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Exhibitionist Wife Kim - 23

Masturbating for George ...

JOHN - "I won't have time to get in to the whole evening, but we did talk to George about excitement and he said he loved what happened 2 weeks ago and had hoped it wasn't a one time thing. He told Kim he loves seeing her naked and if she wants to take her clothes off right then, he'd love it, and added he'd even help. Kim said, "Look but not touch, and you can make me naked, now." George agreed and Kim walked over to him and asked him to undress her. As he was sliding her panties down he commented on her hair growing back in, and asked if we wanted to do the things we did before. Kim asked him what he wanted to do. George was still on his knees in front of Kim's pussy, and told her not to ask him what he wanted to do. We all laughed knowing what he wanted to do. I'll stop here and continue either later or tomorrow. Kim is reading this and ready to go to the gym, so I'll go.

Thanks alot for all your comments, and, again, Kim's not out of the picture, I think she thought this was more like some kind of chat room type thing. She may even post sometimes, who knows. She is still reading it all. I have a big surprise for Kim this weekend, unfortunately, I can't say what cause Kim will read it. I may take my notebook to the lake and try to post from there if time permits. We'll leave early Fri., as we are going to pick up our new (used) boat, and the guy will show us how to get in and out of the water, off the trailer, etc., as we have no clue. I tried to get Kim to wear her new thong she couldn't wear last week, but she won't. She did promise to wear her black string bikini. The guy said to have our suits on as we'd be in and out of the water during our 'training'. This black bikini looks really hot on Kim with her long dark hair and tanned skin, but the best part is that 5 minutes after she has it on, it basicaly turns into a thong cause of the type butt she has. Kim and I are both hoping for some good crotch views during our 'training', with Kim saying she do her part.

Back to last Sat. After George told Kim she didn't need to ask him what he wanted to do, after removing her panties, he said what he'd really like is for Kim to stay naked while the steaks and all cooked, thru dinner and then for the excitement. Kim had been naked alot on the dock sunbathing, but not just walking around naked in front of someone that long. She looked at me and I said it sounded good to me, so she said ok. Just watching her move around the kitchen, naked, in front of us was hot even tho no sexual things were going on. Once, while George was out on the deck with the steaks, Kim kissed me and said that just walking around so casually, naked, was hot. I felt between her legs, she giggled, and said, "I told you", as the wetness proved her point.

After dinner, we moved to the greatroom, and Kim sat down on the arm of the sofa and said it was time for us to get our clothes off. George asked Kim to pull his underwear off as he had hers, and she said ok. She knelt in front of him and slid them off, looking at his semi hard cock she uncovered. She took the end of her finger, and tapping it one time on the head of his cock, told him it looked better completely hard. George suggested she make it hard, but she told him that's not in the rules, but she likes looking at it. When she first touched it with her finger, I thought we were gonna have contact, but then my heart sank when she mentioned rules. Somehow, just seeing that she touched his cock was hot for me.

George sat Kim back on the armrest, kneeled in front of her, and said he'd love to watch her play. Kim was like looking for a place to put her legs, and he told her to put them on his shoulders, and she did, and reached down to play. I stood next to George with a raging hard on watching Kim spread open in front of him and he just a matter of inches from her pussy. I hoped he was in control and wouldn't blow it by making contact. George asked Kim did she ever please herself with a vibrator, and Kim said I bought her one, but it was a little too big, and moved too much. He asked had she ever used other things as a dildo such as banannas, cucumbers, etc. Kim just looked at him like he was kinky, and said, "You've got to be kidding?" I told her I had heard of that, and she looked at me and asked was this some kind of joke. At first I thought she was offended by George suggesting that, but now I realized she honestly didn't know. George said you put a condom on it and enjoy it just like a dildo, and told her to wait. He went to the kitchen and came back holding up the bunch of bannanas. Kim looked at him, looked at me, and started laughing. She said, "I'm sitting here, naked, horny, and ya'll want me to choose which one of these bannanas I want to make it with?" She said ok, she'd play along, and began searching thru the bannanas and finally deciding on one, about the size of our cocks, but with a big curve. George went to get a condom.

