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KIM - John wants me to tell the hot thoughts I was having while with Jay that I didn't say, but I'm going to have to let him say it. Telling John hot things is one thing, but telling it to everyone else is not so easy. We have 'normal' friends coming over, and John wanted to say something before we had to go. I know what it is, and I know he doesn't have time to explain the circumstances, which will put it outside the parameters of reality. In other words, he won't give me a chance to defend myself! So, I'll say it first. It involves Ann and I doing something to turn them on, and so we sort of, uh 'tasted' each other. Fingers, only, we didn't do each other. If he doesn't give all the details tomorrow, then I will to make sure everyone knows the truth.

JOHN - Good morning all. Kim was right about my laying it out (the tasting thing) and leaving it til today for explaining. She knows me well. Before I get into that, I'll go back and share her thoughts she shared with me after being with Jay. Thoughts I didn't include yesterday cause I'd hoped she would share them, and she wanted to. Kim's problem is just saying the words. An example, in her post yesterday, she was fine until she got to the words pussy and ass, and saying what was being done there. She wished there was a way she could go back and erase that. Even with me, Kim has to be really hot in our sex to talk hot, so trying to get her to write it here just will have to wait. I think that's why she keeps saying she'd rather answer questions. That's a hang up for her, but I'll accept it.

Kim had told me how very hot it had been, and how very hard it was for her to not go further, knowing she had my consent to. I try to get her to let me know when she sees a guy she thinks is hot, to open up, but she never even looks as far as I can tell. She seldom makes eye contact with a guy, unless she knows him, and for that, a lot think she's stuck up. That's far from true. For her to be attracted to Jay is something.

She said while I was eating her, she had her elbow on the bed, forearm and hand up, and that's when Jay held her hand. He was right there at her breasts and wondered why he never touched her there. Some of you know Kim has very sensitive nipples, and she said she was wanting him to touch her there, to feel his tongue and lips there. She said she started to take the hand she was holding and put it there she wanted it so bad, but couldn't get the nerve to. She said maybe when she told him she had to take it slow, he assumed no more for that session, but said she meant slow with her pussy. That having him suck her nipples and me her pussy could have made it so hot.

Her other thoughts were when she rolled over, and had her face against his chest, and we were giving it to each other doggy style. Her face on his chest, her hand on his stomach, she said looking down she could see the rise in his shorts and a wet spot at the end of that rise, showing the excitement he was feeling. Kim said two times he has seen her naked and hot, and this time helped get her hot, and she has yet to even see his cock. She said while lying there she wanted to slide her hand down inside his shorts and touch him, squeeze his hard cock, uncover his cock and look at it and lick the wetness off the head of it. She said if he was feeling any torture having to wait, he was feeling no more than she was. Kim said she was relieved when she and I both came together, as her desire for more from him was wearing down her resistance.

Kim, I know could have never told ya'll that the way she told me and I told you. I'll go into Sunday, but may not finish. George had talked about the taste Kim gave him after the banana. Kim still thinks doing a banana is funny. Somewhere in there was when Kim let it slip about my posting the banana thing, and we had to tell them about truthordarepics, and took them there. Going to get Kim up.

George said he'd like for us to do the taste thing again, and Kim asked with a bananna, and George said sure. Kim asked Ann had she done bananas, and she said she had been around George long enough to have done a few and cucumbers too. Kim had to ask which was better, banannas or cucumbers.

We got them to do it from the rear, side by side. They laid their faces on the sheet their asses in the air as they started sliding in the bananna filled condom. Just watching them satisfying themselves from the rear was indeed a hot thing to see. Ann was using her hand to pump herself with hers, and Kim was holding hers on the floor and 'riding' hers up and down. Two different techniques. Kim came first then Ann.

Geore asked them to raise up on their knees facing each other, and hold up their banannas. Both were very hot looking. George asked Kim to reach inside herself and then give it to him. Kim did just that. Then he asked Ann to do the same to me. I was eager. She did the same, and the taste of her pussy was nice, as she pulled her fingers from my mouth. George then asked Ann to go inside herself and put it on Kim's nipple for me to lick off. Ann asked Kim was she ok with that and Kim said it was ok, she thinks it's a guy thing. Ann dipped her fingers in again, brought them out, and rubbed her cream on Kim's small nipple. George asked for a little more, and Ann repeated it, again moving her fingers on Kim's nipple. Kim sort of laughed as she pulled back some saying she was very sensitive there. I was so hot watching Ann's figers on Kim's nipple tho Kim wasn't looking at it as a sexual thing. As soon as my mouth was on Kim's nipple she let out with a soft moan. This told me she was already hot there and my mouth was her outlet. Kim admitted her nipple being rubbed excited her, not because a woman did it just because it's sensitive, and that's why she pulled back.

Then it was Kim's turn. She pulled her fingers out and rubbed them on Ann's nipple, again twice, causing her nipple to get really hard. George asked Kim to put some on the other nipple to make it hard to match, but Kim said one only tonight. Next, George said he'd love for the girls to taste each other. They just looked at each other. George added that he wanted them to use their fingers to get the sample from each other. Kim said, "Why do guys like this stuff so much?", and Ann said all men do. They said ok but that would be it, no further, and we agreed.

They were still on their knees facing each other, Kim asked who was first, and Ann told Kim to go ahead and let's get it over with. Kim took a deep breath and asked George one or two fingers, and he said two. Kim reached over and slid her fingers in and quickly out, and I told her she didn't have time to get anything. Laughing, she went back, gave it a couple strokes and back out, and then put the fingers in her mouth. I asked her what she thought, hoping for some excitement, and Kim said it more or less taste like her, what did I expect. Ann did the same, just a bit longer than Kim. Kim turned to me and said she hoped we enjoyed the show but she was horny, and kissed me. A kiss that tasted like Ann's pussy.

Kim swears that was not a turn on for her, but knew it would be for me and my letting Jay get her hot, she wanted to give me something back. I told her she could give me all that she wanted, and she just laughed.

Went to the adult store last nite with Kim 'INCOGNITO'. She had her hair up and under a cap, huge sunglasses on, and baggy sweats. Too funny, but at least she went. She pointed to the dildo of her liking, and we put two in our bag. She started looking at creams, etc., and I put a strap on in the bag, two suction cup dildos, and anal beads. Kim brought over her creams, and flavored whip cream, and looked in the bag, She pulled out the suction cup dildo and put it back in, then the strapon and asked what the two dildos on it were for, saying she hoped not both places at the same time. I said I didn't think so. Actually, I think one dildo goes into the woman wearing it and the other into her friend. Then she pulled out the anal beads asking what they were. About the time she asked, she realized and said in no uncertain terms that I was not sticking those things up her butt. Kim, Kim, Kim. I got them anyway and we left. I'll continue this in a bit. "

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