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JOHN - "Kim said she just stood there buttoning it up from the top, still exposed from her waist down and telling him he was not in any kind of trouble as he watched her. Kim was in front of the mirror and could see her nipples thru the material some. She told him it was her fault, not his, and nothing else would be said about it and said she hoped she didn't embarrass him. She said he assured her she didn't. Kim said at that point she felt excitement instead of nervous realizing he liked it.

She came down to the basement and over to me and I coulnd't wait to check her pussy, and it was so wet. She told me what happened and about staying in there to button it up while he looked, and he got a longer look than planned. She said her nipples showed some and I looked and they did.

I told her to turn around and saw that her ass crack showed some as well. I told Kim to pull it tight in the front and when she did, the robe was tight against her ass and really showed good. I told her to let her hair come to the front against her nipples and it would dampen the material and give a better view.

In few minutes, Rob came down. He seemed quiet, and I was gonna introduce Kim, and Kim said they met upstairs. This let him think Kim didn't tell me about him seeing her and he was ok after that. Kim told him we'd had a few ants come in the kitchen and could he do anything about that. He said when he finished, if she'd show him where, he'd take care of it.

When he was ready, Kim led him up the stairs, she went first and I saw was holding her robe a little tighter so he could see her ass. I had conference calls at 9:00 with several clients, and told Kim I'd see her later.

From here on is Kim's version of what happened. She said as they went up the stairs, her heart was racing again. She said she unbuttoned the last two buttons on the way up, not knowing if it would show anything or not. She showed him where she saw the ants, and said he kept trying to look at her nipples showing, so she looked away as she talked so he could. She was next to the sink and he bent down to open the cabinet, putting him level with her pussy and just a few inches away, and that he was looking at her crotch. Kim said she moved one leg over an sort of leaned down to see if he saw ants, and this opened up to show her pussy. She said he sort of moved in the cabinet and turned over as to look up at the cabinet. Kim said she couldn't see his face but knew he could se her pussy completely in her position and said he probably saw how wet she was, but she didn't care. She said she let him look for probably a full minute before standing up, and he came right out then. He said the nest was probably outside, that he'd look. Kim said just let her know.

Kim went upstairs, and said her legs were like numb. She wondered if he would come upstairs to tell her what he found. She said she didn't know if he would call her name before he got to our room or just come in, but if he called, she would just ask him to wait a minute. But, if he didn't call her name she had one more chance to let him see her.

Kim said she took her robe off, got some string bikini panties out, and a sports bra, as she would be going to the gym when he left. She said she thought about being naked if he came in but thought maybe it would be too obvious being naked twice. She said she put her panties on and waited. She heard the door open and close and knew he was inside. She heard the basement door open and in just a minute close, so he went down there to find her. She knew he was on his way up and put her sports bra as if just about to pull it over her head, and hoping he wouldn't call her before he got to the room.

She said just as she saw movement at the door, she pulled her bra over her head. As she looked, he was at the door, her tits fully exposed as she quickly moved the bra over her. Again, he apologized, saying the door was open. Kim said it was ok, she thought he was outside, but at least she had something on this time. To make sure he didn't leave, she said she immediately asked him about the ants as she adjusted her sports bra and he looked at her panties. While he explained he found the nest, Kim interrupted him, telling him to keep talking as she walked past him, saying her shorts were in the bathroom. For about ten feet he got to look at her ass and Kim said when she reached the bathroom and looked in the mirror, he was at the door and his eyes were on her ass. Said she picked up her shorts and put them on while they talked, and then he left. I was on the phone, still, when Kim came down and layed a note on the desk and kissed the top of my head and left. The note said she was going to the gym. That Rob got a good long look at her pussy in the kitchen, and told me about the bedroom, but not in detail. This was torture, wanting to know everything and stuck on the phone.

I could never be much of an erotic story teller without Kim, as she is what makes this work. She has been unbelievable this last month, I guess it's been, in her determination to make sex work for us. And the most important part of it all, is that it turns her on. I was afraid she would do things just because I asked her to, but that's not the case. She wants to turn me on, likes to see other men turned on, and wants to be turned on herself. A month ago, Kim was seldom wet for sex, or if so, it didn't last long and out came the lube. Now, she is always wet, stays that way, and we haven't used the lube since Larry first walked over.

I posted yesterday Kim's version of what the note was about and what happened upstairs. Before she got back,I remembered the panties I left outside the hamper to test Rob. I went upstairs to check on them, and sure enough, they were not how I fixed them. Rob, the bug man was indeed a panty sniffer. Had he done this his previous 4 trips here, or just today after seeing Kim naked and she came to the basement? Having honestly never smelled a pair of panties, I did these just to see what it was. Kim's pussy always smells like a perfume, never asked what she does or uses but it's nice. This was the same smell in the panties. I decided not to tell her about this until she got back, explained her note, we got hot, and had sex, cause I didn't think she would like it.

Once she got back and told me what I told you yesterday, she was horny. Not that I wasn't, but I had missed all of it and told Kim we had to do it all over again with me being Rob, and seeing what he saw. Kim thought that sounded like fun, went up and put her robe on, naked underneath, and came back.

I asked what inspired her to do the extra as far as going to the kitchen and our room and she said the other nite I told her it turned me on more when she made excitement happen, so she planned this. Going up the stairs, I could see her ass crack so knew Rob had, too. She positioned me the way Rob had been under the sink, with her unable to see his eyes. Then Kim moved her leg to where it had been and leaned down as she had. I said, "Damn Kim", and she asked did it show, and I told her the whole thing showed, even her clit and it was all moist. She said that was what he saw, too, then. She said it was for about a minute while they talked. She saw my raging hard on in my shorts and I asked did Rob have a hard on. She said she didn't look there, just at his face to see if it moved looking for ants, or stayed put looking at her. It stayed put.

I got out and gave Kim a really hot kiss, telling her I couldn't believe she stood there letting him stare at her wet pussy, and she said she didn't know how much he could see, but is glad he saw it all including her clit. She re-enacted the scene in the bedroom when he came up, and that was all either of us could take. I told Kim I loved what it did to her when other men see her body, and she said it turns her on that they want to look, and turns her on that it turns me on for her to show her body. "

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