George put it on and handed it to Kim, who wasn't being too serious about it. Placing it against her mouth she asked if banannas like oral. I told her we were being serious about this and I think she finally realized we weren't playing a joke on her.

She began running her tongue up and down it, and then into her mouth. She later told me we had talked about if anyone did ever join in, a condom would have to be used for oral, and she wanted to see what it felt like to her. George asked her to lie back and slide it in, which left her pussy a few inches higher cause of the armrest. I'm standing there about to blow my load watching Kim fucking herself, rubbing her clit and George inches away. Kim was so hot knowing he was right seeing it all, that you could hear her juices popping with each stroke. She called me to her, and I knelt down and kissed her hard, and she asked for my cock. Her head was like off the sofa, so she took my cock in her mouth sort of up side down, something we hadn't done. I knew I couldn't last, George was stroking his cock hard, and Kim was humping hard. We all came within seconds of each other. Kim was moaning as she took the last of my load and cleaned me up, slowly moving on the bannana. She pulled away from my cock looked up and said she loved me so much, and I told her the same.

She raised up, pulled the banana out and held it up. Her cream covered the condom and bananna. She took the end of her finger and collected some cream and brought it to her tongue, all the while looking at George and him, her, and she licked it off her finger. George said, "Damn". Kim then ran her finger up and down the bananna, collecting a finger full, and this time, took it to George's mouth and inside. As he closed his lip, she pulled her finger out. George told her she had fulfilled his fantasy of wanting to taste her. He looked at Kim's pussy, and knowing what he wanted, she said his name, and said, "SORRY". George knew he couldn't have it. I'll take it after we got back, later.

Kim usually won't do anything around here but is getting braver. Wednesday nite after tennis, Kim decided we'd eat fast food and didn't want to cook. The tennis outfit she had on was my favorite, super short skirt, black, and with it went a pair of short shorts, black. Not the pleated type skirt, just short and straight. This is the one I've mentioned I'd love for her to wear without the shorts that go with it. As we pulled out, she mentioned the drive in burger place (Sonic). Once out, Kim pulled her shorts off, turned towards me, and the skirt was up to her crotch. She said maybe the person who brings our food out will like looking, and unless he's a tennis panty expert, he won't know. But, this was all 'iffy'. The place has male and female workers, 18yrs and older. Kim said we had to hope for a guy and he had to be old enough, not one of the young ones. I told her they like to look too, and she told me not to ask, cause she wasn't showing to boys that age, even if they thought it was part of her outfit. So I figured we had a one in three chance. We placed our order and waited. We were at the end, so we had plenty of time. We kept seeing different people come around the corner to take the food. One guy came and looked like he was headed towards us, not the right age and I was telling him to go somewhere else. I asked him to leave the tray, and he left, as did the tingle in my pants. I saw another guy come around the corner, the right age and I just shook my head. Kim said we'd do something later.

I may be new at this, but I have voyeuristic mind, as it hit me. I started taking the rest of the stuff off the tray, told Kim to arrange herself, and she asked me what was I doing. I told her when that guy dropped his food off, I was gonna call him over to get our tray. She told me I was sick, I told her I was desperate. Kim turned towards me one leg straight, one leg up in the seat, crotch in full view. The panties were plain, but looked so good. The guy came up and said he'd be glad to take the tray, looking in. He asked Kim was she in the tournament going on and she said she was. He asked how she was doing, etc., anything to look longer. Even if he assumed they were tennis panties the view was hot. Kim didn't give one inch, keeping her legs open for him. Finally, he left.

Kim said she never expected him to stand there that long looking between her legs, and being that obvious. I asked her if she liked it. She leaned over, kissed me deep, and said very much so.

I will try to get the rest of this posted as I never know about weekend time. I'm taking my notebook, so will try to post over the weekend. "

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