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Exhibitionist Wife Kim - 17

Having People Watch Her ...

JOHN - "We got to the dock and George and Larry were drinking shots of liquor. We sat across from them, and I got me a beer and Kim wine from the cooler and looked back at Kim to see if there was enough light to see, and there was. We talked about different things and every now and then Kim would have both legs in the chair and by the way they looked, something must have been showing. Kim and I drank a couple shots with them and every one was pretty loose. George told Kim Larry told him about her bathing suit causing her problems, and she fussed at Larry for repeating that. Kim said she'd go somewhere in the morning and find another, at Walmart maybe.

George and Larry both told her just lay out nude, and Kim said she couldn't run around naked in daylight.

They said just wear a t-shirt, take it off to sun, put it on when she gets up, that no one else is around. George said unless she was uncomfortable with him seeing her naked. Kim told him he saw her naked thru her suit, naked in the house, so, no, she doesn't mind, and Larry has seen her lots of times. I told them I thought she looks great naked, they agreed. We were all pretty high and George asked if she didn't mind being naked, would she take her shirt off. We all cheered, and she did it. Kim sat down in my lap, kissed me and said she couldn't believe she's doing this. I told her I wasn't gonna be able to keep my hands off her if she sat there, and she told me she liked my hands on her. This was being said loud enough for them to hear and they said "Use your hands". Kim was sitting on me mostly facing them but at a slight angle as we kissed. I reached around to grasp both of her breasts and rubbing her nipples.

I moved on down to her legs, and her breathing was very hard and loud. I pushed against her legs, and she opened them a little, I pushed more and she opened more. I ran my hand over her pussy and it was soaked. I whispered in her ear to place one leg over the arm in the chair, and she did. Kim's pussy was now in full view of both of them, and they were leaning over to look. I whispered, "Masturbate". Kim moved her hands down, spread her lips open and began massaging her clit. I reached under her leg and slid my finger in. I asked her to turn and watch them watching her and she did. She came almost instantly and it was huge. She wanted to lie down on the dock, so we did, and I began eating her, while they watched.

I would take and spread Kim's pussy really wide and move my head for them to look, and Kim was watching them look up close. I rolled her over, and raised her ass, again spreading her wide as I gave it to her ass and pussy. Kim exploded, and turned around, telling me to stand up. I did and she began sucking on me. She kept on until I filled her throat with cum, her taking it all and cleaning me up. George said "She's beautiful, so hot, and she swallows". He went on to tell me how lucky I was and I said I knew it. He said he had to go and I knew why. They were going fishing Sun. morning early, but Kim and were staying.

We got up about 6:30, Larry had already left to go fishing with George. Kim had a little bit of a headache from the booze the night before, as she's not much of a drinker. I asked if she remembered everything, and she smiled and said she was pretty high but not drunk, and definitely remembered. She said it was the most exciting thing yet and didn't even involve contact from them. The more we talked, the more turned on we got, and Kim said Larry wasn't there so she didn't have to act like she was too sore to fuck and climbed on top.

As she rode my cock, we talked about Sun., and Kim said it would be exciting lying naked on the dock in front of them almost all day. I asked what if they offer to rub lotion on, and she said ok on her backside. The previous nite, George had offered for us to come up ther to his place on weekends as often as we want. Kim said we can get excitement in that, and she'll try the massage with Sam, and we'll look for other ways. Our sex over, we showered and went for breakfast. Larry left his car for us. When we got back, Larry and George were back saying they just weren't in to fishing. We decided to go for a boat ride then come back and lay out. Kim decided to wear her top to her bathing suit, and her short shorts, tho the guys suggested just a t-shirt. They told her to get ready and we'll go.

As she walked over to the bed where her stuff was, I wondered if she'd change in front of us or go to the bathroom and that was answered when she slipped her top off, then her shorts. George told her she looked sexy, as Kim stood in her bra and panties, and she thanked him. She removed her bra, then panties, and was putting on her bathing suit top, facing us, And Larry told her that her white triangle, from shaving, was now a red one. All eyes were glued to that spot, as she looked at it and said she'd peel for sure, but wanted to let it grow back anyway. She slipped her short shorts on grabbed a t-shirt and off we went. Larry and george both got lots of hot shots of Kim's crotch with the short shorts and no panties.

When we got back, Kim removed her top and shorts, and laid down. During the course of the day, we all put lotion on Kim at different times, backside only for them. Larry had touched Kim, and more, so it was George who enjoyed the lotion most, especially rubbing it on Kim's ass and legs, while looking between her legs, which she kept open. At the end of the day, the two of them were saying they'd hoped for a repeat of the nite before, and Kim said not in broad daylight. They suggested going up to the house, and Kim looked at me. I couldn't tell if she wanted to or not, and I said I was game if she was, and she said ok.

Kim said they could look only as we went to the bed and they said of course. We were standing up kissing as Kim reached down and began stroking my cock. We laid on the bed and George said he'd love to see Kim masturbate again. She said she would if he would. This sort of caught him off guard, but he agreed, and dropped his bathing suit. George's cock was along the same size as mine, and Kim was giving it a good look as she she spread her lips and played with her clit, telling him she likes to watch too.

Kim moved from that to our having sex, with lots of oral and foreplay. She later said she wanted George to watch us fuck even tho Larry thought she was sore. She got on top, back to me, legs spread and let them watch her fuck me. Then, turned around giving them the rear view of our fuck, until she came. Kim bent over kissing me letting them look at her pussy even after my cock came out. It was during this she heard them cum, laughing thru our kiss, and knowing they were pleased too.

Later we all left telling George that we'd come back in 2 weeks. She may have the massage before then, even said she may give Larry a going away present Sat. I can't help but wonder if she's talking blow job as a present. Tho Larry had expected sex over the weekend, because of George being there, Larry only got to watch."

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