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Kim Posts for the 1st Time ...

JOHN - "After our sex over Rob being there I told Kim about the panties and she could not believe I did that or that any guy would want to smell dirty panties, saying that was disgusting. I asked if it excited her at all that Rob, after seeing her naked, wanted to smell her pussy, and she said not from the day before. She asked had he done it the other times and I told her I didn't know. She said it may turn guys on, but it certainly doesn't her. She looked at me and asked if I smelled them, and I couldn't help but laugh, and she slapped at me saying I was sick. I told her I just wanted to smell what he had that was it.

Last nite at the match, I ended up sitting with Rick. I knew he'd be there. He talked to Kim just a minute before and she was fine. She said he'll never know that she knows he saw her. After the match, he introduced his wife, Gail, attractive, early thirties. They set up for Kim to work with her today, and then swim. They have their own court and pool. Rick said it was a run down place they fixed up, otherwise he wouldn't have a tennis court. Kim said she felt guilty having shown herself to Rick and his wife so nice to her.

When we got home Kim admitted she couldn't help but wonder if Rick was thinking about having seen her tits, nipples and pussy thru her panties, cause she had been thinking about it standing next to him. Kim said she hopes he can't read minds, cause she was remembering opening her legs for him and seeing him look, and it was exciting her. I told Kim it would not surprise me if he shows up at home while she was there to check her out in a bathing suit. She said he couldn't see anything in a bathing suit, and I said he might if her legs were open. Kim said she coudn't do anything like that with Gail there. I've talked to Kim about the massage with Sam, who has called a hundred times, and she said she wants the excitement of it, but doesn't like Sam, but said maybe we could before the lake.

Off to the sack we went. Sam is out anyway, Kim just really can't stand his pushy ways. Wants a massage elsewhere. As far as George goes, we will tell him this weekend, like we told Larry, that what we do we do for excitement. Kim said what all happened 2 weeks ago at the lake, even tho no contact from them, made her feel like a slut, but was very hot. She said she'd feel better if George knows why, and not think of her in a bad way. I don't know if I mentioned we have Larry's place all summer, minus the boat. He's selling it but not until this fall, and told us to enjoy it. The boat is at the marina to be sold. After almost two days of not talking, we haven't said much about the lake, but anything there can be posted, since he will know it's for us. If he came across this site, he would know it was us, but know why.

At this point John had told Kim about him posting thier adventures online. At first she was a little upset but got to liking it and started posting herself.

KIM - I may not be fully awake, but will respond before I go to the gym. Things will be hectic here later. My most exciting time so far had to be two weeks ago at the lake, sitting in John's lap, he fingering me while I masturbated in front of 'Larry' and 'George'. When 'John' asked me to look at them, it gave me one of the biggest orgasms ever. Masturbation is a private thing for me, and something I seldom do in front of even John. Before I met John, I had sex one time with one guy. I've read books, girlfriend talk, etc., but I guess, no, I know, another woman with a lot of experience could pleasure 'John' in ways I don't know about. A little insecure, I guess. In no way do I want what we have to turn into swinging, anyway, and neither does 'John'. Hope I did all right.

JOHN - Kim and I got back late Sun. and crashed. Friday was beautiful and hot but the weekend forecast had been for much cooler and cloudy, and that held true. Kim had bought a new thong (a real one, unlike those 2 weeks ago) but never got to wear it. We left around 2:00 Fri. to look at boats. Just before getting on the expressway, we pulled in to get gas. I had just put the nozzle in and a car pulled in behind me. Kim had gone to the bathroom and to get us something to drink. In the car behind me were a middle aged man and woman and a guy I figured to be 18-20 yrs old. The younger guy was shaking their hands, thanking them for the ride, etc.

He asked me if I was going north by any chance, and I said yes, but I was thinking this day and age you just don't pick up strangers. The older man seeing that I was uncomfortable, assured me he was a nice guy. I told him I was going as far as the lake and he said that's where he was going. He said he had to run to the bathroom and would be right back. Kim came back while he was gone and said some guy opened the door for her and told her she just made his day. I told her about our passenger and she wasn't too happy, but I told her he had been riding with the couple behind us and he was going to the lake. I told her too bad she wasn't wearing her infamous white halter to give him a nipple shot, and she reminded me George would probably see alot more than that. I suggested she could slide her miniskirt down her legs so that when she puts her feet on the floor hump in the middle, it would look really hot. She raised up and pulled it down some, to where she put her hand there to hide her crotch from showing.

Finally, the guy came out and as he climbed in next to Kim, he had quite the surprised look, as it was he who told Kim she had made his day. I told him that was ok, as she makes my day everyday. He said could believe that. We exchanged names and he was Jay, a junior in college, and going to the lake for a outdoor concert there. His car was in the shop, so he'd stay in his friends' room and go back Sat. to get his car. Said he had one more week of school.

We told him we going to the marina and he said that's where the concert was. Kim had long since moved her hand, but as low as the skirt was, you couldn't quite see her crotch. I knew that when we parked, if he got out and held the door for Kim, there was no way for her to get out without showing it all as low as it was. And I was right. When we stopped, he got out and Kim looked at me and asked my side or his, and I nodded his way. Kim smiled at me, knowing she was getting ready to give a full view of her crotch whether she wanted to or not. Unfortunately, she wasn't wearing see thru panties. We said our goodbyes and I told Kim she definitely made his day then, and she said she enjoyed it too.

We found, as we looked at boats that most involved her going down into the boat. The salesman always went first and then turned to help Kim down, I'm sure looking up the back of her skirt. The tank top she had on was a short one, loose and lowcut. She wore a lacy push up bra to accent her tits, and when bending over, she gave a complete show. A show she gave often, and the guy was right there with her. A couple boats, she had to sit on the edge and swing her legs around, and even tho she kept her legs together, her panties still showed. One boat would have required her to actually lift her leg up and over to get in. The salesman, of course, got in first to wait, but Kim asked him to turn around so she could get in, later saying that was too obvious. We found a couple we liked, but decided to eat and then check out the concert."

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