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A Stranger Massages Me ...

JOHN - "Kim arrived home yesterday shortly after I posted, and was in good spirits. Said she had talked to Jen alot, and seeing my surprise, assured me not about what we were doing. She said she did ask her if she had ever gotten a massage, and Jen told her the only one was one time at a spa. Kim asked her what did she wear, and Jen asked Kim what was she up to. Kim said she told her someone said a massage would liven you up and really relax you, and that I had suggested we check into it.

Jen said Kim had better be careful, that she's heard of so called therapist giving massages and all they want is to get you naked on their table. Jen told Kim if she gets one to make sure I was there too. Kim was afraid to tell Jen it was Sam from the pedicure shop at Walmart. Anyway, Jen said she thinks she either had on her panties, or maybe a bathing suit, and a towel around her, that her bottoms were always covered and the towel pulled down her top while she was on her stomach. She said it was up and up.

Kim said if Jen had been wearing panties and they never showed, she wondered why Sam was talking about people getting over being embarresed quickly. I told Kim maybe Sam likes a good view while he works, and he would get his best view ever with her. Kim thanked me and said she thinks maybe we should call Sam and see if it's too late for him to come over. Sam said he could be there by 10:00, and we said fine. He asked Kim what she had decided to wear, and she told him she guessed her bra and panties, that that would be embarrassing enough, and just sort of laughed. She said she was surprised he would ask her over the phone what she was wearing. I told her he may very well give a great massage, and hopefully so, but that I also think he seems like he'll take advantage of our being unaware of what to expect. Kim asked if that wasn't sort of what we want, and I said I wanted Sam to get my beautiful wife hot on his table so when he leaves, she's horny, and gave Kim a kiss. Kim laughed and said she hopes it is exciting, too, and even if she wonders if things he does is necessary, she'll act like that's part of it and won't question him. She said she had a plain beige panty and bra set to wear. Kim went to put it on to see what I thought. I told her it looked fine, non sexy, but at the same time, hot. About this time the door bell rang, and Kim moved out of view while I answered it. Larry. Head hung down, and saying he couldn't put into words how he felt, but would like to apologize to Kim. Kim stepped forward, still in her panties and bra. Larry said he didn't remember what all happened when he came over but knew it wasn't good. Kim told him how vulgar he had been, talking dirty, and how he wanted to "F" her.

Larry told us his wife was filing for divorce Monday. He told her he had to put the job interviews off a week but was off all this week to do them, and if he changed jobs everything would be ok. We both told Larry we were sorry and Kim gave him a hug. He said he hopes he hasn't ruined our friendship, and if we weren't interested in the other stuff he would understand. I told him our friendship was ok, the other stuff was up to Kim. We both looked over at Kim, still in her bra and panties, and she told Larry that he had always been so nice to her and what he said had hurt her. She said she's willing to forgive and feels we could all three still enjoy sharing excitement together.

We told Larry we had a client coming over and had to get dressed, and Larry said he 'd come over Monday after interviews, and left. Kim said at least we know why he was like that. I asked her if she was glad the excitement would continue, and she said that what Larry and I gave her last Sunday had been so, so hot for her and she was very eager to be naked with us a lot, as long as the rules are kept. She kissed me hard, and said Sam will be her in 30 minutes.

Sam was right on time and I welcomed him in. Kim had her towel wrapped around her as Sam set up his table and stuff. He instructed Kim to lie face down, and he pulled the towel down to her panty line. Seeing no hook for her bra he asked Kim if it hooked in front, and needed to be undone. She raised up and unhooked it and Sam pulled it off and layed it on the sofa. He said with the free 30 minutes, it will take an hour or just over to finish and told me I could stay or do other things. I told him I'd stay a few minutes and then I did have things upstairs to do. He appeared to be doing what you would expect, and in a few minutes I went upstairs. We have a loft that overlooks the greatroom where they were. I went to the edge of the wall and set up my voyeuristic view from there, which gave me a full view of everthing. Sam already had the towel a little past her panties. He said something to her and she nodded, and raised up and he lowered her panties just a little. The farther down he went the more the towel moved down. He was pushing on the small of her back, and each time, the ends of his fingers would slide just inside Kim's panties. He asked her something else, and Kim reached back and put her hand where her crack begins. Sam raised her panties up and down, exposing her crack, and began rubbing there and he asked Kim something again and she nodded.

He would start his hand at the top of her crack, and as he moved down, his middle finger would disapear in her crack, and he would bend down and look inside her panties. He went further down, and Kim said later she could feel his finger on the edge of her anus. He spent plenty of time on the crack, then, moved to her legs. He moved the towel up onto Kim's ass, and pressed against Kim's thighs for her to open, and she did.

Sam leaned over and said something to Kim cause she sort of arched her butt up. Sam took both hands and with a finger on either side of Kim's panties, pulled them in as far as possible and went like that all the way to her crotch. Kim said she felt his fingers brush her pussy. Said he told her "excuse me" when he did and she told him that was ok. He said it would be easier if she wears panties or wears thongs, and Kim told him she hates them and doesn't even have any. She said she could get some if it would be easier. She said if I came back in if he would cover her some, that she thought I would be ok with it being part of what he had to do, but maybe cover her some. He told her he would, and asked her was she comfortable.

Kim said she didn't know what to expect, but assumed things would show, and she was getting used to it, and sees now why he said being nude makes it easier. She said his hands were rubbing against her crotch each time he moved up her thigh, and asked to spread a little more, and she did. Believe this, I got my binoculars! He had her panties into a thong, and probably deliberately had pushed one side over more cause some of Kim's pussy was showing.

She said he asked if she would eventually feel comfortable nude, and she told him she didn't know or if I would mind. He pushed on to ask her would she want to ask me how I'd feel and she said she might see. He asked how she would feel about it if I said ok, and she said just being nude wouldn't be too bad, but it's the positions he puts her in, like right then with her legs open, and everything there showing that might be hard for her to do. He told her she shouldn't worry about that. He said in pulling her panties in the way he had to, that the 'there part' she was talking about showing is showing some now, and he thought she could feel it. Kim said she couldn't, and asked how much was showing, and he told her to reach back and feel if it was ok. I saw her when she reached back and felt where her pussy was exposed, but also saw her leave it. There was no doubt he was out to look.

She said just cover her there if I came in. She said he had to move it over a little more and would go ahead and do that part now while I was out of the room. Kim said she told him ok. It was then that I saw him pull it completely away from her pussy, rubbing on the edge of it, then did the same to the other side, again completely exposing Kim's pussy.

I saw him take a cloth and wipe over her pussy, and Kim covering her face. She said he told her he was gonna dry her off, and she said she was embarressed, and he told her not to be, that it was quite normal in this situation and happens all the time. She said she didn't realize she would be totally exposed in that way. He said he doesn't do that area with all women but she seemed ok with it. Kim told him it was ok just go ahead, and asked him again to cover her if I came in. He assured her he would and asked would she prefer he cover her now, and she told him he had already seen everything so if it was easier for him just leave it He finally finished and asked her to roll over. Kim got the towel in front of her tits and rolled over."

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