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Exhibitionist Wife Kim - 18

Preparing to Show Off to A Worker ...

JOHN - "This has been an antagonizing week for Kim and I while she pays her monthly dues, as she lets me no where around it at these times. In the past, I think she looked forward to it to have an excuse to avoid sex, but has said over and over she can't wait to be thru.

Kim talks alot now about excitement. She's given me my pleasure nightly with that hot mouth of hers while I talk to her about the things we've done that get me hot. Last nite lying in bed, kissing, fondling her breasts, she told me how terribly horny she was and would be fine Sun. I told her I wish she could tonight, and we'd get it on one last time with Larry. Told her I thought it was so hot seeing her go down on him that one time, and she said she was hot having us both inside her from both ends. I asked her if she planned on sucking Larry Sat. nite, and she said she's thought about it, but we would have to do something to get it all going, that she couldn't just walk up and do it. I told her we'd think up something.

I asked Kim what she thought of George, and she said he was nice. Actually, more attractive than Larry, and a nicer body, and a 'normal' cock. I asked about her interest in possible contact with him and she said he seems content with mutual masturbation, watching us, seeing her naked alot, and that may be all he wants. She never would commit her self either way, and I didn't push.

The movers will move Larry today, and he'll stay over with us and leave Sun., and will help us out on one of our plans for showing Kim. Will do this in segments, in case it's too long. We have two things we are working on for excitement. One, the bug man. He came each month the first 3 months, then, will come quarterly. His first time was Jan., and now it's time again for this quarter. The place calls and leaves a recorded message as to what day they will come. They called and will be here Monday.

The guy has been here 4 times now, and Kim has been at the gym each time. I told him the first time that I work in my basement, so he could let himself in. He always starts upstairs and comes down, finishing in the basement and that's when I realize he's there. Twice he's scared me as I didn't know he was coming, telling him I just forgot they called.

The fact he knows I've fogotten, and Kim has never been here tells me this would work. Any input from others i'd appreciate. We've talked about 3 different senarios. From our master bath you can see a mirror in our room that shows our door. Plan 1: We watch for him to pull up. Kim, having just had a shower, is naked in the bathroom watching in the mirror. Kim's robe is on our bed. Kim walks out of our room, suddenly notices him and him her, dashes to the bed for her robe, turns around and puts it on. Then apologizes over and over for embarrassing him, at the same time, laughing a little at her own supposed embarrassment. He'll probably apologize not knowing she would be there, and that I've told him to let himself in, with Kim assuring him was ok. Plan 2: This time, like before, Kim is in the bathroom waiting,wearing a gown she has that is not sexy looking,but very thin cotton and reveals what there is or isn't underneath. She comes into the bedroom startled, they go thru the he didn't know stuff, and Kim tells him she's sick, with a kleenex to her nose. Kim tells him to go ahead in there and she'd pick up things in the bathroom, towels, some clothes, etc, trying to time his entrance to the bathroom as she bends over to pick up something, then saying she was gonna go back to bed.

Our third plan: Kim, again is home sick. She is lying in bed 'asleep', naked on her back, slightly peeking, as he comes to the door. We feel he will either be afraid of getting caught and get in trouble, or knowing I'm in the basement, enjoy looking at Kim's pussy and tits. I'm quite sure he wouldn't go in and spray, but he might look good, go to another room and come look some more. He has to come back by our room, so Kim will rollover when he walks off and when he comes back, offer herself from the rear for his viewing pleasure.

I told Kim the bug man would have to be a one time thing, so we would have to make it count. She wanted to know about the guy, age, looks, etc., and I told her he was 30's,avg. looks. We will do several 'practise' runs to get it right. If you were the bug man which would be best, and does it seem accidental enough?

Our other plan will happen Sun. I've been wanting a new truck and thought we'd go looking. Nothing fancy, just a single cab. The last couple times I've test drove, the salesman went to telling me which way to go. Kim will wear a miniskirt, a thin cotton print, her white halter top that I described earlier (the one that gives a full view of tit and nipple from the side), and sexy panties. I'm pushing for see-thru, Kim hasn't said. We actually did a few practice runs on this yesterday. In a car she can pull both legs around and out to the ground, but in my truck, it's more natural to go one leg at a time. We figure sitting in the truck, the salesman will easily see Kim's left breast and nipple, and once he's out will surely hold the door for her. Sitting in the middle, Kim will have to slide to the right, moving her right leg out to start it off, and then her legs will be open as one leg goes to the ground. In trying this with me as the salesman sitting next to Kim, her nipple shows easily. As I get out and hold the door, I watch as Kim slides over and out, and yes ,a full, quick view between her legs is there. Problem is it's too quick, and we needed a stall as she is about to exit. I solved that. Kim will carry a folder with a few papers in it and when we get in the truck, lay it down on the dash.

As we finish our test, I'll watch as Kim's leg gets to the edge, and legs open, and say, "Kim,your folder". She'll stop where she is to reach back for the folder, leaving her crotch in view for a matter of 3-5 seconds, plenty of time for him to see her pussy if she wears see-thru panties. It's hard practicing this without a third person, so Larry will help us Sun. before he leaves.

Kim is both nervous and excited about the truck and the bug guy. Where we are there are dozens of new dealerships, and I told Kim we can let lots and lots of guys see her tits and pussy all day, and she said knowing that many guys have seen her is such a hot thought. Won't be able to get back until Mon. morning before Kim gets up, but hope I will have alot of excitement to share even before the bug man arrives.

As I said earlier Larry was to stay the nite with us and leave tomorrow but came over around 2:00, and said he had decided to go ahead and go, drive part way, get a motel and finish tomorrow. He said otherwise he'd be on the road all day. I told him we had thought about one last bit of excitement tonight, especially since the weekend offered nothing for him with George being there tho it was limited with Kim. He said he sure wouldn't mind tasting those sweet little nipples one more time, if Kim was ok. Kim took his hands and placed them on her boobs, and Larry squeezed them. He reached down to the bottom of Kim's t-shirt and lifted as she raised her arms. Kim unhooked her bra and removed it. Kim suggested laying down, so we went to the guest room, and she told Larry to take his pants off. As Larry sucked Kim's nipples, she reached and pulled his cock and Larry brought it to Kim's mouth. Kim wasted no time going down on him just as she said she would.

This was twice I'd seen her do this for Larry. Wish I could say how long and hot it was, but it didn't last long. I saw Kim stop for just a second or two, heard Larry moan, and realized he was cumming. Kim started back and kept going until he was thru, taking the last bit that oozed out. To me, that was so damn hot to see. Usually when Kim does something hot, she turns to kiss me, and I was so hoping she wouldn't, and she didn't. Larry said he hoped that was ok he just couldn't hold it, and Kim told him it was fine she didn't mind. She turned to me and said she couldn't do two, and I told her I'd wait. Kim went to brush her teeth, and then came back and that was pretty much it, other than a little emotional good byes.

As soon as he left then she kissed me and said she not to before. I told her how incredibly hot that was watching her, and she said it certainly was not planned. She said she always knows when I'm about to cum and knew the first time she did that to him he was about to, so let him do it on her boobs, but this time she had no clue until it hit the back of her throat, and didn't know whether to pull away, or just do it, but just went ahead and let him finish. Kim says she always builds up alot of saliva, so when I cum it's easy to swallow, but she wasn't expecting it and almost gagged. I told her I still thought it was hot, and she said she's glad he liked it cause she didn't with no warning. Kim's napping, and I have to get her up to go eat."

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