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Exhibitionist Wife Kim - 22

Meeting Jay ...

JOHN - "We sat down in the back on the ground for the concert and waited. I bought a styrofoam cooler, beer and wine coolers for Kim. Kim sat with her legs slightly up at an angle, and walked up ahead to look back, and yes, things looked good. Awhile later 2 guys got in front of us and kept sneaking peeks. They were kinda nerdy looking, possibly the first cotch they'd seen. Kim made the comment they weren't very good at sneaking, as they'd turn their heads leaving their eyes on Kim's crotch. A couple times, Kim turned to get in the cooler and opened up to let them look. One of them rolled over on his stomach facing us acting like he was looking around. Kim said he was getting braver, and I asked her if she'd get braver. She said the wine coolers were getting to her, and with a good little kiss, she might forget for a minute she has on that skirt. I leaned over, kissed her and pressed down on one of her legs, which she lowered, sitting with one leg up and one open and out.

I opened my left eye and looked down at her open legs and then at the guys. Both were looking right there. Kim asked if they were looking and I said staring was more like it. You would never believe what happened next. The one guy pulled out a flip phone and snapped pictures of Kim's crotch. I ended up running them off. I went to the bathroom and when I came back, Jay was where Kim was. He told us he had been looking for us and told us his friends didn't get a room and would be leaving after the concert. He asked if he could possibly crash in our truck for the nite. Kim told him our place was one big room, but had a sofa he could sleep on that he didn't need to sleep in the truck. He left saying he'd meet us at the truck after the concert.

Once it was dark, I was fooling around under Kim's skirt. Tried to get her to take her panties off, but she said Jay was riding back with us, and she wouldn't. We met Jay afterwards, and got in the truck, Kim not too careful because of the buzz from the coolers. It was almost 2:00am. Kim went in the bathroom and put on a t-shirt over her panties to sleep in. The place was really hot, temperature wise. Larry has a window air unit but takes it with him so it won't be stolen. We opened the windows but it didn't help. Jay asked if his boxers were ok to sleep in and Kim told him sure.

Kim turned off the lights and we went to bed. The sofa was sort of at an angle to us. Jay was on his back with one arm covering his head, tho dark, there was plenty of light from the outside and one in the kitchen area that stays on, nite light. Kim was between me and Jay, as we lay kissing some. After awhile, I moved my hand between Kim's legs, rubbing her thru her panties, under the sheet. I tried to push her panties down and she caught my hand, asking if Jay was asleep. I looked over and he was in that same position, so I told Kim I was sure he was.

We got her panties off and my shorts off. I got her to sit up and remove her top. She looked over at Jay as she did. She laid back down, her back to Jay, sheet at her waist, as we continued kissing. Kim reached down and stroked my cock and told me she was so horny from everyone looking up her skirt. As I rubbed her back, I was sliding the sheet lower and lower, with Kim not resisting. Finally, I had it down to her knees, her ass totally exposed, and I was so hoping Jay was awake. I pulled one of Kim's legs up over mine, giving a rear pussy view. Kim was breathing hard, and whispered, "You don't think he'll wake up do you?" I told her to keep her orgasm quiet, but even if he did wake up, he's not going to say anything, just watch probably. I asked would she care if he watched us saw her, etc. She said she didn't want to embarrass him. I told her that wasn't what I asked, and asked her again if she would care if he watched and saw everything, and she said no.

Kim moved down and started sucking my cock, glancing over his way often. Her ass and pussy were up and in his view. She moved up and mounted me riding slowly. She leaned down and told me we need to to orally, that she might get too loud. We kissed and I told her I wanted to spread her wide, his way, and if by any chance he was awake I wanted him to watch me fuck her. She was smokin hot. In a minute, Kim moved back down and finished me off with her mouth. Then, I took my turn and moved between her legs, hoping when she came she'd wake Jay up. He was still in the same position on the sofa. When Kim came, it was big, her hips arching, but no noise, As I moved back up I saw Kim look over at Jay so I did, and just then, he rolled over onto his side. Kim was pulling the sheet up as I came up, and as I met her kiss, she whispered, "Oh God, he was watching us the whole time. "I said that's how it looks and I was glad he saw her completely naked and hot.

