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Preparing for Larry Again ...

JOHN - "Before I continue I need to say that anything I share here will forever be etched in my mind, as this past week has been the most wonderful experience I've ever known, shared with my best friend and wife, Kim. We had another hot experience with Larry joining us, but because he was still unsure how to act because of his drunk caper Sunday, Kim found herself in the seductive role and it was hot. I'll get to that later, as for now, Kim's massage. Once she had rolled over, I noticed Kim was doing alot of talking, and Sam was just standing there. I wondered what was being said, and later Kim told me. She said the first thing he asked her when she rolled over was if she needed the towel over her breasts.

So, she said she told him the whole time she had been on the table, all he has talked about was her being nude. Would she next time, would I care, would she ask me, would she mind. And if he wasn't asking her, she told him he was arranging her to look between her legs, pulling her panties down or over. She said she told him she knew nothing about what to expect, but didn't expect him to be anything but honest. She told him what he does feels great and relaxing but she didn't like him pushing her on the nudity issue, and if she even decides to continue in the future she needs him to show patience with her. She told him he said he sees it all the time and doesn't phase him to see nude women so why does he keep on and on. She said he apologized and said none of his clients look anthing like her, and it makes a difference he guesses in his actions, but he'd drop it, cause he wants to keep her as a client and she never has to be nude. Kim told him that if she did go nude she would expect him to give her a great massages and not act like he was. He agreed. She asked what the front massage consisted of, and he told her facial, neck, shoulders, breasts, abs, pelvic and legs. She asked was he gonna be moving her panties anymore, and he said just a little to reach her lower abs. So Kim told him to go ahead.

He started with her face, down her neck and shoulders and then slid his hand under the towel to one of her breasts. Kim said his hand squeezed and massaged her breast and nipple, and you know from reading this Kim has very sensitive nipples. She told him if he needed to move the towel one side at a time he could, he did, and complimented her on her breast as well as her entire body. Kim thanked him and said she was just blessed with the way she was but works hard at the gym to keep it.

Kim told him her nipples were very sensitive and he said he noticed and said he would spend extra time there if she wanted, and Kim said he could, and could do both breasts together to save time. At this, he removed the towel, and began both breasts and nipples together. I could tell through the binoculars, Kim was turned on, as his sole attention was on her nipples. After awhile she told him he needed to move on even though she liked it so much.

He moved on down to her abs, and like he said, just inside her panties. He hadn't covered Kim's tits and neither did she. The rest of the massage was pretty normal, other than Kim saying he was brushing up against her crotch while doing the inner thigh area, but Kim said that may just have to happen. She said if she did go nude he probably would have a very wet hand. I decided to go on down, and Kim was just getting off the table, panties and topless, and said it was just easier that way. I said I would imagine and thought the whole thing would be nude. Kim said maybe next time, she does feel a lot more comfortable. She stayed just like that while Sam got his stuff together and left, saying after he left that he likes to look and she likes to be looked at and kissed me. Yes, I slid my hand down her panties and yes it was wet. Off to the sack we went.

Kim said she got really hot when he did her nipples and I said I could see that. I asked if she wanted it again, and she asked if I liked it from upstairs with my binoculars and I said you saw me. She asked if I liked when he pulled her panties and looked and I said I WISH SHE HADN'T HAD PANTIES ON AT ALL. Kim laughed and said she might let him take them off next time. I asked would she be at all interested in sharing excitement with Sam the way we do with Larry, with the same rules. Kim said he had already seen her pussy and tits, rubbed against her pussy, wiped her pussy off, squeezed her nipples, and she thinks he would want to but she could never ask him. She said let's see how the next massage goes.

I told Kim I was so proud of how much she had opened up and is willing to let guys look and even touch some, and I loved her for it. She said this all turns her cause it tuns us on, and turning us on makes her horny. We laughed and then we fucked and fucked.

Kim was looking forward to Monday and our seeing Larry. She said her Sunday exposure to Sam had been exciting, but with Larry knowing we want excitement including contact that it just makes it hotter. Larry got back from his job interview just after lunch and said it went good. He and Kim spent most of the afternoon working on things in the back yard, gravel pathways, etc., while I worked and occasionally looked out. At the end of the day, Larry left to get a shower and Kim came in to get one before our hot times began.

It wasn't too long before Larry came back, Kim still in the shower. We decided to go up and watch her, but she had the door locked. We thought that to be strange, but went back to the kitchen table. Not too much later we heard Kim coming. As she came around the corner, Larry's mouth fell open. Kim had her hair down ,makeup on and wearing a tiny silk robe. I guess 99% of the time, Kim's hair is in a ponytail and no makeup, she just doesn't need it, but when she does wear it, she is stunning. She walked over to me and gave me a kiss and I told her she was beautiful, and then she went to Larry, who was still mesmerized by her looks. He told her she's always so pretty, but tonight, she was unreal. She thanked us both for our kind words, bent over and touched Larry on the end of his nose and said she felt very hot and eager for what we gave her the week before.

With that, she pulled the belt on her robe,and slipped it off, standing naked in front of Larry. She told Larry she had decided to give him a lap dance, her first ever, and she backed up, straddled Larry, and sat down in his lap, putting her hands on his knees. She began moving her hips ever so slowly, back and forth. She reached back and took Larry's hands and brought them around placing them on her breasts. After awhile, Kim got up and turned around and sat back down facing Larry. Her grinding bacame more forceful as Larry took one of her nipples in his mouth. Kim raised up just enough to reach down and adjust Larry's hard cock through his pants, her first contact in any way with his cock, and saying she had to get it in a better place. I was in total awe of Kim, who just aweek ago was nervous about being seen in panties, and now, naked, grinding away on Larry's big cock. In a few more minutes we left to go upstairs."

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