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A Hot Dance ...

JOHN - "George suggested we could take our clothes off, have drinks, and talk further. I asked Ann if she was comfortable with that, and she said she wouldn't know until she did it. Kim told her we had never been naked in front of a couple, so it would be new for us. We wondered how to do it, everyone just stand up and strip, go to another room and come back naked, then George suggested making it exciting getting naked with the guys both undressing each of the girls, and them undressing us. Ann asked Kim if she would be first.

Kim stood up and George and I moved to her. Kim had on a miniskirt and button up shirt. We took turns unbuttoning one button at a time.

We asked Kim to show us her nipples, and she pulled her half bra over her nipples, then unclasped her bra, and I removed it. George was unzipping her skirt, and let it fall to the floor, leaving Kim in nothing but her tiny string bikini panties. We stepped back to look at just how hot Kim was. Ann told Kim she was beautiful, and told us not to expect anything like that under her clothes, and I assured Ann I was looking forward to it. George got behind Kim, and me in front. Slowly we began sliding her panties down and off. I reached up and slid my finger across Kim's pussy, holding it up, showing Kim's wetness and telling Ann that is why I love this so much. Ann said she could feel herself getting that way and still has her clothes on. Kim said we were gonna have to speed things up or she wasn't gonna be able to keep from touching herself. Ann said she was ready, and was wearing shorts and a tank top. I guessed I was gonna find out how watching me undress another woman would affect Kim. Ann stood there with her eyes closed as we pulled her top up and over her head, then we asked her as we did Kim, to show us her nipples. She reached behind, unhooked her bra and let it slide past her nipples that were medium sized and so hard. Next came her shorts and again, as with Kim, we stepped back to look at her in panties, lacy and seethru. Kim told her, she, too, was beautiful. George got in front, me behind, as we removed Ann's panties. George, as I had done Kim, ran his finger along Ann's pussy and held it up, and it too, was very wet. I asked Ann was she comfortable, and she said she was.

Kim decided us guys needed to remove everything but our shorts and they would do that. I was first as they both moved in front of me. Kim was about to show my cock to another woman, and I was rock hard for it. Kim lifted my shorts up and then over my hardness, slowly exposing it an inch at a time, and I looked down to see Ann looking right at it, right next to Kim. Once off, Kim put one hand on my balls, the other on my cock, and put her mouth over the head of my cock, pulling hard and it making a smacking sound as it popped out. I hoped Kim would point my cock at Ann and have her do the same, but she didn't. Then they did the same thing to George, this time, Ann's mouth over his cock. We had alot of fun showing each other off. We all sucked and fucked side by side, sometimes together and sometimes watching each other. Kim said watching paid actors have sex didn't excite her but this did, and Ann said it did her, too. Ann said she'd love for us all to get together often, and we want to.

Will we ever swap? Kim says no, but there was more excitement in being with both of them than just him. We got back to our place and fucked again. We'll find out later how today will go. We burned up again last nite, as the window a/c I bought is a 220 volt, not 110, but then, maybe we'll have an excuse to shuck the covers tonight.

Back to Sat. After Jay came out and ended up getting Kim to turn around, naked, and then went back to his shower, Kim kissed me really hot, excited by letting him see it all. I suggested we get in the bed and be there when he came out. Kim pulled away and said not yet. She got out her panties to put on, and I asked why she didn't want to stay naked, and she said my shower was next and she didn't want to be naked with just Jay. She put on see thru blue panties, super low rise, barely panties at all, and then she put a t-shirt on to cover up while she did her hair and makeup. I got my shower next, and Jay and I were ready waiting on Kim. We sat and watched as Kim slipped her t-shirt off, and Jay said she was really hot there in just those panties. She wore black super low rise capri pants, and a tight shimmering type short top with no bra. Kim seldom goes braless, but her breasts stick straight out even without one, with her little nipples turning up. Ann, ten years older, told Kim to flaunt them while she can, cause they will change. Ann still has very nice breasts.

Anyway, off to the club we went. Thru the nite, Kim and I danced alot, and she danced a few with Jay. A ton of other guys kept coming over asking Kim to dance, but she just thanked them and said no. There were 9 guys at the nearest table to us, and all but one had asked. Finally the last one started over. He didn't look like he fit in with the others, as they looked like jocks, he wasn't. Overweight, glasses, and shy. He came up and told Kim he knew she didn't want to dance, but if he didn't come over the other guys wouldn't let him live it down. Kim asked if they were his friends, and he said kinda, mostly when they need a driver who doesn't drink. You could hear them laughing when he walked over, but he said it was ok cause she told them no, too.

