heard the buzzing, raised up and said what's that? I told her it was the double whammy.

I turned it on and she said "You'e not gonna do me with that are you"? I started sliding it in all the way til the clit vibrator was on her clit, and she loved it. After another orgasm, she said she wanted my single whammy, pointing to my cock, right here, pointing to her mouth. I asked if my assistant could hold the double whammy and she said yes, that was different. Larry was giving Kim the vibrator and Kim was sucking me hard. Kim pulled off my cock and asked Larry to please masturbate, and we'll all enjoy this. She pointed to her stomach and said he could cum there. Just a second later I blew mine, Kim did from the vibrator, and Larry was emptying on Kim's stomach. Kim glanced over at Larry's cock, and remarked how big he was. He was a lot bigger than me.

Kim thanked us both for such a wonderful night and said she would definitely be interested in our doing things like this more often if we were. Larry rolled over took one of Kim's nipples in his mouth and asked if they were included and Kim said always. He reached down and rubbed her pussy and asked, "this too"? Kim said like that, yes.

Larry left and Kim and I talked a long time. I asked her what she thought of his cock, and she said, "no, before you ask I don't want it, but I like to look, too, especially hard before he cums." We fucked again before we went to sleep.

DAYS LATER - Larry ended up not being here this week. I told you about Kim's excitement, I think Thursday, while at the pedicurist with Jen - Kim's best friend. Larry has gone to see his kids but will be home tomorrow, Sunday. I asked Kim if she would like to get together for what we had last Sunday and she does. We talked about her getting another pedicure in her mini skirt she bought and she says it could be exciting. She said she would wear her new sheer top, with a sexy bra, and a jacket, but let the jacket open up while she does it.

We went an hour ago to walmart for her to show me what they do. She wasn't wearing anything sexy. The guy who did her feet before came out and invited her in, but she said she didn't need one again, yet. He moved closer to us and said he has his own business doing house calls, and does pedicures, manicures, and massages, and handed us his card. He said he was less money than walmart. I looked at Kim and asked was that ok and she said sure, for house calls and cheaper too.

After we got in the car she said she knew what I was thinking, and I said probably the same thing you are, and she leaned over, kissed me and said "You never know.".

Kim's taking a bubble bath now. Just got through having sex. Have not missed a day since last Saturday. Kim gets horny talking about stuff, unlike in the past. I asked her just awhile ago in bed if she was looking forward to being naked with me and Larry again, and she said very much so. Asked her if she liked having him rub her pussy, and she said yes, but really likes for him to suck her nipples. I told her I just can't understand why she enjoys having him rub her ass, pussy, suck her nipples, and openly tells me she wants it, yet says no to his making her cum.

Kim says she doesn't know. She said she knows it would feel good, but just doesn't feel right doing it. I asked her to be honest and answer yes or no to what I ask, and she said ok. I asked after seeing his cock last week, do you want to see it again? She said yes. Any thoughts of playing with his cock? She said yes. Sucking it? Again, yes. Fucking it? Again, yes. She said but that's all fantasies, just like thoughts of him eating her.

I said you fantasized about him seeing you completely naked, and that fantasy is a reality now. I asked had she fantasized about his rubbing her pussy and sucking her nipples before he did it, and she said she had. I asked why did she want to fulfill some fantasies but not others? She said she didn't know. I asked if you could fulfill one more of these fantasies what would it be? She said probably to let him eat her pussy for a long time. I asked if letting him eat her pussy is something she is horny for but afraid to let happen. She said yes.

She said she was afraid of losing some of my love if she goes too far, gets too hot cums too hard or possibly enjoys a part of sex more with him. I told her if she fucked him I'm certain to see her get more because of his size. She said maybe she would enjoy it more. She asked if I wanted her to do more with Larry. I told her I didn't want her to feel afraid to enjoy herself. I told her if she is hot when he rubs her pussy and sucks her nipples, I would expect the other to be hot. She asked if we could let Larry eat her tomorrow. I said of course, and she asked me to eat her, and while I did said it would be fun having us both eat her.

I may have ceated a nympho, but that may be hot, too."

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