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The Rules are out the Window ...

JOHN - "Larry walked over Thursday nite. Kim and I were on the sofa, me sitting, Kim's head in my lap, she topless and in panties, and my giving her backrubs. This is an almost nightly thing. Larry never knocks just comes in.

We all started talking about his new job, where our excitement would lead, etc. We said we'd like to meet a guy to have something like we had with him, Kim saying it would never be like it is with Larry. Larry said he appreciated that. We said we felt it would be hard to find someone to go along with the rules Kim has and had no idea where to even meet anyone. Larry mentioned swinging and Kim said absolutely not.

Kim told Larry a brief summary of her sex life. She was a virgin out of high school, having played sports year round. She was to save until marriage, but her first year in college, she met a football player and dated. After several months of his, "If you love me you will", she did. Kim said he put a condom on, got on and it was over in a flash. No foreplay, oral, or anything like the stories she'd read. After that, he would come to her when he wanted that, and she said no, that he spent most of his time with his friends, hardly any with her. So they fizzled out. Kim felt bad that the virginity she vowed to save had been lost in a 10 minute fuck from a jerk like him.

A year later was when we met and began dating. Kim told me about the one mistake she had made, and that it wouldn't happen again. I told her I could wait. I graduated and after a year of starting my own business, Kim and I got married. I feel with sex never having been a part of Kim's life that was our problem.

Kim said other than Sam feeling her up and calling it a massage, told Larry that he was only the third guy she had had sexual type contact with, and wasn't interested in alot of guys. Larry said we'd think of ways. Someone suggested photos of our action, and I asked Kim as it would give us something to look back on. She said no pictures, but maybe we could video. Just set the camera up and let it get what it gets, that it's not to be me taking a video of them. That this is our sex. She said she would have to be in control of the tape, and I said fine. I asked Larry and he sad great.

In bed Thursday nite Kim and I talked about our excitement Friday nite and the weekend. I told her I had not thought about her having sexual contact like has been happening when we got in to this, but the more that happens the more it turns me on and I really don't know why, unless I just love her and love to see her hot, and love what our relationship is like now. Kim said she never expected the sexual stuff either, but from the time Larry had her panties down treating her wasp sting and his fingers ended up inside her and my kissing her, she wanted this.

I asked Kim had she thought about dropping her rules for this, our last few days with Larry, and she asked how I would feel about Larry not just getting her hot in bed but giving her pleasure and orgasms as well. I said I didn't know and asked her the same question. She said she didn't know either but wouldn't want anything to disrupt what we have now. I told her if the rules were dropped and either of us afterwards, didn't like it, that our love was strong enough to overcome it. Kim said we'll just see, that if we video it she wants it to turn us on over and over.

Larry took us out to eat last nite, actually early afternoon, as Kim said she had to be in bed by midnight to get her rest for tennis.

I was getting ready in the bedroom, Kim just out of the shower, was at the vanity, naked, getting makeup on when Larry comes walking in. He looked in on Kim and asked her to wear her hair down, and she was. We were waiting on her when she came out, and she walked over to her panties. We had the video camera out on the tripod and I said why don't I video Larry on the end of the bed watching Kim get dressed, and she said ok. Larry decided he'd dress Kim, getting on his knees in front of Kim, eye level with her pussy, asked her to turn and then lean over the bed a little and she did. He pushed her legs apart to show a rear view of Kim's pussy. He reached up and spread her with his hands and asked Kim to lean over more. She leaned over with her chest on the bed. Larry raised up and ran his tongue the length of Kim's pussy and up to her asshole, and then again, this time pulling her pussy lip into his mouth, then sliding his tongue, first, as deep into her pussy as he could, then doing the same to her ass Thru the camera, I could see Kim's finger on her clit, her hips moving. Larry continued kissing, licking and sucking until Kim just shrieked with her orgasm. Larry cotinued to clean her up. I turned the camera off. Larry said he just couldn't help it and Kim said she wanted it too. Kim excused herself to go clean up, Larry was going to get his car.

I walked in the bathroom, and Kim put her arms around me and asked if that was hot for me. I told her I loved every second, and she said she did, too. I told her I was wanting him to lick and suck her clit. She whispered, "Maybe later" and kissed me.

I think all of us ate quick to hurry home. On the way home Larry asked Kim was she ok with the oral he did and she said it was very good for her and hoped for more. Larry told her she'll get all she wants. We got home and upstairs. We got naked and I turned on the camera and slid in next to Kim, who said she felt like a porn star with the camera on. Kim was in the middle as Larry and I began kissing her breasts. I felt Kim's hand wrap around my cock, and raised up a little to look and see that her other hand was wrapped around Larry's cock. We took turns playing with Kim's pussy. Larry began moving down on Kim and I could feel her getting hotter. He raised her legs to give access to her pussy below her clit and began kissing. Kim pulled on my cock so I took it to her mouth. I watched as she reached with both hands to pull Larry's head up to her clit. She pulled away from my cock and asked Larry to please her clit. Kim sucked me, moaning with what Larry was giving her until she came.

She told me to give it to her too so I moved down. she took Larry's cock as he moved up and brought it up to her face, and against her face. As I ate Kim she turned her face a lttle so that her lips were against his cock, on the side of it. She kissed it, then her tongue came out and licked, once, then again and again. She ran her tongue up and over the head of Larry's cock, flicking it with her tongue. She would wrap her lips around the head of his cock but not let it inside. I guess her penetration rule. We did this until she came again.

She asked Larry to lie back as she got on top to rub against his cock as she did before, and took my cock in her mouth. As it had done before, his cock slipped in and Kim jumped, but raised up slowly off his cock instead of quickly as before. She continued to rub on it. I knew it was on tape but wanted to see it and whispered asking her to please do it again. She leaned over, and again right up Kim's pussy it went. I went behind her staying out of camera view. She was bent over, Larry sucking her nipples and his cock all the way in her pussy. Neither of them moved. Knowing I was there looking Larry reached back to spread Kim. She started slowly moving up his cock, but half way up, she stopped and slowly began back down, then up. Each time ever so slowly. Larry didn't move, knowing it would hurt her. She went all the way up, then all the way down, and then pulled out. She raised her pussy up and I began eating her while she licked Larry's cock. I couldn't wait any longer and entered her from the rear. A few times I saw her take the head of Larry's cock in her mouth, then a little more and more, until she was sucking his cock. I couldn't hold it filled her with my cum. Leaving my cock inside I watched to see if she would pull away or swallow. She did pull away as Larry came all over her chest. She licked the little bit left off the head of his cock and I could see it on her tongue.

We soon called it a nite and Larry left and Kim, covered in his cum went to shower. Kim seemed to be avoiding me, so I joined her in the shower. She gave me that look as if she did wrong. I told her I loved her, and she said she let it go to far. I told her not at all, and asked if she liked everything that happened. She said he eats her real good and she loved it. She said sucking his cock excited her but was more for him than her. I asked how it felt to fuck him, she just smiled saying she guess she did fuck him a little, and turned her on knowing I was behind her watching. I asked if she wanted to fuck him again, a little longer and she said she wants to drop the rules with Larry and have everything, but the fucking has to be slow, but she wanted to fuck both of us at the lake. She wanted to watch the video in bed and she got hot all over again. I hope to tape one session this weekend with her and Larry doing it all."

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