Kim said, "So, you didn't really come over to ask me to dance." He told her the guys said she was too hung up on herself to dance with anyone, so he knew she would say no, and he didn't know how to dance anyway. Kim asked if he knew how to slow dance and he said he could. He looked shocked and asked Kim was she really going to dance with him, and she told him maybe, just tell them I said maybe. He told Kim they wouldn't believe him and she said they would when she came over there to get him. Shocked, he left. Kim was pissed at what they said and them using him and making fun of him. Jay left to get the band to play a slow song. They didn't play many, cause almost no one danced then. They started playing one and Kim walked over to get the guy. Her pants were so low and hot and drew looks from everyone. The guys couldn't believe what they were seeing, when she led him to the floor by the hand. Kim put her arms up around his neck, and he put his on her waist. She said she told him to put his arms aroud her waist, and let his hands rest there, which was the top of her butt. She said she told him to pull her close, real close. Jay and I heard one guy telling the others that he had his hands on her ass. Kim said she told him not to move much, she was gonna straddle his leg while they moved. So, Kim finally had it all there, then pressed tight together, his hands on her ass, her crotch buried against his leg and putting on quite a show for all the tables around. She had moved them to where they in between our table and the one behind us. Knowing the song was almost over, she leaned back from him, cupping her hands around his neck, and arching her hips a few times as if slowly humping her crotch on his leg. Everyone was going wild, even people from the other side were there watching.

He walked Kim back after and thanked her so much for what she did for him. She gave him a peck on the lips and his so called friends erupted again. They were all over him when he got back, and Kim said we needed to get out of there. Kim is certainly not hung up on herself, and if anything, sometimes embarrassed with people complimenting her. I was proud of her for what she did.

We got back to our place, 2:00 or so. While Jay went to the bathroom, Kim began to undress, asking if she should wait until he comes out. When we heard the door open, she unzipped her pants and Jay stopped at the end of the bed and asked could he watch her undress, and Kim said ok. She pulled her top off, then her pants, and asked Jay would he like to take her panties off. I had already gotten in bed. Jay went to his knees and began sliding Kim's panties down. Kim had turned around, so he was doing this from the rear, with her facing me. When he got them past her ass, he stopped. From the front they were just past her pussy. I figured he was looking at her pussy from the rear was why he stopped. I saw Kim's legs spread some, and she later told me he pressed against them for her to open. I saw Jay's hand go up to Kim's back and then saw Kim bend over to put her hands on the bed. He slid the panties off, and I sat up to kiss Kim. I knew by her kisses that she was very hot. I couldn't tell what he was doing, but Kim said later he had her ass spread, she could feel his tongue licking all over her ass. I saw his hand come up between her legs, up over her pubic hair and up to her navel and back down between her legs. Kim's breathing was heavy now. I could hear her wetness and knew his fingers were inside her, stroking and pumping her pussy. He asked to spread wider and she did. I heard her say, "Not there, Jay", and knew he must have tried to finger her ass. Kim said, "You can use your tongue there." Soon she was moaning as he stroked her soaked pussy and tongued her ass, as we kissed. Kim was getting close, as her hips were humping his hand. She pulled away from our kiss, and the look on her face told me it was a big one. She came really hard and long.

She said when he pulled his fingers out, she felt his tongue there, and it was like she woke up. She pulled away and turned to face him. He was on his knees still and began rubbing her thighs. She told him we had talked about this night a couple days and she felt she was ready for a 3-some. She said what he gave her was fantastic, and has her so hot and wanting more, but she has to take it slower. She said intercourse may or may not happen, but even oral needs to come in time. She said she wants a stronger relationship between the three of us first and that will take more time.

Jay said he understood and would wait. He said he'd love to watch us and Kim said she'd like that, too. She layed next to me and whispered she was sorry she stopped. I told her I loved her. When I moved to her pussy, it was so hot and wet everywhere, legs, ass too. Jay layed next to Kim as I ate and cleaned up and he held her hand. Again she came hard. I moved up and slid my cock inside her as she wrapped her legs around my back. This is a position we don't use much as Kim loves it from the rear and her on top. After awhile, she turned over, and up on all fours. Jay slid across the bed at the headboard, sort of under her. Kim lowered her head down to lay it on his chest, and as we fucked each other, Jay rubbed her hair and back. Soon we both let go and came together. Kim gave Jay a kiss on his chest and moved down on me. Kim almost always cleans me up afterwards and this was no exception. Jay said seeing that was really hot. That was it for that. Jay left the next mornig cause of the weather. "

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