We fell asleep, naked. Just about daylight, I awoke to noise. Kim was lying on her back, slightly turned and the sheet was down past her naval. I looked at the sofa and realized Jay was in the bathroom, meaning he just got a full view of Kim naked above the waist. I took the sheet and moved it just pass Kim's pubic hair which was filling in pretty good after shaving it 2 weeks ago, and almost to her pussy to give Jay a full frontal view of Kim naked. The toilet flushed and I acted asleep as he came out. He reached down and squeezed his cock as he looked at her. I was trying to think of how I could move, and move the sheet on down to show her pussy. I should have done that to start with. But, Kim turned over on to her stomach, taking the sheet way past her ass. Thru almost closed eyes, I saw Jay move to the end of the bed, I know to get a pussy look from the rear. Soon, I acted like I was waking up and he moved to the sofa.

I raised up and looking at Kim's naked body, remarked about the free shot as I covered her. I got up went to the bathroom and then Kim woke up. I heard her tell Jay good morning. Kim said she was starving. Jay and I put our pants on told her to get dressed and we'd go. Kim picked her panties and shirt up and was putting them on under the sheet. I told her when I woke up she was lying there naked, so trying to hide was pointless. She asked Jay was he up and he said he was first up and she made his day again. Kim had her panties on and raised up to put her top on. She put on some shorts and looked down at her boobs and asked if anything showed thru, and Jay looked and told her no. We ate, Jay left, and we went back.

KIM --> Hi guys,'Kim' here. Trying to comment on what was asked. I had my shirt on under the sheet, but sat up to pull it down. So quick, 'Jay' probably didn't see anything. At that time,'John' had told me 'Jay' had seen me naked, but I assumed he meant my butt because when I woke up, I was on my stomach. It wasn't until we got back from eating that I found out he had seen the other side, too.

Was I fantasizing that 'Jay' was watching us? To be honest, yes. Hoping even that he was. Eye contact? No, I just looked over and saw he was turning over on his side. It was not brought up, but he stayed in one position until we were finished, and then moved, so I would think he saw. We both wished after we got back that we had exchanged phone numbers and possibly invited him back sometime.

As far as the being watched, I truly enjoy that. I feel hotter in that than the 3-some stuff we did with Larry. I know you guys want to here the 3-some is hotter, but for me, at least now, I like being watched. I wish 'John' had asked 'Jay' if he watched, but at least I do know he saw me the next morning, and that excites me.

Actually, we didn't see George until Saturday night, as he left us a note to come over. 'John' will go into that later, but, no, I didn't have any sexual contact with him. Excitement, yes, but no sex. We told him about our need for excitement and he wants to be part of it.

JOHN - Try to get Sat. in now. After dropping Jay off, Kim and I went back. Kim was asking when Jay saw her backside uncovered, were her legs open, how long did he look, etc. We got our clothes off and in bed, and I told Kim the part about her being on her back uncovered when I woke up, and Jay was in the bathroom. I told her about my pushing the sheet down past her pubic hair, but not showing her pussy. Kim was so turned on hearing that he basicaly had seen her totally naked. I told her how he rubbed his cock while looking at her. She then said we should have gotten his phone # and invited him up here, that maybe we could have had lots of excitement together. I asked Kim by "together" did she mean the three of us in bed, and thru her kisses and increased breathing, she said "Maybe".

I told her about her rolling over and him going to the end of the bed, obviously to look between her legs. I told her I couldn't look back, but he was there awhile and one of her legs was angled, so they were apart. Kim asked how long I let him look at it before waking up and covering her, and I told her quite a while, that I wanted him to see her pussy even wanted him to want it, touch it, taste it, and enjoy it like Larry did. Kim was so hot now, asking what else I'd like to see, and I told her I'd love to see her hands and mouth on his cock, while I fucked her from the rear. Seeing her wanting it, hot for it, and satisfying it, and cleaning it up. At this point, Kim got on my cock, slowly humping me, kissing me and telling me how hot having that with us would be for her. We continued until we both exploded. "

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