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Flashing at Car Dealerships ...

JOHN - "To be honest, I have every intention of something happening with George, even if I take his hand and put it on Kim. And I honestly don't think she will mind or stop it. Before waking Kim last nite to go eat, I went out and cut 3 roses for her. I layed down next to her and she was already awake. She told me how sweet the flowers were, and added that she sucked another man off and her husband gives her flowers, and bets not many couples have that.

She was holding me and asked why it turned me on for other men to see her naked. I told her it turned me on for guys to see anything they weren't suppose to see, down her shirt, up her skirt or up shorts. I told her she had an incredible body and it especially tuned me on when she is the one showing it off instead of something I suggest, like being naked at the lake.

That it just gives me a rush seeing her make something happen for our excitement. She asked why did sexual contact and seeing her give and receive oral pleasure with another man turn me on. I said anytime she is hot it turns me on, and when Larry ate her or sucked her nipples, I saw her hot. When I fucked her and saw her take Larry's cock into her mouth, I saw her hot. She said when she did Larry before he left she wasn't hot, but was the first time having us both inside her.

She said she knows its not fair, but she doesn' t want me to do stuff with other women, and feels if we do anything with George or someone else down the road, sexually, that I'll start wanting other women. I told her I hadn't even thought that way and enjoy the way it is now. I asked had she thought about George eating her and she said yes. She said she already knows if she's naked all the time, he's watching us do things, that his joining in is gonna happen, she doesn't know when. I asked, "Do you want George to eat your pussy?" She said not to ask her things like that, that she didn't know yet. Kissing her, I told her I thought she wanted him to and was afraid to say it. Kim was heating up now, so I kept on, asking her if she'd get hot if he did eat her, and she said probably, if she'd like to wrap her hand around his cock, and she said maybe. Kim finally pulled away saying all this was making her horny and she can't do anything. She then slid down and started sucking and licking on my cock. I told her to show me how she'd suck George's cock, and she said she never said she would suck George, smiled and sucked me off. Today is our truck shopping day so I'll get Kim up and hope for a hot day.

The bug man plan went better than even expected, as Kim added something to it I had no idea was gonna happen. Kim's running errands, so I'll tell about the bug guy tomorrow morning, as I don't have time now. I need to tell her about all this, feel kinda guilty sharing and her not knowing, and feel the more into it she gets, the less pissed at me she'll be. We practised our routine getting out of my trucks several times before we left. Kim did go with the see thru panties, no lining, just all see thru, and I guess better than half her pussy showed. She would have had to rock back to show it all. But, most of it showed and showed quite clearly. Instead of going to lots of dealers, we went to 5, but drove 2 trucks. The first time, Kim would slide out giving the free shot, but quickly. Figuring he would be more ready the next time, she would hold the pose to get the folder and give a good look.

Kim called and is on her way home, so won't get all this in. We both wore dark glasses so we could see where their eyes were. None of them were missing a thing. Even out of the truck they'd stand next to Kim to look at her nipples, while I walked around the truck. Kim said she had no idea guys were so desperate. The last place was the one closest to us. The guy happened to be the general manager and usually not even there, but saw us and came up to us. After the two test drives, and lots of looking he kept saying he had seen Kim somewhere, and finally said tennis. He said his wife's team played Kim's team last week and told Kim she was really good. Cutting this short, he asked Kim could she help his wife who was a beginner, and Kim said she would, that they play again on Tues. and she'd talk to her, if he introduces them. He said he may or may not be there, but he'll tell his wife to find Kim. Told I'd think about the truck and see him later. Once in the truck, Kim said she couldn't believe she spent an hour letting this guy look at her everywhere, and he knows and will see her again.

Hated to rush thru yesterday's post, but I was hurried. After each showing at a dealership, Kim would talk about seeing the guy looking between her legs as she got out and what a rush it would give her knowing he saw not only her panties, but her pussy as well. That it was such a turn on knowing they want to see her, and even more of a turn on knowing she wanted them to see her. The guy who recognized her was Rick. She asked if I thought he'd say anything to his wife about what he saw, and I assured her he wasn't gonna tell her how he looked inside her halter at her nipples and up her skirt at her pussy in see thru panties. Kim laughed and said she guesses not. She asked if I thought if he was at their match Tues., would he be in the stands looking at her and thinking about what all he saw, and I said I'm sure he would be. I asked would that bother her game and she said no, just before and after.

We got home and after laying the keys down, I turned around and Kim put her arms around my neck and her tongue in my mouth, telling me after five days without me, she needed me so bad. Said she was already so horny, and then watching 5 men looking between her legs just made it even worse. She looked at me and asked me to please fuck her now. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Kim use to never talk to me like she does now, much less tell me she is actually horny to be fucked, in fact, she never used the word fuck. I think she has found that by letting her inhibitions go some, realizing how much excitement her body can create for others as well as us, how much stronger it has made our relationship both in and out of bed. I love her so much for trying so hard and doing things she never would have before.

When Kim is truly hot, she loves sex to last a long time, with tons of oral. She loves being on top, riding, and then pull off and up to my mouth and ride my tongue, then back on my cock. Or, when facing away, pulling off and going 69 awhile and then back on me again. In whatever position, she wants to mix oral and fucking together. She said it turned her on that Rick would fantasize about what he saw if he was at the match. I told her I know he will be there, and not only fantasizing about what he saw, but about what he'd love doing to her pussy. We just about wore ourseves out, and I told her to save some for after the bug man left Mon. The bug man is Rob. Got Kim up and, again, we practised what to do. Kim was alot more nervous about this than Sun. showing herself, cause she said she was completely naked and didn't know how Rob would react. She said her biggest worry is that she would embarrass him instead of excite him. One thing extra that I added to this, without Kim's knowledge, was something I've read on other threads. Panty sniffing. I feel almost perverted. I couldn't help but wonder if Rob had ever gone in the hamper and smelled Kim's panties in the 4 trips he'd been here.

So, I arranged two pair of Kim's panties so if they were moved, I'd know it, actually laying them next to the hamper, and later I'd check. Kim would consider this disgusting, so if he did it I was gonna tell her about it, but if not, I wouldn't. Kim was gonna jump in the shower to wet her hair when we saw him coming down our street.

It was time and here he came. I kissed Kim, and she said she was so nervous. I told her she could back out, but she said she wouldn't. Kim said she watched for him and her heart was racing with fear, excitement, or whatever. She saw him come in the bedroom, and gave him time to get in a good spot to see her, and she said she walked in. Kim said she got half way to the bed and they saw each other. Kim said she stopped, acted as tho she was trying to cover her tits with her hands, but his eyes were on her pussy. She apologized and went to her robe, and said he was saying something about not knowing she was home, etc., and Kim said she picked her robe up, but rather than turning around to hide her front, she put it on with him looking. The plan was she'd put it on, hold it together and run in the bathroom to button it, but she said they were like both apologizing and he explaining I've told him just to come in, and that he sure didn't need to get in trouble."

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