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Giving a Naked Lap Dance ...

JOHN - "To continue, when we got to our room, Kim got on the bed and said we had to be naked too. Larry said he'd go naked from the waist down, but he was 20 yrs. older than us, and with a bit of a beer gut, would leave his t-shirt on. Kim said it didn't matter to her, but he could leave it on if he needed to. Both of our cocks were hard, with Larry's looking like a tree trunk. I asked him had he ever measured and he said in the state it was in right now, it was just over 9". Mine is about 6.5". Along with the length he was very thick.

We layed next to Kim and she said she wanted us to get as hot as we can within the rules. For those who do not know the rules, Larry can have no penetration or clitoral stimulation with Kim, her rules. I said I'd love to see her back on top of Larry as she was in the chair. She got up and moved to Larry and sat on top of his cock, then reached to position it again. It was hot seeing her hand on his naked cock.

Kim began moving on Larry's cock, and told me to stand up and give her mine. Kim was really humping against his cock and sucking mine, and I could feel her little moans on my cock from her excitement and probably pleasure of her wet pussy and Larry's hard cock in contact. I could hear her juices, feel her moans, and the sight of her pussy against his cock, well it was more than I could handle. Kim, sensing I was about to cum, at first was going to try and stop, but knowing it was too late, gave it to me good. Kim knew I could get it back up soon, but thought it was funny.

Kim concentrated now on humping Larry's cock, leaning over for him to suck her nipples. Because of that angle, and Kim traveling the entire length of his cock, she suddenly shouted "OH" and jumped up. Kim was laughing and Larry said he didn't do it. Kim, still laughing said it was her fault and told me it had gone inside her all the way. I asked how it felt and she said huge. She decided to turn around and sit with her back to him, and again she began moving and we began kissing really hot. In a few minutes, Kim came, not a huge one but pretty good. She had stimulated her own clit so the rule was ok. Larry reached around pulling on the front of Kim's thighs to back her up to what became a'69' position.

Larry was licking but I couldn't see where. Kim was kissing me and I wanted to ask but was afraid he'd hear. Kim's juices were all over Larry's cock, and Kim took a wash cloth in her hand, wrapped it around his cock, and moved it up and down it a few times, partly cleaning it and partly playing. I kissed her hard and reached down and removed the cloth. She looked in my eyes and me hers, and we kissed, her hand moving slowly on Larry's cock. I was hard again and she reached out and for just a few seconds, she had us both in her hands and then asked me to eat her.

Kim rolled over and as I began to eat her Larry moved to her breasts. After Kim came again, she asked Larry to give her the vibrator while we both do her breasts. Larry was sliding it in and out and Kim was running her hands up and down our backs as we sucked her nipples. In a few she came really hard. Larry said he wanted to watch us, and Kim said she wanted it from the rear. Larry was stroking his cock lying next to her. Kim reached out and gently squeezed Larry's balls as he stoked. Kim and I were both cumming together, Larry still stroking, but about to explode, and Kim wrapped her hand around the head of his cock to catch his load, and then ran her hand the lengh of his cock. She sucked and licked me clean, and cleaned Larry up with the wash cloth.

After awhile Larry left, and Kim and I were so hot emotionally for each other. I asked her about his cock inside her, and she said it wasn't there long enough to feel anything but that it was huge. I asked if there was any interest in trying it and she said no, that even if she wanted another cock he was just too big, but perfect for rubbing against.

I said watching that was hot and she said doing it was hot, and wanted a lot of that. I asked when he brought her back into a'69' what he was licking, and she said her legs, butt, and around her pussy but never made contact there. I asked if he could and she said yes, but not her clit, and she said maybe he doesn't do that. I said he probably doesn't know he can, but if she would like that I'll ask. She said yes, just no clit. I asked how she liked stroking his cock, and she was a little embarrassed she had but felt she should do something. I asked again if she liked it and, kissing me, said yes it did excite her.

Tuesday night Kim had tennis, and Larry went with us. He asked how we had enjoyed our excitement Monday nite, and I told him it was the best yet, and he said it was for him, too. I was trying to think of a way to ask him about the oral part Kim said she would be ok with, so finally just asked. Larry was shocked and had no idea she would let him. I said her rule was no clit, no penetration, and just as he uses his hand there, so could he use his mouth. Larry said he has wanted to so bad, and can't wait to now.

Kim has said she likes Larry to join us on the weekend, but just us during the week, with maybe a massage from Sam during the week. As we left the tennis match, I told Kim I had told Larry about the oral thing and he loves it. Kim was embarrassed cause I said that with Larry sitting right there. I told her not to be that way, that Larry and I had talked about how much we enjoyed last nite. Larry asked Kim if it had been good for her, and she said it was very good for her, the best yet, and was looking forward to this weekend.

Larry said he wanted to ask us up to the lake this weekend, that he has a lot, a small A-frame cottage that is actually one huge room, bedroom, kitchen, family room all in one with a separate bath and shower. He said he has a pontoon boat with canopy and plenty of sunbathing room. He said there's only one large bed in the cottage, And Kim said that could get cozy. We were gonna leave friday and get there late. Yesterday, Wednesday, Larry came over with some shocking news. He had gone for a second interview and had been made an offer and accepted, and we were happy for him. He said it wasn't here and he would transfer. He said the company was in a rush, and would purchase his house here, and wanted him to start April 24. He said his wife had held out on the divorce and this would put him near there with being on the road only one day a week. He said he had vacation time to allow for a notice. He said the weekend trip to the lake is still on, but next week he would be in and out.

I thought Kim would be upset but she seemed so happy for him. I couldn't help but think, selfishly, what about the sex, where would we go from here for excitement? Kim later said we would just have to make the most of it while he was still here. He said once a month, he would be in this area and would come by. Kim told me it was great he could come by, but once he was back with his family, there could be no sexual encounters, as she wouldn't feel right.

She said she will miss the sex part and wasn't sure if she would want anything like that with Sam. She said maybe we could find someone, she felt in the mid-forty range, to share excitement with. She said Sam could come Thursday, and give her a massage, and she'd go naked, and see how it went, and if she felt any desire to take it further. Kim said she honestly feels sharing her body with another man, and keeping the rules in tact, has been good for both of us, not only sexually, but especially emotionally, and something she wants to continue to have. She said being naked with 2 guys is very hot for her. She said it excites her that Larry will use his mouth and tongue on her pussy this weekend and asked me to do it without her clit involved so she can see how it will feel from Larry. I got between Kim's legs and began kissing and licking all over her pussy, sucking on her lips. She said it felt great, and the thought of letting Larry have her pussy to that extent was so hot. I spread her wide and slipped my tongue in as far as I could and asked her was she gonna call that penetration, and she said no.

I rolled her over and asked her to arch her ass up,and what a sight that is. I began licking up her wetness, moved up to her asshole and tongued her there in and out. She asked if I thought Larry would do that. I told her I'd love to see him tongue her ass and pussy as deep as he could, and she whispered "Yes". I told her while he does all this for her she could massage her clit to intensify the pleasure, and she reached between her legs and began rubbing, and saying she couldn't wait for this weekend. I said it was hot watching her sroke Larry's cock even though it wasn't a very long time. Right as Kim exploded, she said she'd play with his cock alot this weekend.

I'm trying to think about the excitement of Sam seeing Kim naked tonight for a massage, but I can't get my mind off thinking about this weekend. Kim will be home tomorrow morning, Friday, and with us leaving for the lake that night, I probably won't post again until Monday."

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