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Exhibitionist Wife Kim - 15

Meeting Larry's Friend George ...

JOHN - "Kim showered after tennis Saturday and afterwards told me she had some bad news. I just knew she had started her period early, but she assured me that wasn't the case. She said she was so sore from Larry being inside her Friday nite that she didn't know about intercourse this weekend with us.

I said her going up and down his cock for just a minute, I was surprised she would be sore, and she reminded me he was probably twice as thick as me. I asked if she couldn't even do me and she said she didn't think she could take a finger right now. She said we could have lots of oral, touching, etc. I told her it was disapointing, but that's the way it was, and maybe later she'd feel better and could, and she said maybe. Kim had exciting news, too. She had bought 2 thong bathing suits for our 2 days at the lake.

She added, 2 tiny, tiny thongs, so tiny she had to shave everything . That it came well below her hairline, so now she had a white triangle from shaving. She said the only thing in the back was one string down her crack, and that the top was made to cover the nipples, leaving everything else showing, and said when wet, they were completely see-thru. Kim said since Larry said it was private she thought it would be hot wearing them. That helped relieve the unwanted news of her soreness, but it still was disapointing. When we left, I told Larry about the bad news and he apolozed to Kim. I also told him about the thongs, and Kim said he did say it was private. Larry said he is at the end of the lake in a cove, and almost nobody comes that far, that if they do, they don't come into the cove. He said the only other person there doesn't come until the end of May.

Larry went on to say his name was George, and that he lost his wife 3 years earlier in an accident, kids were grown and so he comes there now alone. Larry said the 2 of them fish alot, drink beer, etc.

Once at the lake, Larry got us in the house, etc., and then said he was gonna make a beer run, get a few other things and would be back in an hour or so, and for us to go on down to the dock. He told Kim he couldn't wait to see her in a thong, especially a tiny one, and she told him to hurry back.

Kim went to the bathroom to change and make her grand entrance. She just blew me away when she came out. She said tiny, but this was almost nothing. The piece of cloth in front couldn't have been more than 3 inches wide, and so low, almost all of her white triangle showed. In the back, once the string entered her crack, you saw nothing but ass, and the string didn't even cover her asshole. The top was as she said, made to cover the nipples and not much else, leaving tits showing, on top, the sides, and the bottom. All this along with the incredible shape of Kim's body was past hot. And on top of all this it was see-thru once wet.

Kim and I went down to the dock. Kim took her top off and laid it next to her and was on her stomach while I sat in a chair sipping on a beer, and looking at Kim. A couple of boats came by, but not into the cove. Someone on a Jet-ski came by, and back by, and then into the cove. Kim said it wasn't coming over to us was it, and I said I didn't know.

Well, it was coming over to us, and a short distance away, the guy threw up his hand, and I returned his wave. He beached his craft, and Kim was trying to get her top under her to tie as he walked up to us asking if we knew Larry. We explained we were friends of Larry's and he'd gone to the store. We introduced ourselves and his name was George. We shook hands and he walked over to Kim, still lying there with her ass in full view to shake her hand. Kim, sheepishly excused herself saying Larry told them noboby else would be around. He told her she was fine, and then Larry yelled down as he came to us. George explained he was there to get things cleaned up before the summer.

After some small talk, Larry asked us if we were ready for a cruise on the pontoon boat, and George said he'd get on back. Larry asked him to come along but he said he he needed to go. About this time, Kim got up, and once George got a look at her, he said he guessed he'd ride around with us. Larry reached out for Kim's hand and pulled her on board telling her she looked hot. There were 4 chairs facing each other and as soon as Kim had picked hers, George got the one right across from her.

Kim hadn't worn a shirt so she was stuck with what she had on, and was sort of trying to cover herself. George asked Kim if she was uncomfortable in front of him in her suit, and she just said not really, and Larry cut in telling him he said nobody would be around, and went on to explain the reason she was ok with him was, and then he went on to explain about the wasps stings, and having to see her. George laughed at that and told Kim she didn't have to be embarrassed that the suit complimented her body. Kim thanked him and said she'd get used to it.

Kim pulled away from Larry saying we couldn't get into anything with George coming back. Larry asked us what we thought of George and we said he seemed like a nice guy, and Kim added a nice guy that likes to look a lot. That's when it struck me and I asked Larry was he trying to fix us up. He said we had mentioned if we ever got with anyone Kim wanted someone his age.

Kim told Larry to please tell her he hasn't told George what goes on between us, and he assured her he hasn't. He said he told him about the wasps, said he walked up on Kim nude on the deck, cause he knew Kim would lay out here at the lake that way, and if George caught her he wouldn't wonder so much why Kim didn't care if Larry saw her. Kim said she didn't mind George knowing Larry has seen her naked, but not the sex stuff. Kim asked how many times he said he had seen her, and Larry kinda smiled and said quite a few times coming out of the shower and that she didn't seem to mind anymore, and stuff like that. Kim said she wasn't looking to get involved sexually with anyone, that if ever happened for us again, it would be that it just happens, and would definitely be out of friendship.

Larry docked the boat and said he had to go to the bathroom. I held Kim and told her again how incredibly hot she was in that suit. She said wearing it in front of George makes her feel like a slut or something and she can't help but wonder what he thinks of her with that on. She said she doesn't have a choice as she didn't bring normal suits. Larry was almost back and we heard George coming. We were all on the end of the deck, when George turned real sharp, spraying us all. We were all laughing as George parked and then Larry looked at Kim and went "WOW", and thats when it hit Kim that she was wet and everything was in fullview. Larry said that was one of those see-thru when wet suits and Kim said she had no idea, holding her hands in front of her tits.

We all had to laugh, and Kim acted like she had no idea it was see-thru. She was keeping her nipples from showing, but wasn't thinking about the bottoms being see-thru, as her pussy was in full view. I told Kim that the bottoms were see-thru, too. She quickly sat down still covering her tits. George told her everyone already saw it all so just not to worry about it and go ride the jet ski and dry out. Kim got up and went over to it and Larry helped her on. Out in the water, she was actually amused and asked how much really showed, and I just told her the truth, that she may as well been standing there naked. She said at least George was nice about it.

When we got back, they asked Kim was she dry, and she managed a laugh and said mostly, but she guess it didn't matter, Larry had seen her nude and now George had too. George told Kim she should be proud of her looks, and he hoped his seeing her wasn't too terrible, and Kim told him it was too late to worry about it, that she had to wear that cause it's all she brought. George said if it bothered her he wouldn't come back over. Kim told him that was nonsense, that if he sees her again, and probably will it's her fault not his. Larry made a little small talk and said we'd go on up to the house, and George said he'd see us later. We all got naked and got on the bed, and Kim said she needed someone to eat her right then. I had to go first and on my way down, Larry's cock was entering Kim's mouth. "

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