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Meeting Ann ...

JOHN - "I had to tell Kim about the surprise today, otherwise the whole plan may not work. Remember Jay? I called the college he attends Monday. They wouldn't give me his # but would give him a message. I gave the time to call in the evenings when I knew Kim would be playing tennis. He called Wednesday, and I told him we meant to tell him to come up to the lake whenever he wanted, we're there every weekend. He said he'd love to and had even thought about driving up anyway. Said he could get up there around noon Sat., and I told him we'd have our boat. He asked how Kim was, and I said great. I told Jay I really needed to ask him something and he said sure. I told him about our getting frisky the last weekend thinking he was asleep, and that Kim had said just as we got thru, he rolled over, and that she had worried all week if maybe he wasn't asleep.

He sort of laughed and asked if Kim was gonna be upset if he wasn't asleep, or me, too, for that matter. I told him I didn't care but Kim might be embarrassed at first, but told him I really think Kim already knew the answer. Jay said while he was at this, he probably needed to add that when he went to the bathroom that morning, Kim was lying on her back, uncovered, and she thinks he only saw her backside uncovered. I asked, tho I knew, how uncovered in the front, and he said all the way down past her hair which looked like it was just growing back in. Of course, Kim and I both knew this but had to act like we didn't.

He said tell Kim not to be embarrassed that he's seen it all alot, and I said she'll worry she embarrassed him. He said seeing Kim naked is the last thing in the world that would embarrass him. I said I guess I need to tell her all this so she can just get over it. He said he didn't want to come and spoil our time, and I assured him he wouldn't.

Kim got really hot about all this, especially knowing for sure that Jay watched us have sex. I brought up what she had said about maybe wanting him to join us, and she said she did, really did, but don't ask her to promise or be mad if it doesn't happen. She said the thought of being in bed, naked, with me and Jay gives her goose bumps, but she has to know she really wants it at that time before she'll know for sure. She said she got caught up in all this with Larry, and did things with him she wishes she hadn't. She said she was not at all attracted to Larry in that way, just thought that's what she was suppose to do so we could be excited, and accepted the oral sex with him as part of it. I asked Kim why she didn't tell me all this then, and she didn't know why. She said she didn't want to make the same mistake with George and that's why she says no contact. She said all the other stuff with George she enjoys every bit as much as I do.

I asked how am I suppose to know if you want more with Jay. She said she let it happen with Larry cause he wanted it, but if it happens with Jay or anyone else it will be for her, not them. She put her arms around me and said she was very excited Jay will be there, hot to know he watched us, and said she was so horny over all of it that she needed me in bed. Kim is now sleeping but I need to get her up for her tennis.

Kim and I have had a great time here at the lake, today. Kim says she loves all the comments, and finds it quite amusing people are voting on whether or not she should do anything sexual with Jay. That if anything happens, Kim says it won't be passionate at all with Jay, just a sexual curiosity she has to see what it's like with two guys that turn her on. As for me, I don't have a jealous bone in my body. If Kim left me for some guy who satisfies her more in bed, I wouldn't feel I lost anything if that's all it takes. Kim's reading over my shoulder and just popped in the back. I told Kim if Jay joins us and it's not more fulfilling for her sexually, then we don't need 3-somes. If it's hotter for her then it will be for me. Kim says no intercourse or kissing, and I told her I could understand the kissing part, but intercourse is a big part of sex, and less fulfilling without it. Kim said if there was oral, there had to be condoms, and I don't know how that will go or how unsafe that is without one. Kim said Jay may have a girlfriend and not want sex. We have to figure what to do to get it to that point, that he will have to let us know that he's interested. She says she was only around him, awake, a few hours last time, and doesn't know how she'll feel after all day around him, or if he'll even spend the night.

As I type this, Kim says that if he acts like he's interested and we feel it, she probably will want to try it, just not sure whether just touching some this time, maybe more if he comes back, or alot more. The guy spent about 4 hours going over all the things on the boat this morning, mainly with Kim, as we fixed her bottoms, which tie on the sides, to keep coming down some as one side just wouldn't stay tied. He got alot of looks between Kim's legs, compliments of her.

George will be coming over in a few, as we told him we had company coming Sat. He said he'd stay away after tonight, and asked was someone coming for excitement, and we said possibly. He asked over the phone if we even wanted him to come over, and Kim said sure. After I got off the phone, Kim said George may be all the excitement we do have this weekend, and she'd like to use it hopefully as a warm up for the rest of the weekend. She said tonight, tho, she wants more sex between us and not just George watching her masturbate like last time. We both have to get a shower so need to run.

George and Ann. He called after we showered and said a lady friend of his called about seeing him, and he told her of his plans, but suggested we all go out to dinner. He said she was divorced, they sleep together, but no commitments. He said he has told her about us and what we do in hopes of getting her to explore, and hopes we don't mind, and assured us it's in total secrecy.

I told him we'd meet them at the marina restaurant. Kim said if George told the woman what she's been doing in front of him, she'll probably think she's a slut, but I told Kim he had to tell her no contact was allowed and it's done for mutual excitement, so she couldn't call Kim a slut. We arrived, had a drink, and then they came in. We figured Ann to be in her thirties, average looks, average weight, and she and George looked good together. Introductions were made, and she seemed nice, and Kim didn't feel Ann thought bad of her. We talked a little, but in a public place not much can be said. He invited us back to his place for drinks and we could talk.

As we headed back, Kim's mind was racing with thoughts of what George wanted out of this. I said obviously George wants her to be more like you. Maybe he wants her to be naked in front of me, and other men, or maybe he wants a watch and be watched thing, and I asked Kim would she be into that. She said she didn't know, that she'd never thought about another woman being involved in our excitement. In the past I've tried to get Kim to watch porno films for excitement and she didn't like it. We got to his house and he mixed drinks and had wine coolers for Kim. George got right to the point about wanting Ann to be more sexy, and exciting, and hoped just as we asked him to help us in our excitement, we might help them. Kim asked Ann how she felt about it and she said both nervous and curious as George has explained how exciting it can be. She asked Kim if she enjoyed it and Kim said very much. She told Ann it was much easier in a situation like we have with George with us all knowing we want excitement short of contact. Ann asked Kim if she shows herself in other situations, and Kim said she did if it can look accidental, with Kim telling her she's only been doing this a little over a month. "

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