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JOHN - "It was almost immediately when my tongue touched Kim's clit, she started her orgasm. Even before finishing her orgasm, she started laughing. She held her hand up saying "I'm sorry", but still laughing. Her giggle box had kicked in and Larry and I couldn't help but laugh with her. Between laughing she said the bathing suit had been rubbing on her all day, and when it got wet awhile ago, everytime she moved it was like a wet tongue on her. She said while we were all telling her it didn't matter about her suit being see-thru, etc., actually she wasn't as worried about that as she was afraid that bathing suit inside her was gonna make her orgasm right there in front of us. When we walked up to the house, she said she held it away from her. She said when she did just orgasm, all the other just seemed so funny.

Still tickled Kim suggested we get showers, eat and then we'll start over, and told me I didn't even have the camera out. I really didn't get why it was so funny to her, but the mood had been broken. Kim came out of the shower with a towel wrapped aroud her, put her arms around me, apologized, kissed me and said we'd get hot later. I got my shower and got out, and Kim was putting lotion on her legs. I sat at a little table, Larry left for the shower, Kim dropped her towel and walked over to me to put lotion on her backside.

Just as I started putting it on, the door comes open and George walks in with a bucket of wings, and Kim standing there naked. Kim screamed his name, and he apologized and said he wouldn't look. Kim wasn't very upset or she would have ran to get her towel. Kim just told him to look the other way. He said these were the best wings ever. I asked for one and he turned to walk over to us, and again Kim called his name as a reminder he was seeing her, so he turned aroud and walked backwards. Kim wanted one, so he got her one and sort of half ass turned his head until he got to her and then turned facing her to find her hand. Kim asked for a napkin, and he got it and handed it to her and Kim didn't bother saying anything to him. He said he guesses he broke down her resistance.

Larry came out and seeing Kim naked and my putting lotion on her, asked if this was something we take turns at. Kim assured him it wasn't, that George just walked in without knocking. I was finished, and Kim walked over the bedroom part of the room to her bag, with all of our eyes glued to her, and bent over from the waist to her bag, giving us a full rear view of ass and pussy. Larry let out a whistle, and Kim quickly squatted, and turned and asked us was that all we ever think of. We looked at each other saying "pretty much". Kim put on a t-shirt long enough to cover her unless she reached up or bent over, but no panties and walked back over and sat down.

We talked about going to the dock after we ate and enjoying the quiet nite. Larry and I looked at each other when George suggested the dock, as we were hoping for something else. Kim kicked me under the table. Kim cleaned up our mess, every now and then showing a little, and us watching. Larry and George left and Kim and I were to follow after Kim used the bathroom. Kim said it was hot letting George see her naked, as we kissed, saying he was like Larry and likes to look. She said when Larry came out she realized she was naked in front of 3 guys. I asked her if she meant to bend over at her bag, and she said no, but guesses they saw it all, and I told her they did. She asked if I thought she should wear panties or shorts to the dock, and I asked her if she wanted to, and she said no, kissing me really hard. I told her I was so horny, and she said she was too, and we'd take care of it later.

Kim told me she had something to tell me before we went to join them on the dock and she hopes it doesn't change anything. Kim was serious and I was getting concerned, and asked what was wrong. She said telling me after having Larry's cock inside her for just a minute and moving on it, that it had made her too sore for the three of us to have intercourse this weekend, was actually not the truth and she hates not being honest about it. I asked, then, why she made that up, and she said to keep from having to screw Larry, and after this weekend she'd never have to. I reminded her that she told me Fri. nite she wanted to fuck us both at the lake, and she said at the time she was hot, I was hot, watching the video was hot, and so she said it.

She said after it slipped in and I asked to let it, again, she wanted to excite me, so she did, and just left it there for me to see, and felt Larry reach back to spread her so I could see, she thought she would just go up and down it a few times to turn me on. She said she could tell afterwards it turned me on, so she thought it would be ok.

Sat. morning in the shower she realized she had really fucked Larry even if it was only a minute, and knew that was not her. So she made that up feeling if she screwed me Larry would want to and I'd want her to, and she can't. I asked her what else did she not want and she said everything else was ok, in fact, exciting. She said she looks at everything else we did as a type of foreplay. I asked her about the oral, and she said she's fine with that, enjoys it. She said she didn't think she 'd want Larry or anyone to cum in her mouth, but if it happened, she could do it.

She says it would be great to just lie there and receive, but feel she has to do something. I told her I wasn't upset, and she said we could talk about it in our sex, and I said fantasizing about something you don't want or enjoy isn't hot. She took my face in her hands and told me she never said she didn't want to fuck someone else or that Larry's cock wasn't good. She said it did feel good, that one of her hottest thoughts is getting it from both ends from me and another man, and us changing places, it's something she can't do. I told her we had that nite and Sun. to get the most excitement we could, before things slack off, and she told me the excitement was waiting at the dock. "

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